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July 9, 2021 by Joseph Levy

10 Best Health & Wellness DNA Tests 2021: Safe + Accurate

10 Best Health & Wellness DNA Tests 2021: Safe + Accurate

Want to know whether you’re a carrier for a genetic condition that could be passed on to your children? Want to know if you’re at increased risk of a genetically determined illness? Want to know how to tailor your diet and fitness plan to suit your DNA?

A DNA test can reveal more about your health than you might think. But with so many to choose from, how do you decide?

We’re here to help. We’ve sifted through the wealth of health and wellness DNA tests to find the best so you can avoid the rest. And my top pick is LivingDNA thanks to its detailed health and nutrition reports and actionable insights to improve overall wellness. But there are nine other great options on my list, too.

Short on time? Here are the best health & wellness DNA tests

Assess Your Health With my Top Choice Living DNA!

What We Look For in the Best DNA Tests for Health & Wellness

To whittle down the wealth of available at-home DNA health and wellness tests, we looked for tests that met a very specific set of criteria. This includes:

  • Useful insights: You should only pay for a test that actually tells you what you want to know.
  • Unique features: These DNA tests offer information and extras that most competitors don’t, which provides added value.
  • Actionable tips: When it comes to your health and wellness, you want to know what your next steps should be.
  • Rapid results: The sooner you get your test results and report, the better.
  • Value and affordability: Even if a DNA health test is relatively expensive, you should feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth.

1. Living DNA – Best For Nutritional & Fitness Health Reports

  • Screens for lactose and glucose sensitivity
  • Full vitamin report with ideas on supplements
  • Advice on your ideal exercise routine and more detailed insights
  • Results in 6-8 weeks

I like Living DNA for its unique perspective on health – it gives you detailed diet and fitness insights so you can understand how your genes affect your health.

Your detailed report is ready in 6-8 weeks. It tells you how your body metabolizes different foods, such as carbohydrates, sugar, lactose, and gluten.

It can also indicate whether you might be predisposed to Celiac Disease. It’s not a diagnosis, but you get a pretty good idea of your risk.

The report comes with a full vitamin breakdown, showing you where you’re already providing your body with key nutrients and where you might want to add supplements. It includes key minerals like vitamin C, D, A, B12, and omega 3.

You can see which foods you should be eating to optimize your health. The report comes with tips on foods to add to your diet and which to avoid, so you can get started right away.

To help you choose exercises best suited to you, you can also learn all about your ideal fitness regime. Living DNA analyzes your genes to see whether you should be doing strength training or cardio, and your overall recovery speed. It also analyzes factors like oxygen flow and blood vessel response.

If you like, you can combine the health test with ancestry in the bundle deal. This helps you save money and tells you everything about your heritage and health in one report.

Assess Your Nutritional Needs With Living DNA!

2. LetsGetChecked – Best For Hormone & Organ Health

  • 25 wellness tests available, plus more for STDs
  • Screens hormone levels, fertility, and organ health
  • Free phone call with a nurse to explain your results
  • Results in 2-5 days

LetsGetChecked has over 25 different wellness tests available, including more for at-home STD screening. It’s a great choice for assessing your hormone and organ health, with tests designed specifically for males and females.

You can choose from tests that assess male and female hormones, such as progesterone and testosterone, as well as tests that assess fertility levels and egg production.

There’s a list of recommended tests for each gender, most of which analyze your organ health and risk of developing certain health conditions. These tests screen your liver, kidney, and thyroid function. And you can see whether you might be at risk of diabetes, Lyme Disease, or even colon cancer.

If you’re interested in assessing your sexual health, there are tons of at-home STD kits. You can buy them individually or as bundles that assess for the most common STDs. They arrive in discreet packaging which is a huge plus.

One of the best things about LetsGetChecked is turnaround times. It only takes 2-5 days to get your report, which is really quick. You get an email to tell you when they’re ready, then just log on to your online dashboard.

Your report shows you whether you tested high, medium, or low for the various factors. And you can see a list of every biomarker tested alongside some detailed information to help you understand what it means for you.

You also have access to a free phone call to discuss your results. A nurse calls you unprompted, so you don’t need to organize it yourself.

Screen Your Hormone & Organ Health With LetsGetChecked!

3. Everlywell – Best For Allergies, Intolerances & Metabolism Health Testing

  • 30+ wellness tests available
  • Screen for food intolerances, allergies, weight management, and more
  • FSA/HSA cards accepted
  • Results in 2-5 days

With Everlywell, you can learn all about how your genes influence your energy, weight balance, mood, and intolerances. It has a huge list of health tests that you can buy individually, or as a comprehensive male or female test that covers everything you need to know.

I like it most for its allergy and intolerance testing. It has a comprehensive food sensitivity test that screens for more foods than many other DNA kits, from almonds to aloe vera. There are actually over 200 food items on the list.

For allergies, there’s a test for indoor and outdoor allergens like pets, grass, dust mites, and more. It assesses 40 allergens overall.

There are tests to assess how your hormones influence your metabolism, your thyroid function, and vitamin D efficiency.  You can also choose various wellness kits that look into sleep and stress, heavy metals, and even colon cancer.

It takes  2-5 days to get your report, so you’re not waiting long. It’s clear and easy to understand, with details on every biomarker tested and what your results mean for your health. You can see where you sit on the scale, whether it’s high sensitivity to foods or very low reactivity to allergens.

While you don’t get a follow-up call, you do get other extras included. Your kit comes with free return shipping and you can pay with FSA/HSA cards, so might be able to save some money, too.

Test For Allergies & Intolerances with Everlywell!

4. My Toolbox Genomics – Best For Respiratory Health & Aging Reports

  • Diet and fitness insights with customized plans
  • Assesses aging insights, including eye age and hearing
  • Analyzes respiratory health, digestive function, and gut health
  • Results take 4-8 weeks

My Toolbox Genomics offers a different perspective on your health. It analyzes genes that influence your respiratory virus score, gut health, digestive function, and immunity. You can also learn about your mental wellbeing, including sleep and stress.

The three different health tests all assess different things, with the most comprehensive being the epigenetics + DNA test that combines everything in one. It gives you health insights based on 16 different traits, including eye, skin, muscle, and gut health.

You also get tons of diet and fitness information. Not only does it tell you your metabolism of different foods, but you actually get a customized meal plan based on the foods and nutrients your body needs. Plus a personalized exercise regime and full supplement report.

Unlike a lot of other DNA tests, your health report includes information about aging. It analyzes five aging factors, which include biological age, hearing, eye age, memory, and inflammation, with actionable tips on how to slow down the aging process.

You have the option to sign up for an epigenetics subscription, which tracks your DNA expression over time and notifies you of changes. You can regularly retest yourself to get new updates. And it helps you save money, too.

Results times vary depending on which test you choose. It takes 6-8 weeks for the epigenetics and the combined tests, but the standard DNA test only takes 4 weeks.

Get Unique Health Insights with My Toolbox Genomics!

5. GenoPalate – Best For Optimizing Diet Health

  • List of over 100+ recommended foods
  • Macronutrient breakdown and personalized recipes
  • Upload existing DNA from 23andMe and AncestryDNA
  • Results in as little as 24 hours

GenoPalate’s DNA tests tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and why. And if you’ve already taken a DNA test from 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you can upload your results and pay a smaller fee for your report. And it only takes 24 hours, rather than the usual 4-6 weeks.

GenoPalate gives you a full list of over 100 foods you should be eating to optimize your diet, separated into fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, dairy, carbohydrates, and fats.

Your report also shows you which genes were tested and the genotype you carry that influences your digestive system. Next to each, you have personalized recommendations with a detailed explanation, such as adding more calcium to your diet and why.

You’re given a macronutrient breakdown, so you can see how much carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you should be eating each day.

The more expensive test comes with five personalized recipes developed by nutritionists that are tailored to your calorific and nutritional needs.

You can also sign up for supplements based on your nutrient deficiencies. There’s an extra charge, but it’s worth it for the personalized delivery every month that gives your body exactly what it needs.

Assess Your Nutritional Health With GenoPalate!

6. SelfDecode – Best For Regular Health Reports & Updates

  • Subscription service for ongoing health reports
  • Screens for cancer risk, mental wellness, heart health, and more
  • Upload existing DNA from over 10+ companies
  • Reports instantly after uploading DNA file

SelfDecode functions slightly different from other tests. You pay for a subscription service that gives you access to loads of health reports, so you can get ongoing updates.

You can upload existing DNA from over 10 other companies, including MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, and Living DNA, which means instant access to reports (you still have to pay). Or you can buy one of SelfDecode’s DNA tests.

There are kits that screen for cancer risks, analyze your cardiovascular health, inflammation risk, and thyroid function.

SelfDecode has many tests that cover mental wellness, too. You have a choice of tests that analyze cognitive function, sleep and stress, mood, and headaches and migraines.

If you buy SelfDecode’s tests it takes 6-8 weeks to get your initial DNA report. But all the health reports are ready almost instantly when you upload your data, and there’s no need to retake the test to get new reports.

Each report comes with an explanation of the biomarker tested and your overall risk level, plus some actionable lifestyle and supplement tips to improve your health.

Get Ongoing Health Reports with SelfDecode!

7. Vitagene – Best For Combining Health with Ancestry

  • Analyzes your metabolism of foods, vitamin needs, and nutrient deficiencies
  • Exercise report with an interactive workout planner
  • Free ancestry information included with ethnicity percentages
  • Results in 4-6 weeks

Vitagene offers an all-in-one DNA test that analyzes your diet and fitness health, with bonus ancestry information included for free. It also has two more expensive tests that come with extras, like a supplement delivery. All results times are 4-6 weeks.

The basic health test includes a full nutritional report, which offers a personalized food list based on your diet needs. You can determine whether you have any sensitivities towards gluten, lactose, caffeine, and alcohol.

It analyzes your metabolism of all different types of fat, too, and gives you an indication of your cholesterol levels.

Vitagene examines your genetic risk of nutrient deficiencies based on 13 vital minerals and offers tips on supplements. The most expensive test comes with a personalized supplement delivery every month.

You also get a detailed fitness report that looks at everything from muscle cramps to your typical exercise behavior, complete with an interactive workout planner for you to organize your fitness regime.

With all tests, you have access to a personal online coach included in your fee. If you’re wanting to learn about your skin health, make sure you choose the premium report as it’s not included with the others.

Get Health & Ancestry Insights With Vitagene!

8. Nebula Genomics – Best For Analyzing Your Health Insights

  • Exploration tools to discover more about your health
  • 30 x whole-genome sequencing uncovers more of your DNA
  • Analyzes 16 different health factors in 4 categories
  • Results in 8 weeks

Nebula offers 30 x whole-genome sequencing that comes with exploration tools so you can search for your genetic variants, learn more about your health, and take control of your own wellness.

The DNA test analyzes your entire genetic sequence to give you a more detailed overview of your health. It screens 16 health factors, which are categorized into four areas: appearance and hormones, behavior and perception, body and athleticism, and nutrition and diet.

In 8 weeks, you get access to your online report. It gives you a well-rounded view of your health, testing for factors like your risk of obesity, the likelihood of developing hereditary cancers, skin sensitivity, and nutrient needs.

Under each category, it tells you which genes were tested and the specific genetic variant you carry so you can carry out your own research. You also get new updates and articles every week which are personalized to your genetic traits.

Your report includes interesting ancestry information, too. As well as ethnic percentages so you can trace your paternal haplogroups.

Uncover Your Health with Nebula Genomics!

9. 23andMe – Best For Unique Trait Reports

  • 30+ traits reports and 5+ wellness insights
  • Analyzes carrier risk for hereditary diseases like hearing loss
  • Screens your genetic predisposition for 10+ conditions
  • Results in 2-3 weeks

23andMe’s Health + Ancestry kit gives you tons of great information about your health. It analyzes 30 trait reports with factors you can’t always get anywhere else, like whether you prefer sweet or salty foods, your sense of smell, and your physical features. It offers a quick turnaround too, with reports in just 2-3 weeks.

You can learn about your genetic predisposition for over 10 health conditions, including hereditary cancers, hearing loss, and Type 2 Diabetes.

There’s carrier risk reporting included, too. You can see whether you’re a healthier carrier of genetic conditions like hereditary hearing loss and Sickle Cell Anemia.

You can explore how your DNA influences lifestyle factors, with 5+ reports. This includes lactose intolerance, muscle composition, deep sleep, and alcohol flush.

Alongside health information, your report includes ancestry insights and an automatic family tree builder. And if you sign up for the VIP service, you benefit from priority lab testing as well as a one-on-one walkthrough of your results with a physician.

Uncover Your Traits with 23andMe!

10. TeloYears – Best for Learning Your Biological Age

  • Determine your biological age
  • Actionable insights
  • Track your progress
  • Results in 5-6 weeks

TeloYears offer a unique insight that all other providers on this list, by providing you an accurate estimate of your biological age.

By measuring the length of your telomeres (stretches of DNA at the end of your chromosomes), TeloYears can determine the age of your cells as they shorten over time. The shortening of telomeres is believed to be accelerated by oxidative stress, which can be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

You’ll receive your results within five to six weeks of the lab receiving your blood sample. Your report is easy to understand, telling you the current age of your cells and how it compares to others of the same age and gender as you.

Your results come with the TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well, which includes an action plan for healthier living that may help to lengthen your telomeres and improve your biological age. It also includes lots of interesting information on telomeres and the role they play in aging and age-related diseases.

Monitor your progress via regular testing with TeloYears and find out if your lifestyle changes are having a positive impact on telomere length.

Determine Your Biological Age with TeloYears!

What’s in the Fine Print?

There are a few hidden fees and extra costs you should be aware of.

While most DNA tests on this list offer free shipping, you have to cover the cost yourself for Living DNA, My Toolbox Genomics, and SelfDecode. It’s doesn’t cost much, only around $10, but it’s worth being aware of before you check out.

Some tests like Vitagene, TeloYears, and GenoPalate promise you features such as supplement deliveries and personalized recipes – but be careful, you have to pay for these services. You only get the supplement delivery with Vitagene if you choose the most expensive test. GenoPalate tries to make you add recipes to your basket with the cheaper test, so costs can quickly add up.

How Accurate are Health DNA Tests?

The results from at-home DNA health kits are very accurate. Generally, you can trust that the results will have a precision rate anywhere from 95-99.5%.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that no test offers 100% accuracy, so there’s some room for error. Thankfully, with any of the tests on this list, the room for error is only very small.

Other factors can affect the reliability of your results too, especially the quality of your sample. If you don’t provide the required amount or don’t follow the instructions correctly, it’s likely that extracting your DNA from your sample will be difficult and may lead to a less accurate result.

What Will the Results from a Health DNA Test Tell Me?

A DNA test can reveal lots of interesting and important information about your health. It can tell you:

  • Your genetic predisposition for developing certain health conditions
  • Whether you carry the genetic variants for hereditary health conditions
  • If you have any intolerances and allergies, particularly to food and environmental allergens
  • Your nutritional needs and vitamin deficiencies
  • Your ideal exercise routine
  • Your skin and organ health
  • Insights about your physical traits and behaviors, including sense of smell and taste, and your features

Remember, none of the DNA tests on this list can diagnose a health condition. While they give you a good idea of your risk level and can tell you if you carry certain genetic variants, you still need to see your health care provider to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

How Do Our Top Picks Compete on Price?

The cheapest health test is LetsGetChecked with prices starting from as low as $49. That’s because you can buy many of its tests individually, so only pay for the ones you really need. And you still get fast results and one-to-one support to discuss your report.

You pay just under $130 for Living DNA’s health test, which is quite cheap compared to others. Although you don’t get health risk screening, you do have a full nutrition and fitness analysis so it’s good value if that’s what you’re after.

You can save money with Everlywell with the subscription services. It actually works out 15% cheaper. LetsGetChecked offers this feature, too.

Some companies let you upload existing DNA so you can cut back costs that way, too. For example, GenoPalate costs only $89 with existing DNA. Otherwise, it’s $149.

Which DNA Health Test is Best?

If you’re into diet and fitness, Living DNA is a great option. It can tell you if you have any deficiencies, whether you’re likely to have intolerances, and which exercise routine to follow. For a full list of foods personalized to you, you might consider GenoPalate. It gives you over 100 foods based on your needs.

Try LetsGetChecked for hormone testing and analyzing your organ health. With its choice of individual tests, there’s something for everyone. It’s also a good option for ongoing testing since it offers a subscription service.

Or if you’re concerned about allergies, you might choose Everlywell. It has a great allergy test that screens for 40+ allergens, or a food intolerance kit that examines 100+ sensitivities.

Health Insights Free Shipping Accepts DNA Uploads Time to Results Starting Price
Living DNA Diet and fitness health, and vitamin deficiencies 6-8 weeks RUB9,630
LetsGetChecked Male and female hormone testing, organ health, and STDs 2-5 days RUB3,660
Everlywell Energy and weight, allergies and intolerances, STDs, and hormone testing 2-5 days RUB7,390
My Toolbox Genomics Nutrition and weight management, and respiratory, longevity, and digestive health 6 weeks RUB14,860
GenoPalate Diet and fitness testing with personalized recipes and macronutrients 4-6 weeks RUB14,110
SelfDecode Behaviors and traits, health condition risks, and general wellness 6-8 weeks RUB6,720
Vitagene Diet and fitness, skin health, and vitamin needs 4-6 weeks RUB10,380
Nebula Genomics Behavior and traits, general wellness, and condition risks 8 weeks RUB22,320
23andMe Carrier status reports, health condition risks, and characteristics and traits 2-3 weeks RUB14,860
Biological cell age 4-6 weeks RUB6,650


How do DNA health tests work?

DNA health tests work by analyzing a sample provided by you and extracting your DNA. For health tests, this usually involves a cheek swab or a saliva sample. But some other tests, especially those for organ health and STDs, require a finger-prick blood sample.

Your DNA is then compared to genes that influence certain biomarkers to determine which genetic variant you carry. Certain variants might indicate that you’re at risk for a specific health condition.

Will health insurance cover DNA testing?

You might be surprised to learn that you can use your health insurance for a lot of health tests, especially those that involve genetic conditions and carrier risk screening. Of course, you need to check your policy first and it’s probably worth getting in touch with your insurance provider.

Some companies like LetsGetChecked accept FSA and HSA cards. So even if you can’t pay with your insurance, you can cover some costs another way.

Are health DNA tests worth it?

Yes! Health DNA tests are definitely worth it if you’re looking to assess your risk of genetic diseases, nutritional needs, and understand how your traits and behaviors can influence your health. You can get a good indication of your risk levels and use actionable advice to alter your lifestyle habits and improve your health.

Always do your research beforehand, because it’s important to know what you’re getting before you buy. For example, it’s not worth investing in a health test that screens for nutritional deficiencies and intolerances if you want carrier risk testing.

Which is the best DNA health test?

That depends on what you want from your test, how quickly you want your results, and your budget. If you want to live an all-around healthier lifestyle, choose Living DNA for its wide selection of reports and actionable nutrition and fitness insights based on your DNA.

For checking organ function, STD screening, and current levels of hormones and other biomarkers, go with Everlywell and LetsGetChecked. To determine your predispositions to certain diseases and carrier status for congenital conditions, 23andMe provides extensive genetic health reports.

Can you get DNA health testing for dogs?

Yes, you can. You can learn all about your dog’s breed makeup, their characteristics, and whether they are likely to develop health conditions.

Our top choice overall is Embark, with screening for 170+ health conditions and actionable wellness tips, too. Wisdom Panel is a worthy runner up, though – it gets your dog’s results to you even quicker and screens for 180 health risks.

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Joseph Levy
Joseph Levy

Joseph Levy is a transplant from New York and currently living in Cyprus. After receiving his law degree and acquiring eight years of experience in the civil side of American law, he moved to the Mediterranean and shifted his focus from being an attorney to his first love: content writing. Joseph prioritizes not only honest accuracy, but also providing an informative and interesting perspective on whatever he puts his name to.

Joseph Levy is a transplant from New York and currently living in Cyprus. After receiving his law degree and acquiring eight years of experience in the civil side of American law, he moved to the Mediterranean and shifted his focus from being an attorney to his first love: content writing. Joseph prioritizes not only honest accuracy, but also providing an informative and interesting perspective on whatever he puts his name to.