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8 Cheapest DNA Tests for Ancestry, Health & More 2024

8 Cheapest DNA Tests for Ancestry, Health & More 2024

Understanding one’s ancestry and gaining insights into potential health concerns is now more accessible than ever with DNA test kits. If you’re like many, you’re seeking an affordable option without compromising the accuracy and depth of results. The challenge, though, is the plethora of options in the market, each claiming to be the best.

I’ve personally tested a variety of DNA kits to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. I considered crucial features like ease of use, data privacy, and, most importantly, the accuracy of results. After extensive research, I’ve shortlisted the DNA kits that are both inexpensive and reliable, ensuring you don’t sacrifice quality for cost.

MyHeritage is the DNA kit I highly recommend. It stands out for its affordability (with prices as low as $36) without cutting corners on quality. Not only does it offer detailed ancestry information, but it also provides family tree building software, making it a top choice for those on a budget.

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Short on time? Here are our top picks of the best cheap DNA tests

  • MyHeritage – Our top pick thanks to its discounted price of $36 for a full ancestry DNA kit. Its regular prices are also very low (only $89), and you get access to a family tree building software and a vast database of historical records to explore your past. 
  • 23andMe– A great budget-friendly DNA test and a very popular choice, which means that you’ll be able to connect with relatives easily; get it for only $89. 
  • AncestryDNA – Excellent DNA kits with the starting price of $99; you can also get a free trial of its family tree builder for 14 days, and explore some historical records risk-free. 
  • Living DNA – The most affordable health and wellness test, at only $99 (with a discount); it also offers ancestry services, so you can get a full picture of your past and how your DNA affects your health at one low-cost price. 
  • FamilyTreeDNA – Its FamilyFinder and DNA wellness kit costs only $79 (with frequent discounts); you can also get separate DNA tests that trace your maternal or paternal ancestry individually. 
  • SelfDecode – While its DNA tests tend to be more expensive, they provide over 350 reports on your ancestry, health, wellness and more. And for only $99 you can upload your data (if you’ve taken a test with Ancestry or MyHeritage before) and still get all of those health reports, so it’s a great way to save up. 

See how each test compares

Our Cheapest DNA Tests Reviewed

1. MyHeritage – Overall Best Value for Money (With Frequent Discounts)

Price from$89.00
Our score9.7
💲Price $89 (currently $36 with a discount!)
⏲Results in 4-5 weeks
💧Type of sample taken Cheek swab
📜Type of reports offered Ancestry (with a family tree building service)

MyHeritage has quickly become a go-to choice for many because of its attractively low prices. In a market saturated with pricey options, MyHeritage stands as an oasis for those who are conscious about their spending. Its affordability doesn’t compromise on the comprehensive ancestry data it offers, making it a favored option for budget-conscious individuals eager to explore their roots.

Beyond just pricing, MyHeritage boasts an extensive global database, enabling you to trace your lineage across continents. Its DNA matches often lead to unexpected connections, helping people find long-lost relatives or discover new branches in their family tree. The user-friendly platform and interactive tools make diving deep into one’s history both engaging and enlightening.

While it doesn’t offer DNA testing for health, it’s still a great choice for anyone looking to learn more about their ancestry. Plus, it will allow you to build your family tree and supplement it with photos and historical records. You can get a DNA test for only $36 right now (MyHeritage has a special discount), but even its regular prices are the lowest on the market, at only $89. 

Best for: Anyone looking for affordable ancestry testing and family tree building.
May not be best for: People looking for health and wellness insights.

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2. 23andMe — Best for a Detailed Ancestry Breakdown

Price from$229.00
Our score9.6
💲Price $89
⏲Results in 3-4 weeks
💧Type of sample taken Cheek swab
📜Type of reports offered Ancestry (with a family tree-building service) + Health and Traits reports

23andMe offers a budget-friendly way for you to explore your ancestry. It provides a detailed breakdown of your ethnic composition, tracing your lineage back to various global populations. By analyzing your DNA, it matches you with potential relatives, offering a unique insight into your familial connections.

It goes beyond just identifying your ethnic background; it also provides information on how your ancestors migrated over time. This feature, known as Ancestry Timeline, visualizes the historical movements of your forebears, giving you a clearer picture of your genetic heritage.

Another key feature is the Neanderthal Ancestry report, which determines how much Neanderthal DNA you carry. It’s an intriguing way to understand the ancient roots of your genetic makeup and see how it compares to the general population.

Lastly, 23andMe’s Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups analysis offers a deep dive into your lineage, tracing both maternal and paternal lines back to their origins. This aspect helps you connect to distant ancestors and understand the migration patterns that shaped your family’s history.

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3. AncestryDNA – Best For Finding Family Members & Uncovering Traits

Price from$99.00
Our score9.9
💲Price $99
⏲Results in 6-8 weeks
💧Type of sample taken Cheek swab
📜Type of reports offered Ancestry (with a family tree-building service)

One of the best features is the traits report included which you can add to your ancestry test for a small fee. You can see how your genes influence traits like eye and hair color, taste perception, and environmental influences. It’s also one of the best tests for finding relatives, with over 18 million other AncestryDNA users. It scans the database to find anyone who shares your DNA and tells you exactly how you’re related.

There’s an extra fee for the family tree, but it’s one of the cheapest I’ve seen. For a low-cost monthly fee, you can search through millions of records and existing family trees, helping you to find your ancestors.

It takes 6-8 weeks to receive your DNA report. It includes a straightforward pie chart and visual representation of your ethnicity estimate, along with percentages, down to as low as 1%. Click on any region to learn more about every location in your DNA. You can trace your family’s migration maps around the world using your interactive map and uncover the regions that make up your heritage.

Best for: People who want to connect with their relatives and explore their ancestry.
May not be best for: People looking for health insights.

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4. Living DNA – Best For Deep Ancestry & Nutritional Insights

Price from$189.00
Our score9.4
💲Price $99
⏲Results in 6-8 weeks
💧Type of sample taken Cheek swab
📜Type of reports offered Ancestry, Health, and Wellness (with food and exercise recommendations)

The combined DNA ancestry and well-being kit from Living DNA uncovers your ethnic origins and provides insights into your nutrition and fitness. Buying the combined test actually saves you over $60, but you could purchase them separately if you prefer. It takes 6-8 weeks to get your results with whichever test you choose.

Living DNA assesses your ancestry, mapping your ethnicity to 150 regions and 100 sub-regions, which gives you deeper origin insights than many other tests. It’s also quite unique because it offers extended ancestry. This shows you the migratory patterns of your ancestors from Africa over 10,000 years ago. And it analyzes your recent ancestry, too, tracking your ancestors’ movements from the last 500 years.

There’s also a Family Networks feature that finds your extended family through DNA matching. If your family members have opted into this feature, you can reach out to them. The wellness test is one of my favorites for diet and fitness insights. It shows you how your genes influence your vitamin response and metabolism of different foods such as gluten, caffeine, and lactose. You also get exercise tips and can learn how your body responds to different exercises, including weights and cardio. And it tells you how to optimize your body’s recovery after exercise.

Best for: People who want to explore their ancestry while also getting health and wellness information.
May not be best for: People looking for very affordable tests or just want ancestry testing.

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5. FamilyTreeDNA – Best for Tracing Your Maternal and Paternal Ancestry

Price from$79.00
Our score8.5
💲Price $79
⏲Results in 6-8 weeks
💧Type of sample taken Cheek swab
📜Type of reports offered Ancestry, Health

In the world of DNA ancestry testing, FamilyTreeDNA emerges as a noteworthy contender, particularly for those mindful of their budget. Offering a range of price points suitable for different needs, FamilyTreeDNA ensures that delving into one’s genealogical history doesn’t have to break the bank. This cost-effective approach allows more individuals to explore their lineage without feeling the pinch on their wallets.

Diving deeper than just affordability, FamilyTreeDNA boasts an impressive and diverse database. It offers users a chance to not only trace their direct lineage but also find distant relatives across the globe. The platform’s tools, such as the Family Finder, provide insightful glimpses into ancestral roots, enabling users to uncover stories and connections they might never have known.

It allows you to trace your lineage (both maternal and paternal) while also giving you information on your health and wellness. You can often get discounts too, which makes it even more affordable. 

Best for: People who want a good mix of ancestry and health insights.
May not be best for: People who want in-depth information about how their genes affect their health.

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6. SelfDecode – Best for Deep Insight Into Your Health and Wellness

Price from$397.00
Our score9
💲Price $199 (but only $99 if you upload your AncestryDNA results)
⏲Results in 6-8 weeks
💧Type of sample taken Cheek swab
📜Type of reports offered Ancestry, Health, Wellness (with diet and exercise recommendations)

Within the realm of comprehensive genetic analysis, SelfDecode has carved out a niche for itself. While it might not be the most affordable option on the market, the depth and range of insights it offers justify the investment. Users gain access to over 350 detailed reports that delve deep into various aspects of their health and wellness, from exercise needs and vitamin intake recommendations to health risks across diverse categories.

What truly distinguishes SelfDecode is its holistic view of genetic insights. Beyond just health, the platform explores the myriad ways genes influence our lives: from sleep patterns and taste preferences to behavioral tendencies. This 360-degree perspective enables users to not only understand potential health concerns but also get a richer understanding of the genetic factors that contribute to their unique individuality.

If you want to try SelfDecode but would like to do it in a more affordable way, you can upload your raw DNA data taken with another DNA service (like Ancestry or MyHeritage), and still receive the full 350+ reports. 

Best for: People who want to dive deep into how their genes affect their health, exercise needs, vitamin intake, and more.
May not be best for: People who are looking for something really affordable.

7. LetsGetChecked – Best For Male & Female Health Testing

Price from$69.00
Our score9
💲Price $69 to $249
⏲Results in 2 to 5 days
💧Type of sample taken Finger prick blood sample or urine sample, depending on the test
😷Doctor consultation available? Yes for positive results
❓Test at home or in a lab? At home

LetsGetChecked has a huge variety of affordable health tests available, which is great if you are just interested in a single issue. It’s one of my favorites for male and female-specific testing, as it has tests suited to each gender, such as ovarian reserve and testosterone levels.

It also has general wellness tests that analyze various aspects of your organ function. This includes tests for thyroid, kidney, liver, and heart. And you can find vitamin, omega-3, and micronutrient testing, too. LetsGetChecked has an extremely fast turnaround, which is usually just 2-5 days. This is very useful if you’re worried about having contracted an STD or looking to determine ovulation when trying for a baby.

You can trust the accuracy of the tests from LetsGetChecked as they are carried out in the same labs as clinics and hospitals. Plus, once you get your results, you can have a private phone consultation with a nurse to discuss your results. There’s no charge.

There’s a subscription option for many of LetsGetChecked’s tests, so you can get automatic deliveries every 3, 6, or 12 months. You can save up to 30% on price if you do this, too.

Best for: People who want cheap ongoing health testing (including STD) and free doctor consultations.
May not be best for: Anyone who needs individual health tests, or are more interested in ancestry.

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8. Everlywell – Best For Intolerance & Allergy Testing

Price from$49.00
Our score8.5
💲Price $69 to $169
⏲Results in 1 to 2 days
💧Type of sample taken Finger prick blood sample, vaginal swab, or urine sample, depending on the test
😷Doctor consultation available? Yes for positive results and you can also get free prescriptions
❓Test at home or in a lab? At home

Everlywell has over 30 at-home testing kits, all of which are very affordable. I like Everlywell for its indoor and outdoor allergy screening, as well as food intolerance kits.

There are also plenty of tests for assessing reproductive health, thyroid problems, vitamin levels, sleep and stress, and heart health.

It has STD at-home testing kits available, too. You can buy these as individual tests or as male and female kits for more comprehensive screening with a lower price tag.

Your tests are screened in a CLIA-certified lab, and the results are reviewed by a physician and available within just 2-5 days. The clear, simple report tells you what your results mean, how they may impact your health, and offer guidance on what to do next.

A dedicated clinical customer support team is available, as are consultations with independent physicians following any positive test results, but there is a charge for this.

It has free shipping so you don’t pay any extra fees on top of your test. And you can subscribe to save more money with semi-annual deliveries – it works out 15% cheaper.

Best for: People who want cheap testing on a regular basis, from the convenience of their home (and free prescriptions without a visit to the doctor).
May not be best for: People who are squeamish about drawing their own blood.

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What’s in the Fine Print?

It’s not unusual for DNA tests to come with hidden costs. And when you’re looking for a cheap test, it’s important you know exactly what you’re paying for so you’re not stung later down the line. I found a few things to be aware of.

A lot of the kits on this list make you pay for shipping. Usually, it’s no more than $10 for standard shipping, but if you want your kit fast, express shipping can sometimes set you back by as much as $40. Everlywell offers free shipping, though, as does LetsGetChecked.

Both Everlywell and LetsGetChecked offer subscription options, designed to help you save money. Just remember, you’ll keep being charged every 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the delivery you choose.

How Accurate Are the Best Cheap DNA Tests?

DNA testing companies often guarantee accuracy rates of 99% or higher, with precision potentially increasing based on the specific test selected. Conducted in certified laboratories using sophisticated scientific methods, the accuracy of these tests is consistently enhanced by technological progress.

The tests we’ve featured on this list are verified to provide high levels of accuracy, offering reliable outcomes.

Nonetheless, it’s important to acknowledge that no DNA test is utterly without error. Additionally, DNA test outcomes don’t offer a complete picture when it comes to detecting health conditions. For instance, a health and wellness test indicating a genetic predisposition for a certain ailment doesn’t guarantee the development of that ailment. Such tests are not substitutes for professional medical advice.

It’s also crucial to consider the interaction between your lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, and your genetic makeup. Implementing suggestions from the test can be beneficial in understanding their potential impact on your overall health.

What Will the Results Tell Me?

Your DNA results can tell you many different things, from where you come from, to your risk of genetic diseases and even your lifestyle habits. You can learn about:

  • Your ethnicity percentages and geographical origins
  • Your family’s migration maps and movements around the globe
  • Your predisposition towards certain health conditions and carrier risk status
  • Your optimal diet and fitness routine
  • Whether you have any food or environmental intolerances and allergies
  • How your genes influence your physical traits and characteristics
  • Whether you have any vitamin deficiencies
  • Your organ function and overall health

A DNA test can also put you in contact with long-lost relatives. Most ancestry kits have relative finders that scan their database to locate your DNA matches, tell you how much DNA you share, and what their relationship is to you. If you’ve both opted into the relative finder, you can even contact them.

What’s the Best Cheap DNA Test?

If you’re hoping to optimize your diet and fitness, go for Living DNA. It’s comprehensive, budget-friendly, and gives you personalized recommendations on which foods to eat and what exercise routine to follow.

My favorite, though, is AncestryDNA. Its ancestry test is one of the best, with everything from ethnicity percentages to a traits report, plus excellent genealogy tools and resources.

  Test Categories Free Shipping Added Extras Time to Results Starting Price  
MyHeritage Ancestry and Family Tree Free trial for its family tree builder, and a cool app 4-5 weeks $89.00  
23andMe Ancestry, Traits and Health Neandarthal ancestry breakdown 3-4 $229.00  
AncestryDNA Ancestry and Family Tree  

14-day trial of family tree builder

6-8 weeks $99.00  
Living DNA Diet & Fitness, Ancestry, and Health & Wellness Upload DNA from Ancestry, and 23andMe for a free report 6-8 weeks $105.00  
FamilyTreeDNA Ancestry, Health and Wellness No.  6-8 weeks $79.00  
SelfDecode Diet & Fitness, Ancestry, and Health & Wellness Upload DNA from Ancestry or MyHeritage for $99 to get all 350 reports 6-8 weeks $397.00  
LetsGetChecked Health & Wellness and STDs Save up to 30% with subscription options 2-5 days $89.00  
Everlywell Health & Wellness and STDs Save up to 15% with subscription options 2-5 days $99.00  
My Toolbox Genomics Diet & Fitness and Health & Wellness Additional reports offered at a reduced cost 6 weeks $249.00  


Why are the DNA tests in this article cheaper than others?

The DNA tests in this list offer the best value-for-money when compared to others in the same category, as they:

  • Offer DNA tests in different categories for an affordable price.
  • Provide a wealth of information from your DNA sample.
  • Offer an interesting and insightful report with the most accurate information possible.

You may find companies that have cheaper DNA tests, but beware, as they may be too good to be true. It’s likely they provide insufficient and inaccurate information. 

Is there a free DNA test?

There are no free DNA tests. However, there are some companies that allow you to upload your raw DNA data from a different provider and receive some additional information for free.

Living DNA allows you to upload DNA from 23andMe, and AncestryDNA to get a free report.

Which affordable DNA test has the largest database?

The DNA test with the largest DNA database is currently AncestryDNA with 18 million samples. Yes, these numbers are impressive, but completely meaningless if the DNA test doesn’t provide the information you are looking for. So, before purchasing your DNA test, check the features thoroughly.

Can I take the DNA test results to a doctor?

Of course, you can and you should! Your doctor has the professional knowledge to interpret your DNA results and recommend any lifestyle changes or provide treatment, based on your genetics.

How long does an affordable DNA test take?

The turnaround time of your DNA test will vary from company to company and may be influenced by workload. Usually, it takes between 4-8 weeks to produce your report.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Learn more.
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Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.