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6 Best At-Home DNA Kits for Cancer Genes in 2024

Understanding your genetic makeup can give you valuable insights into your risk for certain types of cancer. You may be seeking a reliable way to gauge your genetic predisposition for preventive measures or simply for peace of mind. It’s a task that’s easier said than done, given the variety of DNA kits on the market and concerns about accuracy and privacy.

I’ve personally tested a wide range of DNA kits, evaluating them based on the accuracy of results, user-friendliness, turnaround time, and data privacy policies. From this research, I’ve shortlisted the top DNA kits specifically designed to detect cancer genes.

Among the kits I’ve evaluated, LetsGetChecked stands out as the most reliable for identifying cancer genes. It offers clinically validated results, ensuring high accuracy. The kit also has a straightforward sample collection process and a quick turnaround time, usually within five days. Most importantly, LetsGetChecked has robust data privacy measures in place, ensuring your genetic data stays secure.

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Short on Time? Here are the best DNA test kits for cancer genes

  1. LetsGetChecked – Our top pick for quick and affordable results; the sample taking process is simple and straightforward and you can get this test for only $89.
  2. 23andMe – Tests for 44 genetic variants known to increase risk of cancer, including breast, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer. 
  3. Everlywell – Affordable individual tests for different types of cancer; get tested quickly and receive your results within a few days. 
  4. SelfDecode – Get access to 350+ reports, including cancer genetics; you can upload raw DNA data and get this info for only $99.
  5. MyToolbox Genomics – Allows you to track your health periodically; good for tips and action items related to cancer prevention.
  6. Nebula Genomics – Whole genome sequencing to get more detailed information on your cancer risk. 

Comparison Table

Our Best At-Home DNA Kits for Cancer Genes Reviewed

1. LetsGetChecked – Best For Individual Health & Wellness Tests

  • Huge bank of individual tests available
  • Male and female-specific wellness tests
  • Connect your fitness tracker to your LetsGetChecked dashboard to monitor your health
  • Subscribe and get wellness test deliveries every 3 months
  • Results in 2-5 days

Price from$69.00
Our score9

LetsGetChecked stands out for delivering clinically validated results processed in labs utilized by healthcare providers. This ensures a high level of accuracy as these labs employ advanced genetic sequencing techniques finely tuned to detect mutations linked to different types of cancer.

Collecting a sample is simple and user-friendly with LetsGetChecked. You receive a kit, follow the provided instructions to collect a saliva or blood sample, and then return it. Within approximately five days, you’ll receive your results, significantly faster than many other available options.

Data privacy is a significant concern when dealing with genetic information. LetsGetChecked has strict protocols in place to ensure your data is encrypted and stored securely. You can opt out of data sharing at any point, maintaining control over your information.

Finally, the kit is priced affordably, making genetic testing for cancer genes accessible to many. The cost includes not only the test but also follow-up consultations with healthcare professionals to help you understand your results.

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2. 23andMe — In-Depth Health Screening

  • Reports on BRCA1 and BRCA2 variants
  • FDA approved
  • Includes traits report with its basic screening
  • See if you have Neanderthal ancestry
  • Results in 3 to 4 weeks

Price from$229.00
Our score9.6

23andMe provides a Genetic Health Risk report that includes information on selected BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene variants. This test is direct-to-consumer and FDA-authorized, focusing on 44 specific variants known to increase the risk of cancers such as breast, ovarian, and in some cases, prostate and pancreatic cancer. It’s important to note that this test does not cover all variants known to affect cancer risk, and is therefore not comprehensive. It is best used as a tool to inform discussions with healthcare professionals rather than as a standalone diagnostic tool​.

The test results from 23andMe are based on well-studied genetic variants, ensuring over 99% accuracy in testing. However, because it uses saliva samples and is intended for at-home use, results should be confirmed in a clinical setting. The test primarily identifies variants most common in individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, but it is less informative for other ethnicities due to the limited number of variants it analyzes​.

To enhance understanding of your cancer risks, 23andMe also encourages users to engage with genetic counselors and healthcare professionals. This approach ensures that individuals can take appropriate actions based on their genetic information, considering other risk factors such as family history, lifestyle, and environment​.

23andMe has recently expanded its BRCA1/BRCA2 report to include better coverage for non-European populations, reflecting its commitment to improving genetic health insights across diverse groups. This is part of their broader effort to offer personalized health insights that are continuously updated and refined.

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3. Everlywell – The Most Affordable Testing for Cancer Genes

  • Detailed reports and quick results
  • More individual health tests and STD kits available
  • Subscription options for ongoing health testing
  • Results in 5 days

Price from$49.00
Our score8.5

Everlywell stands out for its cost-effectiveness in cancer gene testing. It offers a range of specific tests targeting various cancer markers, allowing you to choose the one most relevant to your concerns. This a-la-carte approach keeps costs down.

The process is simple: order the test, take a saliva or blood sample at home using the provided kit, and mail it back in the prepaid envelope. This minimizes hassle and time commitment on your part.

Data privacy is upheld with Everlywell as well. It uses encrypted storage and secure data transmission protocols, so your genetic information stays protected. You’re also given the option to opt out of any data-sharing initiatives, keeping you in control.

Despite its affordability, Everlywell doesn’t skimp on quality. Your test results are reviewed by certified labs and you also get access to board-certified physicians who can help interpret the results, making it a comprehensive yet budget-friendly choice for cancer gene testing.

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4. Self Decode – More Than 350 Reports, Including Those on Cancer Genes

  • Annual subscription service with access to tons of reports
  • Screens for everything from heart health to anxiety levels and carrier status
  • Get personalized advice on lifestyle factors and supplements
  • Upload existing DNA from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and more

Price from$99.00
Our score9

SelfDecode offers an extensive range of reports, making it a comprehensive option for those interested in various aspects of health, including cancer gene predisposition. You get access to over 350 reports, which means you can delve deeply into specific cancer markers.

The process begins when you receive your testing kit. You collect a saliva sample, mail it back, and then access your results online. SelfDecode uses SNP genotyping, a method known for its precision in identifying genetic variations linked to cancer risk.

Data privacy is robustly maintained. SelfDecode uses secure servers and encryption methods to protect your genetic information. Plus, you have the option to opt out of data sharing, ensuring you maintain control over your own information.

SelfDecode also offers personalized recommendations based on your genetic profile. You’ll get actionable insights along with your test results, which you can use for preventative measures or discuss further with healthcare providers.

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5. MyToolbox Genomics – Good For Monitoring Your Health Over Time

  • 300+ health reports from 1,000 analyzed genetic markers
  • Personalized reports on digestive, mental, and skin health
  • Discover your biological age
  • Monitor impact of lifestyle changes with epigenetic testing

Price from$99.00
Our score8

MyToolbox Genomics sets itself apart with its focus on longitudinal health monitoring. It offers periodic testing to track any changes in your cancer gene markers over time, helping you stay ahead of potential risks.

The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions for collecting a saliva sample. Once you send it back, it is processed and the results are updated on your online dashboard. Periodic retesting allows for a dynamic view of your genetic landscape, useful for monitoring risk levels.

Your data is securely stored using encrypted technologies and strict privacy protocols. You can opt out of data sharing to keep your genetic information private.

In addition to test results, MyToolbox Genomics provides recommendations tailored to your genetic profile. These insights can be particularly valuable when aiming to implement preventative strategies or when consulting with healthcare providers.

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6. Nebula Genomics – Best For Whole Genome Sequencing

  • 30 x genome sequencing to uncover all of your DNA
  • Screens for 27 different health and wellness traits
  • Search through tons of sources to learn more about your genetic variants
  • Reports available in 8 weeks

Price from$299.00
Our score9.2

Nebula Genomics offers whole-genome sequencing, the most comprehensive type of DNA testing. This method sequences your entire genome, providing a complete overview of your genetic makeup, including cancer-related genes.

You receive a kit to collect your saliva sample, which you then return for processing. Whole-genome sequencing takes longer than other methods but offers a more extensive dataset. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for detailed information on a range of cancer markers.

Nebula Genomics prioritizes data privacy, employing end-to-end encryption to protect your information. You have complete control over your data, with the option to opt out of any data sharing.

In addition to the detailed test results, Nebula Genomics offers a comprehensive interpretation. This can help you understand the relevance of specific markers, providing you with valuable context for your healthcare decisions.

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Tips On How to Choose the Best DNA Test Kit for Cancer Genes

In my evaluations, I applied several key criteria to determine the best DNA test kits for detecting cancer genes. Below are the tips I found most useful for selecting a suitable kit.

  • Accuracy. When it comes to detecting cancer genes, accuracy is non-negotiable. I looked for kits that undergo rigorous clinical validation to ensure their results are reliable. LetsGetChecked and Nebula Genomics, for example, use advanced sequencing techniques to provide high-accuracy results.
  • Turnaround Time. Quick results are crucial, especially when dealing with something as serious as cancer genes. I tested kits like LetsGetChecked that promise results in about five days, making it one of the fastest options.
  • Data Privacy. Protecting your genetic information is essential. I scrutinized each company’s data privacy policies and checked whether they use encrypted storage and secure transmission. LetsGetChecked, Everlywell, and SelfDecode all scored high in this aspect.
  • User Experience. Simple sample collection and an easy-to-navigate dashboard can make the testing process less stressful. In my tests, LetsGetChecked and Everlywell had straightforward instructions and well-designed interfaces, simplifying the user experience.
  • Personalized Recommendations. While not essential, recommendations can help you make informed healthcare decisions. SelfDecode and Nebula Genomics offer actionable insights based on your genetic profile, which I found valuable.

By focusing on these features, you can make a more informed choice when selecting a DNA test kit for cancer genes.

Understanding Your Results: Next Steps

After getting your DNA test results for cancer-related genes, it’s crucial to review them with a healthcare professional. They’ll consider your genetic information alongside your overall health, family background, and lifestyle habits. They can recommend further testing or preventive measures if necessary.

Genetic Counseling: A Valuable Resource

Individuals who receive positive test results for significant genetic mutations associated with cancer are strongly advised to consider genetic counseling. Genetic counselors offer a comprehensive interpretation of the implications of these results, both for you and your family. With their expertise, they can navigate the complexities of genetics, risk factors, and appropriate next steps, making the information more understandable and actionable. This proactive approach empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Family Planning and Inherited Risks

If you are planning to start a family, understanding your genetic predisposition to cancer can be valuable. It provides a foresight into the risks your offspring might inherit. Some DNA test kits can also detect carrier statuses for various conditions, offering a more comprehensive picture of potential familial risks.

Cost and Insurance

The price of DNA test kits for cancer genes can vary widely, ranging from moderately priced to quite expensive. It’s crucial to compare different options and check if your insurance covers any part of the cost. Some companies offer payment plans or discounts, so be sure to explore all avenues to make the test more affordable.

Quick Comparison Table: Best DNA Tests for Cancer Genes

To help you make an informed choice, I’ve created a table that quickly compares key features of the top 5 DNA tests for cancer genes.

DNA Kit Accuracy Turnaround Time Data Privacy Personalized Recommendations Price
🥇 LetsGetChecked High 5 Days Strong No $89.00
🥈 23andMe High 4-6 Weeks Strong Yes $199.00
🥉 Everlywell Moderate 7-10 Days Strong Yes $49.00
SelfDecode High 10-14 Days Strong Yes $397.00
MyToolbox Genomics Moderate Varies Strong Yes $99.00
Nebula Genomics High 15-20 Days Strong Yes $249.00

Get the Best DNA Test Kit for Cancer Genes

DNA test kits for cancer genes offer valuable insights into your genetic predispositions. They can provide accurate results quickly, maintain strict data privacy, and even offer personalized recommendations. A well-chosen kit addresses these concerns, serving as an invaluable tool for preventative healthcare.

Based on extensive testing, I recommend LetsGetChecked as the best DNA test kit for cancer genes. It scores high in accuracy and provides results in just five days. Its robust data privacy measures further ensure that your sensitive genetic information remains secure.

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FAQs on Best DNA Kits for Cancer Genes

What Does a DNA Test for Cancer Genes Detect?

A DNA test for cancer genes identifies genetic variations or mutations that are linked to an increased risk of developing certain types of cancer. These tests don’t diagnose cancer but provide information on your genetic predisposition.

How Accurate are DNA Tests for Cancer Genes?

Accuracy varies between kits but is generally high for reputable brands. Companies like LetsGetChecked use advanced sequencing techniques that undergo clinical validation, ensuring a high degree of accuracy in the results.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

The turnaround time for getting your DNA test results can range from 5 days to a few weeks, depending on the company. Kits like LetsGetChecked offer results in about five days, making them one of the faster options.

Are DNA Test Results for Cancer Genes Private?

Most companies have stringent data privacy measures to protect your sensitive genetic information. Look for kits that offer encrypted storage, secure data transmission, and an opt-out option for data sharing.

Can a DNA Test for Cancer Genes Replace a Doctor’s Assessment?

No, a DNA test for cancer genes should not replace a consultation with a healthcare provider. These tests can give you valuable information about your genetic predisposition, but they are not diagnostic tools.

Do These Tests Offer Personalized Health Recommendations?

Some DNA test kits, such as SelfDecode and Nebula Genomics, provide personalized recommendations based on your genetic profile. These insights can be valuable for preventative measures or further discussions with healthcare providers.

To summarize, here are the best DNA tests for cancer genes…

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Kristina Perunicic is the Chief Editor at DNA Weekly. She has several years of experience reviewing and writing about genealogy and DNA testing products. In her free time, she likes to read and write for her small book blog.