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10 Best DNA Test for Health 2020 - Identify Health Risks at Home

10 Best DNA Test for Health 2020 - Identify Health Risks at Home

DNA analysis can confirm whether you are at higher risk of diseases that are partly genetically determined (such as certain breast cancers). It can also confirm whether you’re a carrier for a congenital condition (such as sickle cell anemia), which could affect your children if your partner also tests positive.

So you know you’re getting the most reliable test for your needs, we’ve done months of rigorous testing and research and found the best health and wellness DNA tests. We based our selection on accuracy, privacy, value, and detail.

The Biggest Health and Wellness DNA Test Review Ever Done!

There are hundreds of DNA testing labs all claiming to offer accurate health and wellness testing. But the sad truth is that almost all DNA health testing companies are not good. 

For starters, you don’t want to be sending your DNA – the biological blueprint that defines you as a human – to some random company that might turn out to be illegitimate. Who knows what they will do with your information?! Secondly, you don’t want to receive incorrect results from a genetic health testing lab that isn’t qualified to provide medical advice. This could cause you serious physical harm. 

We’ve spent months testing and researching over 100 DNA test kits to bring you only the best health and wellness DNA test kits available. All 15 companies on this list are 100% safe and legitimate and provide you with detailed, accurate results.

In a hurry? Check out the best DNA tests for health!

We analyzed every single genetic DNA health testing company we could find based on a wide variety of metrics and found that MyHeritage DNA offers the best combined health and ancestry test with 36 detailed health reports. 

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Our Best Health and Wellness DNA Testing Kits Reviewed

1. MyHeritage DNA – Best Combined Health & Ancestry DNA Test

MyHeritage is one of the best when it comes to testing standards and overall reporting. Its Health & Ancestry test includes 18 genetic risk reports and 18 carrier status reports. The ancestry portion includes an estimate of your ethnicity and lets you find other people in the company’s database who may be biologically related to you.

  • Reports on genetic predispositions, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Confirms carrier status for conditions such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia
  • Includes polygenic risk reports for conditions including heart disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Reports are reviewed by physicians
  • Genetic counseling is available

2. AncestryHealth – Best for Family Health

The Ancestry online genealogy service has slightly separate arms for DNA-based ancestry and DNA-based health tests: AncestryDNA and AncestryHealth, respectively. The AncestryHealth service, which you can’t access in some countries (such as the UK), tests for a subset of genetic disease and congenital conditions.

  • Cancer Risk report analyzes hereditary cancers, including breast cancer
  • Carrier Status report assesses the possibility of passing on conditions like cystic fibrosis
  • Includes a Heart and Blood Health report
  • Access to a genetic counselor
  • Family health history tool to track generations of health

3. 23andMe – Best for Determining Traits

23andMe was one of the first direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies. It offers a Health and Ancestry Service and a VIP Health and Ancestry Service, with the health part testing more genetic disease risks and carrier statuses than many competitors. It also reports on traits such as hair loss and taste preferences. 

  • Measures genetic risk for over ten diseases
  • Determines carrier status for 44 heritable conditions, including sickle cell anemia
  • Uncovers genetic associations to Celiac and BRCA
  • FDA-authorized reports
  • A health action plan provides lifestyle recommendations 

4. LetsGetChecked – Best for a Massive Variety of Health Tests

This company is different from others in that it tests your current levels vs. your genetic predispositions. This is good if you want to monitor your hormone levels (for example) over time, or if you need to check whether you have an STI. There are a ton of tests to choose from. 

  • Categories include men/women’s health, sexual health, and general wellness 
  • Packaging is discrete and testing is anonymous 
  • Extremely fast turnaround for results (2-5 days) 
  • Private phone call with a nurse to discuss results 
  • Tests performed in the same labs as hospitals and clinics 

5. Everlywell – Best for Privacy-Minded Customers

EverlyWell offers one of the most comprehensive health and wellness testing services on the market. There are over 30 at-home testing kits available including tests for allergies, food sensitivities, and thyroid problems. EverlyWell offers self-service tests that are as accurate as clinically-collected samples.

  • Recommendations for next steps based on lab-results
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and sterile swab collection tools
  • Physician-reviewed results from CLIA-certified labs in only a few short days
  • Actionable data and insights
  • Consultations with independent physicians for positive test results

6. Futura Genetics – Best for Determining Predispositions

Futura Genetics is at the forefront of health-related DNA testing. It tests genes associated with more common and uncommon conditions than even the better-known 23andMe. Plus, the easy-to-understand results come along with preventative measures.

  • Uncover genetic risks for 28 common conditions
  • Discover your predispositions to obesity and heart diseases
  • Tests genetic likelihood for eight kinds of cancer
  • Compares your risks against the rest of the population
  • Free delivery and worldwide collection

7. Self Decode – Best for Disease Prevention and Lifestyle Improvement

SelfDecode provides valuable genetic insights to help you make better diet and fitness choices to improve your lifestyle. Using a DNA kit chip, the company looks at over 700,000 SNPs that can significantly influence your health and provides health reports containing actionable recommendations. SelfDecode also calculates the estimated risk for a large variety of health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease, based on your genetic makeup.

  • Cheek swab test with a two-way pre-paid shipping label
  • Upload your existing DNA file from 23andMe or AncestryDNA
  • Focused on risk and disease prevention rather than a diagnosis
  • Covers over 70 different health categories
  • Hire a consultant to help you understand your personal results

8. EasyDNA – Affordable Post-Care After You Buy a Test

EasyDNA distinguishes itself by offering a very wide range of at-home DNA tests in several areas. This includes paternity tests, clinical tests, prenatal testing, and more. Even 23andMe doesn’t have that kind of variety. Moreover, EasyDNA offers affordable genetic counseling with a professional healthcare provider, and its health screening is among the best.

  • Detailed and user-friendly test results
  • FDA-approved
  • A wide variety of tests in many different medical categories
  • Ships globally with fast turnaround for results
  • Genetic counseling comes with the report

9. HealthCodesDNA – Best For Those Who Want to Make Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

HealthCodes DNA provides DNA testing panels for nutrition and wellness in order to create premium training programs for diet and exercise. They have tests that cover up to 40 metrics and 75 genes. The Wellness Panel looks at body type and metabolism traits, while the Nutrition Panel creates a micronutrient plan based on sensitivities and dietary needs.

  • Lifetime access to diet and exercise planning technology
  • Sample processing in CLIA/CAP certified genomics laboratory
  • Dietitian and trainer-approved actionable recommendations
  • Ongoing counseling from health experts
  • Available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand

10. Geneplanet – Best for Evaluating Risk for Genetic Conditions

Geneplanet offers lifestyle DNA tests, clinical DNA tests, and blood tests in order to evaluate your risk of genetic conditions, including hereditary cancers. They also offer testing for non-invasive prenatal conditions. The service breaks down the lab test results and makes them easy for you to understand while providing ready-to-use recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise, and well-being.

  • Saliva and blood testing to ensure accuracy
  • Lifestyle recommendations based on assessments of your metabolism
  • Analysis of 49 genes that are linked to 17 types of hereditary cancer
  • Testing for genetic predispositions for breast, ovarian, prostate, and colon cancers
  • One-on-one phone consultations with health experts

11. HomeDNA – Best for Food and Pet Sensitivities

HomeDNA’s health tests are focussed on weight management, skincare, and testing for sensitivities to food and pets. It prides itself on its at-home tests being easy to take and the fact that its tests are sold at a number of retail stores.

  • Test for common food allergies
  • Determine sensitivity to pet allergens 
  • Test to optimize skincare regimen
  • Details how your body processes calories
  • Personalized report about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

12. GreenWay DNA – Best for Determining Your Optimal Cannabis Dose

GreenWay DNA tests your DNA to provide specific recommendations regarding your optimal doses of THC and CBD (the psychoactive and non-psychoactive constituents of cannabis) to treat conditions such as PTSD, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy.

  • Cannabis-focused DNA health and wellness testing
  • Test 40 genetic variants associated with cannabinoid responses
  • Uncovers predispositions to common ailments like anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Offers recommendations for cannabis dosage, divided into THC and CBD
  • Helps patients find relief through optimizing cannabis usage

13. TeloYears – Best for Determining Biological Age

TeloYears focuses on turning back biological time by testing the true age of your cells then selling you supplements to help stop the biological clock. It has everything to do with your telomeres: the protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes that protect your DNA.

  • Tests the length of your telomeres to determine your biological age
  • Assesses your risk for cancer and heart diseases according to your telomere length
  • Compares your biological age with your chronological age (and the general population)
  • Provides detailed information on how to strengthen your body’s cells
  • Offers counseling with a TeleCoach to help optimize your health plan

14. TellmeGEN – Best for Comprehensive Health Testing

TellmeGEN offers a complete package for health and wellness DNA testing, which combines medical reports for monogenic hereditary diseases with predispositions to adverse pharmaceutical reactions. The single test report also includes ancestry information (whether you want it or not).

  • Find genetic mutations that predispose you to certain disease
  • Discover inheritance risks for congenital conditions
  • Tests for possible pharmacological reactions to medications
  • Discover DNA traits relating to baldness and weight
  • Genetic counseling available, if required

15. Helix – Best for Clinical Guidance

Helix maintains a high standard of science and clinical testing to ensure that its DNA tests provide accurate results. The tests include food allergies, pharmaceutical sensitivities, and carrier statuses for a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

  • Health tests for risks of cancer, diabetes, and more
  • Personalized help to understand your disease risks and carrier statuses
  • Likely physical responses to common pharmaceuticals
  • One-to-one genetic counseling is offered
  • Performs exome sequencing rather than traditional genotyping

How We Compared the Top Health and Wellness DNA Kits

It took us several long months of researching, contacting, swabbing (and spitting), reviewing, analyzing, and assessing to determine which DNA health tests were good enough to recommend on this list.

Our team of wellness experts and geneticists personally tried every single one of these services. And, after comparing all of our notes, we were able to come to some pretty decisive conclusions about which tests were good and which tests were not so good.

Here’s what we looked for. 

Legitimacy – Can You Really Trust the DNA Test Company?

For starters, our reviewers (smartly) didn’t want to be sending out their DNA to untrustworthy companies, so we needed to weed out the ones that we deemed to be illegitimate. 

The first thing we looked for was a professional website, with a professional domain name and professional website copy. If the website looked like it was created in 30 seconds with Blogger and was written with very poor English, we automatically ruled it out as being bad. Our reasoning? If a company can spend millions of dollars on genetic DNA testing, they can spend $100 to make a professional website.

Other things we looked for in determining a genetic testing company’s legitimacy:

  • Physical addresses
  • Phone numbers 
  • Non-stock images on the website
  • A company backstory
  • Independent reviews and press
  • Scam reports from watchdog agencies like the BBB
  • Website history

We were surprised to learn that over 75% of DNA health and wellness companies did not make it past this first criteria. 

How Accurate are the DNA Tests?

A DNA health and wellness test should at the very least be medically accurate. It would be extremely dangerous to receive incorrect advice from something falsely claiming to be factual.

Before the review process started, we gathered together all of our personal known genetic risk factors and medical history reports. We took various saliva, urine, and blood tests and performed genetic testing (with medical doctors) to create a control group of data points.

All of the internet-bought genetic DNA tests needed to show relative consistency within a margin of error against the control for us to recommend them. At the same time, we also compared these DNA health and wellness reports against each other. If there was something similar among them that our extensive pre-testing didn’t show, then it might have shown a flaw in our control group. Happily, that didn’t happen, but it would have been a consideration if the data showed otherwise.

Each one of our test DNA reports was scrutinized across a range of data points via a statistical analysis algorithm designed to produce relative factual accuracy. The products listed here have all been shown to be relatively factually accurate. 

Note: It should also be mentioned that any medical concern needs to be talked about with a doctor or other licensed medical health professional. A DNA genetic test can be important in diagnostics and prognostics, but it is not the only factor. 

Can Customer Service Answer All Your Questions?

Direct-to-consumer DNA genetic testing is a relatively new thing. As such, many companies haven’t quite figured out how to best optimize the user experience. 

As customers, we deserve a certain level of satisfaction in order to justify paying money to one of these DNA testing companies. If we’re paying money, we want that product to be delivered quickly, correctly, and without issue. And, in the rare event that there is an issue, we need to know that it can be rectified ASAP.

To gauge a company’s customer service capabilities, we looked for the following things:

  • Easy-to-understand testing procedures and health reports
  • Various support channels (24/7 live chat support is the gold standard)
  • A detailed refund policy if the service hasn’t been delivered correctly

We also tried to identify any special behaviors or habits that gave us the impression that the company truly had our best interests at heart. Little things like the return postage being pre-paid on the testing kit really go a long way in making the customer experience enjoyable. 

The best companies truly understand that we, the customers, are the most important part of their business, and we placed special consideration upon this criteria when ranking.

Which Test Gives You the Best Value for Your Money?

At-home DNA genetic health testing is not particularly cheap, so we needed to guarantee that you will get your money’s worth. While many companies were asking for thousands of dollars, some of the top vendors listed here have comprehensive test kits listed for under $100. 

We analyzed each at-home DNA testing company on the following metrics:

  • Price comparison against related competitors
  • Amount and usefulness of information received
  • Overall quality of the product
  • Any “special add-ons” not offered by others 

Which Health and Wellness DNA Test Should You Choose?

The health and wellness category is pretty broad, so it should come as no shock that the diversity of health and wellness DNA tests is also pretty broad. It wouldn’t be wise to order a pharmacogenetics report when you only need a carrier status report, so certain considerations need to be made to adequately determine which DNA test you should choose.

Over the course of our review, several companies stood out among the best in certain categories. Of course, many of these companies offer similar tests, but most vendors specialize in particular areas with more accurate testing than competitors in their direct field of study.

Specialty Sample Collection Results ETA Ship Outside US? Starting Price
MyHeritage DNA Genetic Risk Assessment Cheek Swab 3-4 weeks $199.00
AncestryDNA Familial Health Analysis Saliva 6-8 weeks $179.00
23andMe Traits + Carrier Status Saliva 2-3 weeks $199.00
LetsGetChecked Fertility and sexual health Saliva or Cheek Swab 2-5 days $49.00
EverlyWell General health and wellness Cheek Swab


Blood test

5 business days $99.00
Futura Genetics Genetic Predispositions Saliva 3-4 weeks $375.00
SelfDecode General health and wellness Cheek Swab 6-8 weeks $90.00
EasyDNA General health and wellness Saliva or Cheek Swab 3-5 days $199.00
HealthCodesDNA Diet and Fitness Cheek Swab 2-3 weeks $399.00
Geneplanet General health and wellness Blood


40 days $116.00
HomeDNA Skin Care Cheek Swab 6-8 weeks $69.00
GreenWay DNA Cannabis Testing Saliva 3-4 weeks $159.99
TeloYears Telomere Length/Biological Age Testing Blood 3-4 weeks X $89.00
tellmeGEN Comprehensive Health Saliva 4-6 weeks $119.00
Helix Food Sensitivity Saliva 4-8 weeks X $194.99


What does a health and wellness DNA test tell you?

A health and wellness DNA test can help you optimize your body’s physical health in two ways:

  1. By telling you how your DNA determines your responses to certain stimuli such as pharmaceuticals and allergens.
  2. By determining genetic risks for diseases, you could develop and carrier statuses for congenital conditions that could be passed down the generations.

The best health and wellness tests – like tellmeGen and Futura Genetics – look for a wide range of genetic markers associated with certain disorders and familial disease.

How do you read and interpret the results of a health and wellness DNA test?

Most commercial DNA test providers – including MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, and 23andMe – provide your reports via an online portal, but some also (or instead) email a PDF report or even send you a printed report on the post.

Some companies provide access to a genetic counselor or other professional to help you interpret your results. And others even offer personal health coaching.

Can a health and wellness DNA test determine if you have cancer? 

No. A DNA test can only tell you if you’re genetically at a higher risk of getting cancer than other people in the population. It gives you an indication that you should be taking preventative measures or talking to your doctor about the kinds of cancer that are identified.

What general medical conditions can health and wellness DNA tests show?

Most DNA tests – like those from MyHeritage and AncestryDNA – will test for risks associated with various types of cancer and heart disease, along with degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Many will also tell you if you carry a certain genetic marker that could be passed down to your children.

What common genetic wellness traits can you find out?

Your DNA contains a lot of information about things that make you unique. As well as physical features like hair thickness and skin type, DNA testing services such as 23andMe can also predict fun things (including your favorite ice cream flavor) and unusual things (like whether earwax is wet-and-sticky or dry-and-flaky). 

What are carrier status reports? 

A carrier status report tells you if you carry specific genetic markers for conditions that could be passed on to your children if your partner has the same gene variants.

What is a genetic predisposition? 

A genetic predisposition means your DNA makes it more likely that you will develop a specific disease (or diseases), based on environmental conditions. It doesn’t mean you’ll definitely develop the disease, but it does mean you are more likely to than most people.

What is cellular aging?

Cellular aging refers to your cells’ reduced ability to resist stress and other cellular damage over time. The DNA in your cells can get damaged when the telomeres that cap the ends of your chromosomes get shorter, just as your shoelaces start to fray when the plastic caps on their ends wear away.

Can a health and wellness DNA test tell your age?

The length of the telomeres that cap off your chromosomes can be measured to give an indication of your “biological age,” which may well be different from your chronological age (i.e., how long you have been alive). DNA testing companies such as TeloYears will tell you this information.

Should you share your health and wellness DNA report with a doctor? 

Yes. In general, it’s a good idea to share anything related to your health with your doctor. Sharing your results is especially important if you are genetically predisposed to certain conditions or if your DNA suggests that you could react adversely to some pharmaceuticals.

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Eric Michelson
Eric Michelson

Eric Michelson is a multi-disciplinary researcher, holding an Associate degree in Applied Science and a Bachelor's in Music. He has spent the past decade traveling, interacting with many of the diverse cultures around the world. He loves helping people tune into their roots, both physically or mentally, and he believes that exploring a family's unique history can uncover hidden opportunities for deep personal transformation.

Eric Michelson is a multi-disciplinary researcher, holding an Associate degree in Applied Science and a Bachelor's in Music. He has spent the past decade traveling, interacting with many of the diverse cultures around the world. He loves helping people tune into their roots, both physically or mentally, and he believes that exploring a family's unique history can uncover hidden opportunities for deep personal transformation.