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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a family tree?

With a family tree, you are able to trace your family’s story through time. It is a chart that maps your lineage as far back as you can. Family trees often start with the most recent generation and from there, you work your way back.

How do you build a family tree?

It is simple to build your family tree! First, you should start by gathering all the family history records available to you, including photographs, birth, death, and marriage certificates, employment records...etc. If you are stuck, you can join family history and genealogy societies to get more help in building your family tree.

Once you get all that information, start your family tree by plotting the youngest generation at the bottom, then create vertical lines connecting siblings to parents, and so on. Don’t forget to include full names and birth (and death) dates!

Is this family tree builder free?

Unlike other family tree builders you need to pay a monthly membership for, our family tree builder is 100% free. You can add as many or as few generations as you want.

Does this tool have any limitations?

Like most anything, our family tree builder is a work in progress. In the near future, you can expect the following functionalities to be added (plus more not listed):

  • Advanced mobile capabilities
  • Locations of birth and death
  • Change the background of your family tree with different design templates
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