Decode your DNA to enrich your life.

Did you know that your DNA can tell you where your ancestors came from, what long-lost relatives may be alive today, and how you can make lasting changes to live a fitter and healthier life? Are you tempted to take a DNA test but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help you choose the right test to research your past and put you on the right path for the future.

Decode your DNA to enrich your life.

Best DNA Kits per Category

  • Ancestry


    • Ethnicity Testing
    • Family Tree Builder
    • Paternity Testing
  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    • Cholesterol testing
    • Heart Disease Risks
    • Hormone Testing
  • Diet & Nutrition

    Diet & Nutrition

    • Food Sensitivity Report
    • Vitamin Deficiency Report
  • Family Tree

    Family Tree

    • Connect with Relatives
  • STD


  • Over 100 million users and 9.6 billion historical records available
  • Uncover the geographic and ethnic origins of your ancestors
  • Find long-lost relatives
  • Receive percentages of your ethnicity estimate and regions
  • Trace your ancestors’ journey throughout time
  • Identify other relatives who have also taken’s DNA test
  • Ancestry tests cover up to 15 generations of maternal and paternal ancestry
  • Connect with relatives up to 13 degrees removed
  • Discover the migration history of your ancestors
  • Access to regularly updated ancestry reports
  • Tests both Y-DNA and mtDNA
  • Information never shared with third-parties
  • Largest database of British and Irish historical records
  • Upgrade to include mtDNA and Y-DNA tests
  • Extensive genealogical services available
  • Determine both your patriarchal and matriarchal lineage
  • Receive a map of your European descendants
  • Directly email any familial matches and connect
  • Find out what your genes reveal about your ancestry
  • Receive an interactive ethnic map and regional percentage breakdown
  • Learn how your genetics influence your diet and which types of exercise are best
  • Pinpoint your genetic geneaology via ancestral tracking
  • 1,000+ reference populations analyzed
  • Provides stories to help explain DNA mixture events, such as migrations
  • Trace your DNA to analyze your lineage
  • Get a by-region breakdown of your ancestors
  • Get information on your maternal and paternal haplogroups
  • DNA test covers 1000+ geographic locations
  • Reports available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian
  • Upload your raw data from another DNA test to get even more results

What Users Say

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About DNA Kits

How We Test the DNA Kits

Taking at-home DNA tests is safe, easy, and totally non-invasive. We actually take the tests ourselves and document each step of the process and the findings shared with us:

  • Doing the research. We learn everything we can about the company, browse customer reviews, and sometimes even speak with the CEOs themselves.
  • Taking the test. As soon as the test kit arrives, we submit a saliva sample or cheek swab (sometimes a finger prick), just like you would do.
  • Reading our results. In about two to six weeks, we interpret our online results. We make note of what’s helpful and informative…and what’s not.
  • Working with customer support. As part of our reviews, we reach out to the company’s customer support team to see how helpful and friendly they are.
  • Analyzing pricing. Is this DNA kit worth its price tag? We examine what you get (and what you don’t) and how it compares price-wise to similar services.
  • Summarizing our experiences. We share everything we learned, including the pros and cons, standout features, pricing, and more. We also do comparison reviews and provide “best of” lists so you can make a confident decision.

Read our real and honest reviews so you know you’re picking the right test for you.

What DNA Tests Can Tell You

Although more than 99.9% of human DNA is the same in all people, there are still millions of differences between your genome and anyone else’s – even your siblings, unless you’re an identical twin! These differences are what make us each unique and can provide a wealth of insight.

“Discover Your Past”

Interested in discovering your ethnicity? DNA testing can give you percentage estimates of your ethnic makeup and the geographical regions each ethnicity comes from. Find out if you have Jewish, Aboriginal, Asian, African, or Native American ancestors. Uncover information about your ancient ancestors via maternal and paternal lineage testing, and map those ancestors’ past migration routes.

“Get Recommendations”

Learning unique features of your DNA can help you live your best life. You can unlock secrets to losing weight, solve your nutritional deficiencies, and tailor fitness plans to help you achieve lasting results. You can also use genetic health information to prevent or delay disease progression.

“Dig Deep”

Discover connections you didn’t know you had! Use DNA testing to find out who shares biological relationships with you. Build an online, shareable family tree to uncover living family members around the world. This has reconnected thousands of biological relatives following adoptions or other separations.

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