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6 Best DNA Nutrition Tests 2024

6 Best DNA Nutrition Tests 2024

Navigating a healthy diet can often feel like solving a complex puzzle. Despite your efforts to choose nutritious foods, achieving optimal health can still seem elusive. This is where a nutrition DNA test kit comes into play. By examining your genetic makeup, it determines how your body responds to various nutrients. Armed with this personalized insight, you’re empowered to tailor your diet precisely to your body’s needs, ensuring your meal plan is a perfect match for you.

I spent a lot of time trying many DNA kits to find the best one for nutrition. I considered how accurate they were, how detailed the reports were, how user-friendly they were, and whether they provided useful advice. From this process, I was able to pinpoint the best DNA kits for nutrition.

Among the kits I tested, LivingDNA is my top choice for nutrition. It’s great because it provides a lot of information about how your genes interact with various nutrients. It also explains how your body reacts to different foods. What’s more, it turns this data into easy-to-follow advice to help you eat right.

Improve Your Nutrition

Short on time? Here are our top picks for personalized nutrition DNA tests

  1. Living DNA – The best choice for nutrition; it looks at how your genes affect your health and provides you with customized meal, exercise and supplement plans so you can take actionable steps immediately. 
  2. 23andMe – Personalized nutrition reports and strategies to improve your wellness based on your genetics. 
  3. My Toolbox Geonomics – User-friendly reports on your health and how your DNA determines which foods are best for you; offers personalized meal and exercise plans. 
  4. SelfDecode – Very affordable if you upload your data from a service like AncestryDNA; offers ongoing nutrition support, reports on your health, and actionable steps to improve your nutrition. 
  5. Inside Tracker  – Offers ongoing reports and combines your DNA data with information about your lifestyle to give you meal and exercise plans that you can easily follow. 
  6. EverlyWell – Cheap individual tests with fast results (2-4 days); looks into which foods are best for you and offers detailed nutrition reports. 

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Our Best DNA Test Kits for Nutrition Reviewed

1. Living DNA – Best For Combining Nutrition and Exercise Info

  • Assesses your body’s response to carbs, sugar, lactose, and more
  • Actionable advice on which vitamins to include in your diet and how
  • Includes optimal exercise to support your fitness goals
  • Results in 6-8 weeks

Price from$139.00
Our score9.4

Living DNA’s nutritional report is a top choice for many, offering great value. It’s not just about affordability; it’s also packed with information about different nutrients, helping you understand your body in a more detailed way. If you pick the combined DNA and Wellbeing kit, you’ll even get insights into 500 years of your ancestry history.

This report will analyze how your body processes various foods like sugar, carbs, lactose, and gluten. It’ll provide details about your genetic traits and how they affect your body’s reactions to these substances.

The report will also include information about essential nutrients you might need, such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and other key minerals, to help you make better diet choices.

Living DNA doesn’t just tell you about your food responses; it offers practical advice on what to eat to make your diet work best for you. If you want to, you can also learn about specific genetic variants and how your body uses different types of food.

But it’s not all about food. Living DNA also looks at your exercise needs, examining factors like oxygen flow, strength, recovery, trainability, blood vessels, and tendons. This helps tailor the right exercises for your body’s unique needs.

You can expect your results in 6-8 weeks. This is quite quick, given the extensive information provided. Your report will be detailed, and user-friendly, and will cover everything from food to exercise, including information about your ancestry if you choose that option.

Optimize Your Nutrition with Living DNA!

2. 23andMe — Nutrition Insights and Genetic Reports

  • Actionable tips and strategies
  • FDA approved
  • Messaging with healthcare professionals
  • Virtual health consultations
  • Results in 3 to 4 weeks

Price from$298.00
Our score9.6

When you use 23andMe for nutrition-related insights, it analyzes your DNA to provide personalized reports that can influence your diet and health habits. This process begins with a saliva sample, which is analyzed to assess genetic variations impacting traits such as lactose intolerance, caffeine metabolism, and muscle composition. These traits, linked to your genetic information, can guide you in making informed dietary choices tailored to your genetic makeup.

Moreover, 23andMe offers a broader scope of wellness reports that could help you understand how your genetics may impact your body’s response to different foods and nutrients. It doesn’t just stop at nutrition; it extends to providing actionable wellness strategies based on your genetic predispositions, which include nutritional recommendations and potential lifestyle adjustments to support optimal health.

Additionally, 23andMe incorporates research from its extensive database to enhance the nutritional advice it offers. By participating in ongoing research, you contribute to broader nutritional studies that may improve understanding of diet and health correlations across different populations. This collective data assists in identifying dietary trends and their health impacts, providing a more comprehensive approach to personalized nutrition based on genetics.

Get Started With 23andMe

3. My Toolbox Geonomics – Best For Diet & Exercise

  • Learn about your snacking habits and nutritional deficiencies
  • 7-day personalized meal plan with recipes
  • Extra fitness routine included
  • Results in 3-4 weeks

Price from$99.00
Our score8

With My Toolbox Geonomics’ DNA kit, you can take charge of your diet by obtaining valuable insights into your deficiencies, metabolism, taste preferences, and meal planning. The process, from the time your sample arrives at the testing lab, typically takes around four weeks. By examining more than 50 genes and 26 traits, the kit provides you with a personalized nutrition plan aligned with your objectives, such as losing weight, building muscle, or enhancing your health.

Moreover, you’ll receive a 7-day meal plan customized to your needs and preferences, including easy-to-follow recipes with calorific information. Although it lacks macronutrient information, the meal plan includes actionable tips to help you optimize your diet, such as incorporating oily fish, using different cooking oils, or drinking fiber-rich smoothies for breakfast. You can also access the genotype test results behind each recommendation.

In addition to identifying nutritional deficiencies and recommending supplements, My Toolbox Geonomics also screens for intolerances, particularly gluten, and evaluates your sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, providing guidance on consumption limits.

Furthermore, the kit offers tailored exercise information, including a fitness routine with comprehensive instructions for every exercise, workout frequency, and rest days. 

Combine Diet & Exercise with My Toolbox Genomics!

4. SelfDecode – Best for Detailed Health Reports

  • Reports on vitamins, hormones and more
  • Consult a professional
  • DNA data upload available
  • Results in 6-8 weeks

Price from$99.00
Our score9

SelfDecode is an excellent option for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of their genetic makeup and how it may impact their health. Their personalized health reports cover a wide range of wellness topics, including nutrition, fitness, and disease risk. By using DNA testing, SelfDecode provides users with personalized recommendations to optimize their health and prevent disease.

One thing that sets SelfDecode apart is its user-friendly online platform, which includes interactive tools and resources to help users understand their genetic data. Its reports are also highly informative and easy to understand, providing users with valuable insights into their health.

The testing process with SelfDecode is also straightforward and convenient. You simply provide a saliva sample, which is analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab. Within a few weeks, you get the results in your online dashboard. You can also upload your DNA test results from a different provider and get a detailed report based on that data. 

Overall, if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of your genetic makeup and how it may impact your health, SelfDecode is a reliable and user-friendly option to consider. Their reports and recommendations can help you optimize your health and prevent disease.

Optimize Your Health With Self-Decode

5. InsideTracker – Best For Monitoring Your Nutrition Goals

  • Advice on which foods and supplements to add to your diet
  • Recipes available to tailor your nutrition
  • Weekly schedules for nutrition, fitness, and wellness
  • Results in 2-4 weeks

Price from$249.00
Our score8

InsideTracker uses your DNA as well as your self-confessed habits, including those relating to sleep and stress, to give you actionable tips on optimizing your health.

InsideTracker tells you which foods to include in your diet, such as moving towards more vegetable-based foods to improve glucose levels and manage blood sugar. You also get advice on supplements and vitamins.

You can monitor your nutritional progress with a personalized action plan. This tells you what to include, on which days, and for how long. For example, eating a vegetarian diet one day a week or drinking more water three days a week. You also get tips on fitness and which exercise you should be doing.

The check-in tool allows you to tick off tasks each day so you can monitor your progress. And you can set reminders for each action so you never forget. It’s a good way of putting your DNA nutritional advice into action and holding yourself accountable. It has recipes to try, too.

Expect to wait 2-4 weeks for your results.

Monitor Your Nutrition with InsideTracker!

6. Everlywell – Best for Identifying The Best Ways to Improve Your Diet & Health

  • Vitamin, hormone, allergy tests and more
  • Free consult with a medical professional
  • Accepts insurance
  • Results in 5 business days

Price from$259.00
Our score8.5

If you’re interested in boosting your health and improve your overall wellness, EverlyWell’s at-home tests can help you gain insights into your diet and how it’s affecting your health. Everlywell’s allergy screening test, for example, can help you identify which foods you may be intolerant to, so you can make changes to your diet and improve your overall well-being. Similarly, their metabolism test evaluates the three key hormones that your body needs to maintain a healthy metabolism, and how this might affect your energy and weight.

One thing I really appreciate about Everlywell’s tests is the level of detail in their reports. The results show every genetic marker screened for and provide actionable advice on what to change. When I took the tests, I found the reports to be highly informative and easy to understand.

Taking the tests was also incredibly easy. I just needed to provide a saliva or finger-prick blood sample and send it back to the lab using the free returns option. Within five days, my sample was reviewed by certified physicians, and the results were uploaded to my online dashboard. I was impressed with how fast the process was, and it gave me peace of mind knowing that I had reliable information about my health.

Monitor Your Nutrition with EverlyWell!

How Do DNA Nutrition Tests Work?

DNA nutrition tests analyze your genetic markers to determine how your body absorbs nutrients, metabolizes food, and other diet-related characteristics. These tests typically require a saliva sample or a cheek swab. The sample is analyzed to identify specific genetic variations. For example, mutations in the MTHFR gene can affect folate metabolism, and variations in the BCMO1 gene may influence the conversion of beta-carotene to active vitamin A. After the analysis, you receive a report that details your genetic tendencies and provides personalized dietary advice.

What Can You Learn From a DNA Nutrition Test?

A DNA nutrition test can offer personalized information that can affect your dietary choices. For instance, it can reveal your lactose tolerance level, how efficiently you metabolize caffeine, or whether you’re predisposed to low levels of certain nutrients like vitamin D. This enables you to make informed decisions about supplement intake, dietary restrictions, or modifications needed to optimize your nutritional health.

How to Interpret Results from a DNA Nutrition Test

Once you complete a DNA nutrition test, you’ll get a comprehensive report. This report typically includes the raw data of the genetic markers examined and a guide to help you interpret how these findings relate to your dietary needs. For instance, if there’s a variation in your FADS1 gene, which influences omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid metabolism, the report may suggest increasing your intake of specific fatty acids. Knowing how to understand these results can aid in making more informed dietary decisions. However, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional for a holistic understanding of your health.

Are DNA Nutrition Tests a Replacement for Traditional Nutrition Advice?

While DNA nutrition tests provide a personalized layer of insight, they are not meant to replace traditional nutrition advice or medical consultations. Genetics is just one factor among many that influence nutritional needs; lifestyle, age, and current health status are also crucial components. It’s best to use the DNA test results as a supplementary tool, combining them with other forms of medical and nutritional advice for a comprehensive approach to your health.

The Science Behind DNA Nutrition Testing

The field of nutrigenomics explores how our genes interact with our diet. DNA nutrition tests often draw from research in this area, identifying specific single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that have been linked to nutritional traits in scientific studies. For example, research has found connections between specific genetic markers and sensitivities to gluten, lactose, and various nutrients. Being informed about the scientific basis for the test can help you assess its credibility and relevance to your health.

Limitations and Caveats of DNA Nutrition Tests

While DNA nutrition tests offer valuable personalized insights, they do have limitations. Genetic predispositions do not guarantee that you will or won’t experience a certain condition; they simply indicate a higher or lower risk. Additionally, the field of nutrigenomics is still relatively young, and new discoveries could refine or change current understandings. Therefore, take the results as part of a broader health strategy, rather than an ultimate solution.

What We Look For in the Best DNA Nutrition Tests

When searching for the best DNA nutrition test, we prioritize several key factors that are crucial for a comprehensive evaluation. These factors include:

  1. Comprehensive Reports: The ideal DNA nutrition test should provide detailed and easily understandable reports that contain the necessary information. These reports should offer insights into your genetic profile related to nutrition, enabling you to make informed decisions about your dietary choices.
  2. Actionable Advice: It is essential for the DNA test kit to not only provide genetic information but also offer personalized recommendations and actionable advice. This guidance should assist you in modifying your diet effectively to optimize your nutrition based on your genetic predispositions.
  3. Time to Results: The efficiency of obtaining test results is another important consideration. We look for DNA nutrition tests that deliver quick results, allowing you to promptly initiate the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle. This timely feedback empowers you to take proactive steps toward improving your nutritional well-being.
  4. Affordability and Value for Money: We consider the affordability and value for money provided by the selected DNA nutrition test. The test should be reasonably priced while delivering accurate and comprehensive results. Ensuring that the test offers a good balance between cost and the quality of information is essential in determining its worth.

We evaluate essential factors to pinpoint the top DNA nutrition tests that deliver thorough reports, practical guidance, prompt outcomes, and fair pricing. This enables individuals to make well-informed nutritional choices to improve their overall health.

What’s In the Fine Print?

When it comes to terms and conditions associated with DNA testing, it’s essential to be aware of potential surprises that can be bothersome, such as hidden subscriptions, shipping fees, or long waiting periods for results. To save you the trouble, I have examined these aspects to ensure you have a clear understanding of what you’re paying for (or not).

In the case of Living DNA, it’s important to note that you are responsible for covering the cost of shipping. This can amount to approximately $10 for shipping alone, without considering the return fee, which means the total expenses can add up quickly. However, it’s worth mentioning that all other testing companies on this list provide free shipping. None of the kits included in this list have any additional processing costs, which is definitely good news.

How Do Our Top Picks Compete On Price?

Living DNA offers mid-range priced kits that are very good value for money. These companies have the most comprehensive kits on offer, with full detail about your nutrition, as well as extras such as fitness and vitamins. Any of these choices are worth your investment, but Living DNA claims 1st place because it’s so detailed.

My Toolbox Geonomics is slightly more expensive around the $199+ mark, but you do get a 7-day meal plan, exercise routine, and extra diet insights like snacking behaviors.

InsideTracker’s cheapest option is quite expensive, but with that, you do get ongoing nutrition tracking. It also has a test for nearly $600, which is the most expensive option on this list. It tests for 43 different genetic markers, but I’m not sure it’s the best value for money compared to others, since that’s the only extra perk included.

Best DNA Tests for Nutrition: Comparison Table

For everything you need to know about nutrition and fitness in one, Living DNA is my top choice. Not only does it tell you which foods you should be eating or avoiding, but also how your body responds to exercise and what your optimal fitness routine looks like.

Looking for an at-home DNA test to help you on your weight loss journey? See which ones made the cut in our review of the 8 best DNA kits for weight loss.

  DNA Data Upload Meal Plans/Recipes Nutrient & Vitamin Report Food Sensitivity Time to Results Starting Price
Living DNA 6-8 weeks $139.00
23andMe 4-6 weeks $199.00
My Toolbox Genomics 3-4 weeks $99.00
SelfDecode 6-8 weeks $99.00
Inside Tracker 2-4 weeks $249.00
EverlyWell 5 days $259.00


Are DNA nutrition tests worth it?

Sure, if you’re looking to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

You can learn about any intolerances you might have, which vitamins you’re deficient in, and which foods are best for your body. Some tests can even help you with weight loss goals by advising you of which diet to follow and how many calories you should be eating per day.

With an understanding of how to fuel your body, you can eliminate symptoms like bloating, headaches, and sluggishness, because you’re only giving your body what it really needs.

To get all that and more, I’d recommend Living DNA, because it offers really detailed reports that include nutritional and exerise information, and it’s very affordable.

Are DNA nutrition tests accurate?

DNA nutrition tests analyze specific markers in your genetics to determine your predispositions to intolerances and deficiencies, as well as your optimal nutrition guide. While they are highly accurate, remember that no test can guarantee 100% reliability. And you shouldn’t use a DNA nutrition test to diagnose a problem, such as celiac disease.

A DNA test can help you understand which sensitivities you have and if they might highlight your risk of these diseases, but you should always get an official diagnosis from a medical healthcare professional.

What is the connection between DNA and nutrition?

DNA and nutrition are connected because certain gene variants affect the way your body processes foods and substances. For example, lactose intolerance, and alcohol and caffeine metabolism, are genetically determined.

Can I take my DNA nutrition results to a nutritionist?

Yes. It’s a good idea to take your at-home DNA test kit results to a licensed healthcare professional before making any dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle.

With your results, you can work together to build a nutrition plan that’s perfectly designed for your body and includes all the nutrients you need.

What information will a personalized nutrition DNA test tell me?

A personalized nutrition test will provide you with loads of important information about how to optimize your diet. This includes:

  • The right portions of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins to include in your meals
  • A detailed nutrient report that details predispositions to vitamin deficiencies and suggests ideal amounts of micronutrients
  • A substance metabolism report that shows how well you will metabolize caffeine, alcohol, and other substances
  • A food sensitivity report that identifies lactose intolerance, cilantro aversion, bitter taste, and other things
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Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.