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Published on
May 8, 2021 by Gemma Davison

10 Best At-home Hormone Tests in 2021 - Discover Any Imbalances

10 Best At-home Hormone Tests in 2021 - Discover Any Imbalances

An at-home hormone test can reveal a lot about your overall health and wellness. Hormone imbalances be an indication of stress, infertility, thyroid issues, how well your metabolism is working, and more.

We thoroughly reviewed and tested dozens of companies to bring you our top 10 at-home hormone tests that are fast, reliable, and insightful.

Our top pick is LetsGetChecked thanks to in-depth reports with actionable advice, test variety, and access to support from experienced nurses 24/7.

Short on time? Here are the best at-home hormone tests

Check Hormone Levels with LetsGetChecked!

What We Look For in the Best At-home Hormone Tests

To find the best at-home hormone tests, we made sure they met our specific criteria requirements, which are as follows:

  • Test variety – There are several hormones that are an indicator of your health, so we made sure our top providers tested for a variety of different hormones.
  • Report quality – Some of the kits we researched simply tell you your current hormone levels with no context. We only choose companies that offer quality reports which include what your levels mean along with actionable insights.
  • Fast results – You shouldn’t be waiting for weeks on end to get your results, so we picked tests that turn around your report quickly.
  • Medical support – Companies that offered medical support in the form of a confidential consultation, scored highly.
  • Value-for-money – We ensured that you got what you paid for with the hormone tests.

1. LetsGetChecked – Detailed Results & 24/7 Support

  • Variety of individual hormone tests and panels
  • Male and female-specific hormone tests
  • Free consultation and nurses available 24/7
  • Results in 2-5 days

Our #1 pick is LetsGetChecked. It offers a variety of hormone tests, including individual cortisol, progesterone, and testosterone tests, and hormone panels such as the thyroid test that can identify an underactive or overactive thyroid.

We love that LetsGetCheked has both male and female-specific hormone tests, which provide a broad picture of health as well as insights into fertility.

Our kit included everything we needed to collect our sample in the privacy of our own home. You may feel a little squeamish about taking your own blood sample, but our researcher confirmed it was easy and completely painless.

It’s not ideal that you need to ship your sample in the morning on the same day you collect it (in most cases fasted) to account for fluctuating hormone levels. Plus you can only ship Monday to Thursday, but it was no major inconvenience for our researcher. No special shipping is required, just use the free express prepaid packaging and pop it in your nearest post box.

We received an email when our results were ready to view in our secure online dashboard. The website states it takes 2-5 days, but ours were done in just 3 days.

The results were easy to understand, showing which biomarker (hormones) were tested, the levels of each in your blood and if they sit inside or outside the normal range.

Our researcher managed to organize their free nurse consultation through the online dashboard with ease,  during which they were walked through their results along with tips to maintain optimum levels, which we found very helpful.

For monitoring your hormone levels over time, LetsGetChecked offers a subscription option, which can save you up to 30%. Plus, our test taker’s HSA card was accepted too.

Test Your Hormone Levels with LetsGetChecked!

2. Everlywell – Variety of Affordable Hormone Tests

  • Wide variety of hormone tests
  • Detailed results report with actionable insights
  • Save on regular hormone testing with a subscription
  • Results in 2-5 days

Everlywell has a wide selection of hormone tests to investigate fertility, sleep and stress, metabolism, and more. Plus, like LetsGetChecked they also have male and female-specific panels that measure levels of key hormones.

Depending on the hormone test you chose, you’ll need to provide a saliva, urine, or fingerprick blood sample. Whatever the method, the kit contains easy-to-understand instructions to collect your sample quickly at home.

We love that there are numerous options for testing fertility hormones, including a testosterone test, an ovarian reserve test, and a female fertility test, as well as perimenopausal and postmenopausal tests.

Our researcher managed to collect their blood sample and get it ready to ship back to the lab in the prepaid packaging provided, in just a few minutes.

Once the lab received our sample, our results were delivered in just 2 days and we were pleasantly surprised with how detailed it was. The report shows the hormones tested, your exact levels, and how they compare to the normal ranges for your age. You can expect your results in 2-5 days.

It’s unfortunate that not all hormone tests from Everlywell include a physician consultation, but with the majority that doesn’t matter, you can access a group webinar with a healthcare professional. We found that very useful along with the actionable insights of our results report.

Everlywell offers subscriptions and a membership program to save you money on ongoing hormone testing. You can pay for your home hormone tests with an FSA/HSA card too.

Test Your Hormone Levels with Everlywell!

3. MyLAB Box – Excellent for Fertility Testing

  • Combination hormone tests available
  • Free express shipping both ways
  • Free physician consultation
  • Results in 2-5 days

MyLAB Box has an excellent variety of at-home hormone tests and we were particularly impressed with its fertility test offerings. They include a comprehensive fertility panel that screens for 10 key hormones, an ovarian reserve test, and a men’s fertility test.

We also loved that they have a number of hybrid tests that measure hormone levels and other key biomarkers for a better picture of your health. For example, the anti-aging test measures a number of steroid and thyroid hormones, as well as triglycerides and cholesterol.

Our test kit was delivered fast and free, and it contained everything our test taker needed to collect their saliva and blood sample. They reported that the instructions were easy to follow and although providing a saliva swab wasn’t all that pleasant. It took just a few minutes to collect both fluids.

Results usually take between 2 and 5 days from when your sample arrives at the lab, and ours fell right in the middle of that window, being delivered to our secure account in 3 days.

Your report gives you a comprehensive view of your current hormone levels, which can help guide you towards any necessary dietary and lifestyle changes that may boost your overall health and wellbeing.

We were disappointed to discover that MyLAB Box only offers free consultations for positive STI test results. This left our researcher wondering what his hormone levels meant for him and what to do next. However, it’s easy to download a PDF of your results, which you can show to your doctor if you’re concerned.

Test Your Hormone Levels with MyLAB Box!

4. Health Testing Centers – Lab-Based & At-home Hormone Tests

  • Dozens of individual and panel hormone tests
  • Lab and at-home hormone tests
  • Hormone testing at 3,000+ locations across the US
  • Same day testing available

Get flexible hormone testing from Health Testing Centers. They have over 6o hormone tests, including both individual tests and panels, as well as lab-based or at-home testing. We liked that neither option requires a doctor’s visit or an appointment.

We were impressed by the number of hormone panels on offer, including a comprehensive thyroid panel, metabolism panel, and male and female panels.

The results from at-home hormone tests usually take between 7 and 14 days, while lab test results are available in around 24 to 72 hours. Our researcher took visited one of Health Testing Centers 3,000+ lab locations and was impressed by how smooth providing his sample was and the quick turnaround for his results, which was under 48 hours.

We were a little disappointed with the speed of at-home hormone testing from Health Testing Centers. The kit alone took almost a week to arrive and it was a further 10 days until we received our results. That’s a long time to wait, but you do get free shipping both ways.

Although we found our results easy to follow, your free physician consultation should give you extra clarity if you need it.

Test Your Hormone Levels with Health Testing Labs!

5. HealthLabs – Great for Male & Female Hormone Panels

  • Variety of single and panel hormone tests
  • Excellent selection of gender-specific panels
  • 4,500+ testing locations
  • Results in as little as 24 hours

Get convenient same-day hormone testing at HealthLabs’ 4,500+ testing locations throughout the US. No appointment is needed, and without paperwork to fill in, our researcher provided his sample in under 30 minutes.

You can expect your results within 72 hours of providing your samples, and our test taker received his report in less than 48 hours.

You’re unlikely to receive a doctor’s consultation, but you can use HealthLabs’ telephone support or Live Chat to speak to a trained professional about your results, which we found helpful

If you’re still concerned, it’s easy to print your report or access it on your smartphone to share with your health care provider.

We love that HealthLabs has a wide selection of male and female-specific hormone panels including those that measure hormones that play a key role in overall health and wellness.

Test Your Hormone Levels with Health Labs!

6. Walk-In Lab – Extensive Testing Options

  • Lab-based and at-home hormone test
  • Extensive variety of individual and panel hormone tests
  • No appointment needed
  • Results in 1-8 days depending on the test

Walk-In lab has a huge variety of both lab-based and at-home hormone tests that cover a wide range of issues including sleep, stress, fertility, and more. If you’re interested in learning your levels of sex hormones, steroid hormones, metabolism hormones, or fertility hormones, Walk-In Lab will have the test for you.

Our researcher actually found the vast array of options to be a bit overwhelming, but once they had found the hormone test they were looking for, the ordering process was easy.

No doctor’s visit is required, simply provide your sample privately at your nearest testing location. You’ll receive your results in as little as 24 hours, but it varies depending on the test.

We were notified our results were ready three days after providing our sample. Unfortunately, there’s no medical consultation, but the report was easy to understand and free of complicated jargon.

Test Your Hormone Levels with Walk-In Lab!

7. LabWork365 – Over 40 Hormone Tests Available

  • Wide variety of hormone tests
  • Lab locations in 45 US states
  • Secure results and complimentary consultation
  • Results in 3-5 days

If you’re looking for a variety of hormone tests, LabWork365 has almost 50 options, with both individual tests and panels. We were impressed by the number of hormone tests related to metabolism and weight gain, which is great if you’re looking to make lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing.

Same-day testing is available 365 days of the year and your results will be sent to you via a secure link within 2 -5 days, but you could receive them in just 24 hours. When our colleague took the test, he was pleasantly surprised to get his result in less than 48 hours after visiting a Quest Lab to provide his blood sample.

The results report was pretty straightforward, but you’ll still get a complimentary call from a physician who will summarize the findings and what they mean for you.

However, it is not all positive. While there is an impressive variety of hormone tests, they are more expensive than the majority of the competitors on this list.

Test Your Hormone Levels with LabWork365!

8. YourLabWork – Create Your Own Hormone Panel

  • Create your own hormone panel
  • 4,000 blood draw stations across the US
  • No doctor visit required
  • Results in as little as 48 hours

The major benefit of YourLabWork is that you can create your own hormone panel by selecting the individual biomarkers you want to measure and adding them to your basket. Choose from a variety of thyroid, steroid, and fertility hormones, to create a panel tailormade for you.

You don’t need an appointment, simply head to one of 4,000 blood draw stations throughout the country after you’ve ordered your test. Our researcher found the process quick, easy, and painless thanks to the experienced staff of phlebotomists.

Our results were delivered to our secure online account in just over 48 hours after our providing our samples. The results report is quite detailed, letting you know how your hormone levels compare to the normal ranges.

It’s a shame that there is no follow-up with a health care professional, but if you’re concerned about your levels, speak to your doctor who will help you find the root cause.

Test Your Hormone Levels with YourLabWork

9. Personalabs – Same-Day Hormone Testing

  • Same-day testing at 2,300+ locations
  • Individual and panel hormone tests
  • Physician consultation available
  • Results in 2-5 days

We were impressed by Personalabs’ selection of affordable individual and panel hormone tests, which are easy to order through the website.

No appointment is necessary and you can head to your nearest testing location on the same day. Our researcher reported that providing their sample was easy, with a short wait time and confidentiality provided throughout the process.

We received our results in just two days, but your wait time is dependent on your testing provider and location, and what test you take, so it could be up to 10 days.

You should find your results report to be straightforward as we did, but if you need more information there is an option for a doctor’s consultation, but unfortunately, you have to pay for it.

Test Your Hormone Levels with Personalabs!

10. Find Lab Testing – Great for Testing Thyroid Function

  • Over a dozen at-home and lab-based hormone tests
  • Test hormones involved in fertility, metabolism, and thyroid function
  • Same-day testing at 2,300+ locations
  • Results in as little as 24 hours

Find Lab Tests offers over a dozen hormone tests for same-day testing at 2,300+locations across the US. We were impressed by the variety of thyroid hormone tests, which are great for assessing thyroid function.

We found it easy to make a same-day appointment through the website and our researcher was in and out of the testing center in just a little over 15 minutes. Walk-ins are accepted and as there is no lengthy paperwork to fill out, providing your samples should take no time at all.

Our results arrived in just under 48 hours, but you may receive your results in as little as 24 hours. We were a little disappointed in how simple the results were, simply telling us our hormone levels and how they compared to the normal ranges.

There were no actionable insights included in our report or information on what our results may indicate. Plus, you won’t get a consultation to help you interpret your results as Find Lab Testing has no doctors on staff. Upon contacting customer support I was informed that the results were designed to be printed and shared with your doctor for further advice.

Find Lab Tests also has a small selection of at-home hormone tests, including for fertility, metabolism, and weight loss, as well as a thyroid panel. Results from at-home tests usually take between 3-7 days.

Test Your Hormone Levels with Find Lab Testing!

What’s in the Fine Print?

Sometimes there may be hidden fees or other nasty surprises that you may not notice before ordering your at-home hormone test.

Thankfully, all the at-home test providers on this list offer free shipping both ways, so you don’t pay anything extra to receive your kit or send your samples back to the lab.

Plus, most companies that offer consultations, provided them for free with the exception of Personalabs. For a consultation with a board-certified physician following your results, it costs $89. While this is probably cheaper than booking in with your doctor, it does raise the cost of your hormone test significantly.

Certain providers on this list may have tests that are gender-specific. For example. Walk-In Lab has a testosterone test that can only be taken by men. So, just be sure that you’re ordering the right test for you. If you’re unsure, our top hormone testing companies have great customer service that will respond quickly to your inquiries.

A number of tests on this list require special preparation before you take the test, such as fasting for a certain period, collecting your samples in the morning, or pausing some medications or supplements. Ensure you follow all the test instructions to determine accurate results.

Due to regulatory reasons, some providers are unable to send out at-home hormone tests or perform lab-based testing in certain states. For example, Everlywell can’t ship kits to New York and Labwork365 is only operational in 47 states. Check your desired test is available where you are before ordering.

How Accurate are At-home Hormone Tests?

No hormone test is 100% accurate. However, with all the providers on this list, you are guaranteed a high level of accuracy as they use certified and accredited labs, ensuring your samples are handled with proper care. Several factors can affect the accuracy of your hormone test, including:

  • Contamination of your sample, e.g blood in a urine or saliva sample
  • When you’re test is taken as hormone levels can fluctuate throughout the day
  • Whether you follow the kit instructions correctly
  • If you’re taking certain supplements and medications that influence hormone levels.

That being said, we made sure only to pick the most accurate tests that offer at least 90% accuracy, leaving little room for error.

What Will the Results from an At-home Hormone Test Tell Me?

Your hormone test will tell you your current levels of the biomarkers tested and if they are within the low, normal, or high range for your age and sex.

Most tests will also tell you what your hormone levels mean for you in terms of fertility, metabolism, stress, and more. Plus, you may also get actionable insights on lifestyle changes you can make that may help you to optimize your levels.

Remember, none of these hormone tests can diagnose a medical condition. Abnormal hormone levels are not always pointing towards a medical issue that requires treatment. Your blood levels of several hormones can be influenced by age, certain medications, and lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise.

If you’re worried about your hormone levels, we advise taking a copy of your results to your health care provider, who will be able to advise of additional testing or treatment if necessary.

How Do Our Top Picks Compete on Price?

LetsGetChecked offers the best value-for-money hormone tests, with prices starting at just $69, which includes a detailed and actionable report, and a consultation with an experienced nurse.

The hormone tests from Everlywell are slightly cheaper than those from LetsGetChecked, but even though they do provide detailed reports, there is no one-on-one support, although the group webinar was useful.

For affordable at-home fertility hormone testing, MyLab Box has several individual and panel tests with prices starting at just $69.

Generally speaking, lab-based companies have the cheapest hormone tests with low-priced panels and individual tests, for example, prices at Walk-in-Lab start at just $39. However, most lab testing companies don’t provide medical consultations or charge an extra fee for one.

Which At-home At-home Hormone Test is Best?

My top pick for hormone testing is LetsGetChecked, thanks to numerous individual and panel testing options, free delivery, fast results, and free nurse consultation.

Everlywellcomes a close second as it has many affordable options, with great value-for-money male and female hormone panels.

Or you might want to choose MyLAB Box for the complete screening of thyroid and fertility hormones. You won’t get a medical consultation, but you can take your results to your health care provider.

For same-day hormone tests, go with a lab-based testing company such as Personalabs, HealthLabs, Health Testing Centers, or YourLabWor, which allows you to create a personalized hormone panel.

Best Hormone Tests Comparison Table

Sample Method Medical Consultation Free Shipping Time to Results Starting Price
LetsGetChecked Blood 2-5 days $69.00
Everlywell Blood



2-5 days $49.00
MyLAB Box Blood


2-5 days $69.00
Health Testing Centers Blood


1-3 days $49.00
Health Labs Blood


N/A 1-3 days $65.00
Walk-In Lab Blood



N/A 1-8 days $45.00
Labwork365 Blood



N/A 3-5 days $59.00
YourLabWork Blood N/A 2-5 days $149.00
Personalabs Blood N/A 2-10 days $46.00
Find Lab Testing Blood 2-3 days $39.00

The Bottom Line

With an at-home hormone test, you can screen for biomarkers associated with fertility, metabolism, thyroid, function, stress, and more, without needing to go to the doctor.

We liked LetsGetChecked, as it offers several individual and panel hormone tests, provides an in-depth report, and it has a subscription option for saving on regular testing.

It’s not only your hormone levels you can test at home, you can also take control of your sexual health, with our top at-home STI tests.

Get Started with LetsGetChecked!

Best At-home Hormone Tests in 2021


What are the common symptoms of a hormone imbalance?

Of course, the symptoms of a hormone imbalance will depend on which glands and hormones are affected. But generally speaking, the common signs of a hormone imbalance include:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Changes in heart rate and/or blood pressure
  • Infertility or difficulty in conceiving
  • Mood swings and/or anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Brittle and fragile bones
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Heavy, irregular, or painful periods.

Can a hormone test diagnose you with a medical condition?

No, a hormone test cannot diagnose you with a medical condition. Your results will tell you how your current levels compare to average levels for your age. You may also get some insight into what your hormone levels may mean for you along with actionable insights into what you can do to maintain optimum levels.

To find the underlying cause of your potentially abnormal hormone imbalance, you should take your results to your healthcare provider.

How do I take a hormone test at home?

It’s super easy to take a hormone test at home. In most cases, it involves a fingerprick blood sample, which is quick and completely painless.

For some tests, you may be required to provide a saliva swab or a urine sample, but they also take just a few minutes and detailed instructions will ensure you collect your sample correctly.

Does insurance cover the cost of at-home hormone tests?

At-home hormone tests are not usually covered by insurance as they would be if you took them through your doctor. However, it’s always worth checking with your policy provider before ordering.

Don’t forget, a lot of companies – includingEverlywell and LetsGetChecked – accept HSA/FSA cards, so you can cut the cost that way, even if you’re insurance won’t cover it.

About Author
Gemma Davison
Gemma Davison

Gemma is an Applied Biology graduate who has always had an interest in DNA, spending a few years after her degree researching epigenetics. She always keeps up to date with the latest advancements in DNA technology and has even DNA-tested her puppy.

Gemma is an Applied Biology graduate who has always had an interest in DNA, spending a few years after her degree researching epigenetics. She always keeps up to date with the latest advancements in DNA technology and has even DNA-tested her puppy.