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7 Best Nutrition DNA Tests - Get Personalized Nutrition in 2020

7 Best Nutrition DNA Tests - Get Personalized Nutrition in 2020

Taking a DNA test can help take the guesswork out of choosing the diet that’s the best for you. By submitting a simple cheek swab sample, you can find out which foods to avoid, what to eat more of, and how to lose weight for good.

Just like diets, there are many DNA nutrition tests to choose from, each offering its own perspective on your diet. How do you know which one to choose for your own health and wellness? I can help you decide.

I’ve tested every nutrition DNA test to find you the best options. Not only are my top picks all affordable, but they’re accurate, easy to use, and come with detailed, personalized nutrition advice.

Can’t wait any longer? Go for my #1 choice Living DNA. I love this test for its in-depth food analysis and personalized fitness tips.

See which other tests made it onto this list to help you meet your nutritional goals.


Short on time? Here are our top picks for personalized nutrition DNA tests

What We Look For in the Best DNA Nutrition Tests

Here’s a list of what we consider most important when finding the best DNA nutrition test.

  • Comprehensive reports: Does your test offer detailed, easy-to-understand reports that actually include the information you need?
  • Actionable advice: Does your kit include personalized tips on how to change your diet so you can optimize your nutrition?
  • Time to results: Can you get your results quite quickly so you can start to make changes?
  • Affordability: Is your chosen test budget-friendly and does it offer good value for money?

1. Living DNA – Best For Combining Nutrition and Exercise Info

  • Assesses your body’s response to carbs, sugar, lactose, and more
  • Actionable advice on which vitamins to include in your diet and how
  • Includes optimal exercise to support your fitness goals
  • Results in 6-8 weeks

The Living DNA nutritional report is as good as it gets. And that’s why it’s my top choice. It’s affordable, full of detailed nutrient information, and gives you everything you need to understand your body better. It even provides you with 500 years of ancestry history if you choose the combined DNA and Wellbeing kit.

Living DNA determines your body’s metabolism of a variety of foods, including sugar, carbs, lactose, and gluten, with information on how your genetic variants influence your body’s response.

Your detailed report comes with the nutrients you need to make the most of your diet. This includes vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and other important minerals.

As well as telling you your body’s response to different foods and nutrients, Living DNA gives you actionable tips so you know exactly which foods you should be eating to optimize your diet. And if you’re interested, you can see which genetic variants you have to help you understand how your body metabolizes each food type.

One of the best things about Living DNA is it gives you the full picture. You get tips on exercise, too. It assesses your oxygen flow, strength, recovery, trainability, blood vessels, and tendons, to give you the best types of exercises for your body.

Results take 6-8 weeks, which is impressive considering the amount of information you get. Your report is fully detailed, easy to understand, and covers everything you need to know about your body. And remember, you get ancestry and exercise information thrown in, too.


2. GenoPalate – Best For Detailed Nutritional Information

  • Over 85 recommended food choices personal to you
  • Screens your genetic needs for 23 nutrients
  • Learn how you digest caffeine, alcohol, lactose, and gluten
  • Full nutritional advice available in 4-6 weeks

GenoPalate offers a comprehensive kit that offers detailed nutritional advice with food sensitivities and even personalized meals. It’s a great choice for an affordable, all-in-one test.

You get over 85 personalized food recommendations, which are neatly categorized into 16 food categories. This means you can see exactly which fruit and veg you should be eating, plus what meats, fish, and dairy foods are best for you.

I also like the fact you can see your individual genetic variation “genotypes” and percentages alongside the suitable food choices.

Alongside personalized foods, GenoPalate assesses your genetic needs for 23 different nutrients, so you can see what you already have enough of and where you might want to add supplements. Some of the vitamins include zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, sodium, and folate. It offers food types that contain each nutrient so you can incorporate them within your diet.

You can learn about how your body metabolizes alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and lactose, to see whether you have any sensitivities and what your body’s response is.

With your personalized food recommendations, you can start to build your perfect diet. Or, for an extra fee, you can buy the DNA kit with a bespoke meal plan containing five recipes custom-created for you. You need to fill out a questionnaire beforehand on your eating habits, so it’s not entirely DNA based.

Your detailed report takes 4-6 weeks to arrive, accessible in a handy PDF format that’s clear and easy to understand. You can also upload raw DNA from 23andMe or AncestryDNA if you’ve already taken either of these tests. The kit is also much cheaper this way, too.


3. Vitagene – Best For Using Existing DNA Results For Nutrition Advice

  • Macronutrient and calorie breakdown with personalized recipes
  • Vitamin assessment with recommended supplements
  • Upload existing DNA data to save on price and waiting times
  • Results take 4-6 weeks

Vitagene lets you upload existing DNA data from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage to inform your nutritional report. This helps you save dollars and speeds up results time, too. It only takes 1-2 days, so it’s perfect if you need a quick solution.

With your report, you get full diet, health, and exercise information. This includes tailored macronutrient percentages, food sensitivities, and indications on how your body metabolizes fat, carbohydrates, caffeine, and alcohol.

It assesses your Omega 3 fatty acid, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and monounsaturated fat levels so you can make changes where you need to. You can also learn about your recommended sodium intake for optimal blood pressure.

Using your macronutrient profile, Vitagene creates 25 customized meal plans for you, with calorie information and an ingredients list.

You can discover the top supplements for you and have the option to subscribe to monthly vitamin deliveries straight to your door. It does charge an extra fee for the subscription, though.

Vitagene also determines your optimal fitness regime, assessing your ability to build muscle, whether you have a power or endurance body type, and your typical exercise behaviors. It even comes with an interactive planner so you can schedule your weekly exercise. 

Results typically take 4-6 weeks for a fully detailed report, which you can access from your online dashboard.


4. Toolbox Geonomics – Best For Testing Taste Preferences

  • Learn about your taste preferences and nutritional deficiencies
  • Assesses whether you should be eating a carb or fat-heavy diet
  • Personalized nutrition tips
  • Results in 6 weeks

Toolbox Geonomic’s Nourish kit helps you take control of your diet with information on your deficiencies, metabolism, taste preferences, and specific diet type. The whole process takes around six weeks, from when your sample arrives at the testing lab.

Toolbox Geonomics screens over 50 different genes and 26 traits to give you a personalized nutrition plan. You can learn about which diet is best suited to your body and whether you should be eating more fats or carbohydrates for optimal results and nutritional health.

It gives you actionable tips so you know where to amend your diet, like adding in oily fish, cooking with different oils, or having fiber-rich smoothies for breakfast. For each of your personalized tips, you can click on the link to see which genotype was tested to get your result.

Your report includes a full explanation of nutritional deficiencies in terms of essential nutrients and minerals, with advice on where to add supplements.

As well as deficiencies, Toolbox Geonomics screens for any intolerances, particularly those relating to lactose and gluten. And it assesses your sensitivity towards alcohol and caffeine, with advice on how much you should be limiting yourself to per day.

Another thing I like about Toolbox Geonomics is that it recommends personalized further testing based on your results and linked traits, such as monitoring your liver enzymes or screening your total cholesterol levels.

Everyone’s tastebuds are different, and Toolbox Geonomics helps you understand yours. It examines your taste preferences and whether you’re more sweet or savoury, and how these can influence your nutritional goals.


5. GeneFood – Best For Personalized Meal Plans

  • 14-day meal plan with a shopping list
  • Full macronutrient breakdown with calories
  • Determines the best types of foods for your body
  • Results in 3-4 weeks

If you want a detailed nutrigenomics report, GeneFood could be one of the best options for you. Order a test kit (or upload your 23andMe or AncestryDNA data for substantial savings) and you get a personalized nutrition report with customized meal plans.

GeneFood uses your DNA to place you into a particular diet type category so you can see which types of food you should be eating for optimal nutrition.  So, are you a “Lean Machine” or “Modified Paleo”?

Each diet type is broken down into several categories using multiple genetic markers to give you personalized advice. This includes macronutrient recommendations that suggest the best ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs, and which dietary supplements you might benefit from.

You can also see how your body metabolizes proteins, including your response to dairy. Plus, the blood sugar analysis determines which kinds of carbohydrates your body likes best.

GeneFood assesses your body’s needs for fat in your diet and, importantly, where you should be getting your fat sources from.

It also considers other factors that can affect your overall health, which are included in your nutritional report. You get information about your perfect night’s sleep, your tolerance of NSAID products, Cannabis response, and even if your body’s chemical switches turn on and off as they should.

Considering the amount of information you get, your report is ready quick. Results are sent to your email in a speedy 3-4 weeks.


6. DNAfit – Best For Quick Results

  • Assesses food sensitivities and perception of taste
  • Provides full macronutrient split and calorie information
  • Thousands of personalized meals tailored to you
  • Results in 10-15 working days

DNAfit provides you with everything you need to know about your optimal diet. It assesses your nutritional needs with macronutrients, so you can see exactly what percentages and calories you should be eating each day. And your results are ready in just 10-15 business days.

You can learn about your food sensitivities to lactose, gluten, fat, salt, alcohol, caffeine, and carbohydrates. And with this information about your DNA, it advises on your risk of developing coeliac disease. It’s not a medical diagnosis, but it certainly gives you a good indication of your predisposition.

It also tells you about your perception of bitter tastes, which helps you find foods you enjoy more easily. You can also see your toxin generation speed, which lets you know how quickly your body gets rid of toxins.

Your report includes detailed vitamin information, too. It assesses 13 different vitamins and minerals, including Folate, Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin C, Omega 3, and more, to determine where your levels are low, medium, and high.

Using your DNA profile and likes and dislikes, DNAfit builds your personalized meal plans that you can access from its app. It even comes with full calorie information and an ingredients list linked to an online shopping basket. 


7. Sequencing – Best For Whole Genome Nutrition Screening

  • Analyzes all aspects of your nutrition including your best-suited diet type
  • Personalized exercise goals
  • Individual nutritional reports available instantly with your raw DNA data
  • Results take 4-8 weeks for initial report

Sequencing uses 30 x whole genome sequencing to screen your entire DNA sequence, which means nothing is left out.

It’s a bit different from other tests as it offers ongoing access to new reports. You buy the DNA test, get a report, then can access new reports and apps to test other aspects of your nutrition.

The initial DNA test includes a personalized nutrition report, which analyzes your ability to lose weight, whether you’re likely to overconsume carbs, and if you’re better suited to a low-carb or low-fat diet.

You also get tailored exercise information, including memory performance, muscle soreness, your overall fitness benefits, and muscle response to resistance training.

Alongside your initial DNA test, you can add on more reports once you have your raw DNA data. This includes reports for vitamins and minerals, weight loss, intolerances, and more.

You get access to two of these reports for free with your DNA test, and then you can pay individually for each one. They’re very cheap.

Results take 4-8 weeks for your DNA results. After that, you can access reports instantly using your raw data.


8. GenePlanet – Best For Weight Loss & Gain Analysis

  • Analyzes 11 biomarkers relating to your diet and body weight
  • Determines your risk of being overweight and ability to lose weight
  • Learn about your perception of taste and optimal diet type
  • Results in 40 days

GenePlanet’s diet and bodyweight test analyzes 11 biomarkers that influence your nutritional health, including the likelihood of you being overweight and your ability to lose weight.

It screens for biomarkers that can influence weight loss and gain, such as your metabolism of different types of fats, sweet treats intake, and your satiety and hunger levels.

Next to each biomarker, you can see whether you have an unfavorable genetic variant or if you are at higher risk (depending on what was screened for). You can also learn about each one in more detail to see the impact it has on you.

You get information on your optimal diet type, with advice on which foods to be eating and when, such as a diet higher in carbs or fats. And it assesses your perception of taste to help you find foods best suited to your body.

It usually takes 40 days from receipt of your sample to get your results. You have a free 30-minute phone call with a nutritional counselor included at no extra cost to discuss your results further and see what your next steps should be.


9. InsideTracker – Best For Monitoring Your Nutrition Goals

  • Advice on which foods and supplements to add to your diet
  • Recipes available to tailor your nutrition
  • Weekly schedules for nutrition, fitness, and wellness
  • Results in 2-4 weeks

InsideTracker uses your DNA as well as your self-confessed habits, including those relating to sleep and stress, to give you actionable tips on optimizing your health.

InsideTracker tells you which foods to include in your diet, such as moving towards more vegetable-based foods to improve glucose levels and manage blood sugar. You also get advice on supplements and vitamins.

You can monitor your nutritional progress with a personalized action plan. This tells you what to include, on which days, and for how long. For example, eating a vegetarian diet one day a week or drinking more water three days a week. You also get tips on fitness and which exercise you should be doing.

The check-in tool allows you to tick off tasks each day so you can monitor your progress. And you can set reminders for each action so you never forget. It’s a good way of putting your DNA nutritional advice into action and holding yourself accountable. It has recipes to try, too.

Expect to wait 2-4 weeks for your results.


What’s In the Fine Print?

Whether it’s hidden subscriptions, shipping fees, or waiting ages for results, terms and conditions can be full of annoying surprises you weren’t expecting. I checked them out for you so you know exactly what you’re paying for (or not).

With Living DNA, Sequencing, DNAfit, and Gene Food, you need to pay the cost of shipping. It can cost you as much as $10 for shipping, without the fee of returning it, so prices can soon creep up. Every other testing company on this list offers free shipping, though.

Some companies like DNAfit and Vitagene try and pressure you to buy other services from them, too. Vitagene offers a subscription supplement delivery to your door, but there’s a price for it. And DNAfit offers loads of extras like a personalized recipe book for around an extra $30, and a 12-week coaching program for nearly $100.

There are no extra processing costs with any of the kits in this list, though, which is good news.

How Do Our Top Picks Compete On Price?

If you already have existing DNA from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or MyHeritage, then you can definitely benefit from cheaper costs. Gene Food, Vitagene, DNAfit, and GenoPalate all let you upload existing DNA. In most cases, you save more than 50% on the cost of your kit.

Vitagene is the cheapest at around $29 for raw DNA data upload. But even the standard kit is very well priced, and still delivers on quality.

Living DNA and GenoPalate offer mid-range priced kits that are very good value for money. These companies have the most comprehensive kits on offer, with full detail about your nutrition, as well as extras such as fitness and vitamins. Any of these choices are worth your investment, but Living DNA claims 1st place because it’s so detailed.

Toolbox Geonomics is slightly more expensive around the $200+ mark, but it’s designed for professionals and nutritionists, too. This means you can use the results with your nutritionist to build your ideal diet plan, so it’s worth it if you already access these services, or want to.

InsideTracker’s cheapest option is quite expensive, but with that, you do get ongoing nutrition tracking. It also has a test for nearly $600, which is the most expensive option on this list. It tests for 43 different genetic markers, but I’m not sure it’s the best value for money compared to others, since that’s the only extra perk included.

How Do the Best DNA Tests for Nutrition Compare?

For everything you need to know about nutrition and fitness in one, Living DNA is my top choice. Not only does it tell you which foods you should be eating or avoiding, but also how your body responds to exercise and what your optimal fitness routine looks like.

Go for GenoPalate if you want a highly focussed nutrition report. It gives you more nutritional information than any of the other companies in this list, including 85+ customized food choices and actionable advice on intolerances, vitamin deficiencies, and more.

Have existing DNA? Go for Vitagene. Vitagene lets you upload raw DNA data from loads of different DNA testing companies, so you don’t have to pay the price of a full test. It also means you get your results really quickly, too.

To learn more about your tastebuds, Toolbox Geonomics might be a good choice. It assesses your perception of taste so you can find foods that you enjoy and that your body will thank you for.

If you’re really interested in getting personalized recipes and meals, either DNAfit or GeneFood are great choices. DNAfit gives you thousands of meals to get cooking, all tailored to your daily calorie intake and macronutrient needs. GeneFood provides you with a 14-day meal plan with an ingredients list you can take straight to your grocery store.

Looking for an at-home DNA test to help you on your weight loss journey? See which ones made the cut in our review of the 8 best DNA kits for weight loss.

DNA Data Upload Meal Plans/Recipes Nutrient & Vitamin Report Food Sensitivity Time to Results Starting Price
Living DNA 6-8 weeks $129.00
GenoPalate 4-6 weeks $189.00
Vitagene 4-6 weeks $139.00
Toolbox Genomics 6 weeks $249.00
Gene Food 3-4 weeks $185.00
DNAfit 10-15 days $189.00
Sequencing 4-8 weeks $189.00
GenePlanet 40 days $116.00
Inside Tracker 2-4 weeks $299.00


Are DNA nutrition tests worth it?

Sure, if you’re looking to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

You can learn about any intolerances you might have, which vitamins you’re deficient in, and which foods are best for your body. Some tests can even help you with weight loss goals by advising you of which diet to follow and how many calories you should be eating per day.

With an understanding of how to fuel your body, you can eliminate symptoms like bloating, headaches, and sluggishness, because you’re only giving your body what it really needs.

To get all that and more, I’d recommend Living DNA, because it offers really detailed reports that include nutritional and exerise information, and it’s very affordable.

Are DNA nutrition tests accurate?

DNA nutrition tests analyze specific markers in your genetics to determine your predispositions to intolerances and deficiencies, as well as your optimal nutrition guide. While they are highly accurate, remember that no test can guarantee 100% reliability. And you shouldn’t use a DNA nutrition test to diagnose a problem, such as celiac disease.

A DNA test can help you understand which sensitivities you have and if they might highlight your risk of these diseases, but you should always get an official diagnosis from a medical healthcare professional.

What is the connection between DNA and nutrition?

DNA and nutrition are connected because certain gene variants affect the way your body processes foods and substances. For example, lactose intolerance, and alcohol and caffeine metabolism, are genetically determined.

Can I take my DNA nutrition results to a nutritionist?

Yes. It’s a good idea to take your at-home DNA test kit results to a licensed healthcare professional before making any dramatic changes to your diet and lifestyle.

With your results, you can work together to build a nutrition plan that’s perfectly designed for your body and includes all the nutrients you need.

What information will a personalized nutrition DNA test tell me?

A personalized nutrition test will provide you with loads of important information about how to optimize your diet. This includes:

  • The right portions of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins to include in your meals
  • A detailed nutrient report that details predispositions to vitamin deficiencies and suggests ideal amounts of micronutrients
  • A substance metabolism report that shows how well you will metabolize caffeine, alcohol, and other substances
  • A food sensitivity report that identifies lactose intolerance, cilantro aversion, bitter taste, and other things
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I'm Sara Turner and I've pursued my lifelong passion for learning through many adventures, including getting my Ph.D. in Biomedical Science. My husband, my three young sons, and I enjoy traveling and exploring new places outdoors. I love the sunshine, the beach and new ideas!