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by Moss Stern

11 Best DNA Tests for Diet and Fitness: Lose Weight in 2023

11 Best DNA Tests for Diet and Fitness: Lose Weight in 2023

There is a vast selection of diet and fitness DNA tests that can provide valuable insights into the lifestyle changes you can make to optimize your nutrition and exercise plans. But with so many to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you?

Our team has spent weeks researching and testing the various offerings from the leading DNA test providers to deliver this complete list of the best diet and fitness DNA tests.

To make the list, the tests had to provide detailed reports with actionable insights. Whether you’re looking to improve your diet or fitness, or are wanting to be healthier in general, these genetic reports can help you to understand what lifestyle changes you can make to achieve your goals.

Living DNA is the clear winner in all categories, because of its actionable insights, detailed user-friendly results, and variety of tests.

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Short on time? Here are the best diet and fitness DNA tests

Our Best Diet and Fitness DNA Tests Kits Reviewed

1. Living DNA – Best Overall Wellness Report

  • Our #1 at-home diet and fitness DNA testing
  • Reports on vitamin response, food metabolism, and exercise
  • Actionable diet and exercise tips
  • Results in six to eight weeks

The Wellbeing DNA test from Living DNA will help you to understand how your genetics responds to your lifestyle choices. Discover how different foods, vitamins, and exercises work with your body, based on your unique genetic makeup.

The results report is easy to understand with interesting insights on how your body responds to key vitamins, metabolizes different foods, and if you’re likely to be sensitive to lactose or gluten.

Your report also includes a number of actionable insights into the lifestyle changes you can make to optimize your diet and fitness. They include nutrition advice, the best type of exercises for your genes, and how to recover after exertion.

Test Diet & Fitness with Living DNA!

2. GenoPalate – Best for Diet Recommendations

  • At-home nutrition DNA testing
  • Discover genetic needs for 23 nutrients
  • Recommendation of the 100+ best foods for you
  • Likelihood of lactose and gluten insensitivity

While GenoPalate doesn’t provide any fitness insights, it more than makes up for this in the depth and variety of nutritional insights gained from your DNA.

In your personalized report, you receive information on your optimal intake of 23 nutrients, the 100+ best foods in 16 food groups to incorporate into your diet, and your sensitivity likelihood to gluten and lactose.

Take your food recommendations on the go with you with the GenoPalate app, plus, you have the option to upgrade your report to include recipes based on your genes.

If you have an existing DNA file from AncestryDNA or 23andMe, you can get your nutrition report in just one day and save over $100 in the process.

Test Nutrition with GenoPalate!

3. MyToolbox Genomics – Best for Detailed Reports

  • At-home diet and fitness DNA testing
  • Individualized diet strategies and meal plans
  • Tailor-made exercise strategies
  • Results in 4 weeks

The DNA Test from MyToolbox Genomics covers 16 health predisposition traits by analyzing 1,000 genetic markers. The detailed results report provides personalized recommendations to help you overcome your predispositions for optimal dietary health and exercise performance.

Tailor-made nutrition, supplement, exercise, and workout plans are included in your report to help guide you towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

Access the free workout and meal planner, for useful exercise and nutrition tips that are aligned to your unique genetic makeup, helping you to achieve your personal goals.

Test Diet & Fitness with MyToolbox Genomics!

4. Vitagene – Best for Custom Meal Plans

  • At-home diet and fitness DNA testing
  • Personalized diet, exercise, and supplement reports
  • Skin health and ancestry insights
  • Results in four to six weeks

Vitagene offers three DNA testing packages, with each one providing personalized plans with actionable insights, and access to an online personal coach to help achieve your health goals, as well as a basic ancestry report.

The basic plan provides good value-for-money with a number of diet and exercise reports, including customized meal plans and the types, frequency, and intensity of workouts best suited to your DNA.

Upgrade to the premium report and you’ll get free updates as genetic research advances. If you’re interested in a customised supplement regime, the Vitality bundle includes a 90-day supply of daily vitamin packs.

You have the option to upload existing DNA data from MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, or 23andMe for diet and fitness traits, as well as recipe plans designed specifically for you.

Test Diet & Fitness with Vitagene!

5. Gene Food – Best for Determining Your Optimal Diet

  • Discover your ideal diet type
  • Custom diet plan with a shopping list
  • Analyzes genes for fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Results in 3-4 weeks

Determine your ideal diet type from over 20 options with Gene Food’s DNA test. Will your custom nutrition report reveal you should follow a hunter-gatherer diet, eat like they do in the Mediterranean, or switch to a plant-based diet like Wayoan or Okinawan dieters?

Your extensive nutrition report includes a macronutrient breakdown for your diet type, how your body responds to a number of food groups, and what micronutrients you should consider adding to your diet.

Each report includes a two-week meal plan – complete with a shopping list – making it easy to start following a diet that is better for you.

Gene Food’s Custom Nutrition Plans are also available using your raw DNA data from AncestryDNA or 23andMe.

Test Nutrition with Gene Food!

6. DNAfit – Best for Follow-Up and Support

  • At-home diet & fitness DNA testing
  • Online training platform
  • Genetically guided meal planner
  • Results in 10-15 days

Discover your optimal training and diet types with DNAfit’s Home Fit DNA Test. Identify how your body responds to fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and more, as well as potential sensitivities and intolerances. Utilize the Personalized Meal Planner to build the perfect recipes for you that meet your unique nutritional needs.

By analyzing your genes for endurance, power, and strength response, as well as aerobic trainability and recovery efficiency, DNAfit determines your optimal training type. Get to work right away, with Elevate Training Platform, which provides exercise tips and workout suggestions tailored to your genes.

Use your raw DNA data from 23andMe to get a personalized wellness plan, which includes nutrition and fitness insights, in just 30 minutes.

Your report is simple to understand, but if you have any queries you can discuss your results with a trained dietician or fitness coach during a complimentary telephone consultation.

Test Diet & Fitness with DNAfit!

7. TeloYears – Best for Tracking Progress

  • Track your telomere health over time
  • Discover the age of your cells
  • Test report and blueprint for aging well
  • Results in 5-6 weeks

TeloYears is a health-tracking program that analyzes the length of your telomeres to discover the age of your cells. This information is used to formulate a personalized lifestyle improvement plan, based on telomere science.

Your report is easy to understand and tells you your average telomere length, how it compares to others your same gender and age, and if the age of your cells corresponds to your actual age.

Included with your result reports is the TeloYears Blueprint for aging well, which includes an action plan with diet and exercise tips to help prevent the acceleration of telomere shortening.

A follow-up TeloYears test, six months after you have started making lifestyle changes, allows you to monitor your progress and see if your telomere health has improved.

Test Telomere Health with TeloYears!

8. Sequencing – Best for DNA Apps and Analysis

  • Huge collection of DNA analysis apps
  • Upload existing DNA data from almost any vendor
  • Affordable membership options
  • Results in 4 weeks

What sets Sequenicing apart from the other vendors on this list is that you have complete control over the information you want to unlock from your DNA.

Once you have your DNA data – either via DNA test or complete sequencing – depending on your membership, you’ll have a huge choice of free and paid DNA analysis apps, including dozens for both nutrition and fitness.

The wide variety of DNA analysis apps and reports can also be used with raw DNA data from almost all genome sequencing services and DNA tests, including Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and 23andMe.

Test Diet & Fitness with Sequencing!

9. GenePlanet – Best for a Variety of Tests

  • Number of at-home lifestyle DNA tests
  • Actionable nutrition, health, and exercise insights
  • Skincare report
  • Professional consultations available

GenePlanet offers a number of lifestyle DNA tests analyzing your genetic predispositions for a wide selection of traits relevant to diet and fitness.

Tests include Diet and Body Weight, Metabolism and Lifestyle, and Sports Performance, which reveal how your body responds to nutrients, physical activity, recovery, and other lifestyle factors, based on your genes.

Your personalized report includes recommendations on how to eat to support a healthy heart, how to adjust your eating habits to meet your nutritional needs, find your optimal exercises, and more.

Test Diet & Exercise with GenePlanet!

10. Everlywell – Best for Quick Results

  • At-home blood testing
  • Variety of affordable lifestyle tests
  • Test for food sensitivities
  • Results in 5-7 days

Everlywell doesn’t provide DNA testing, instead offering a number of affordable lifestyle tests that check the levels of certain biomarkers in your blood sample. For example, the Metabolism test measures your levels of a number of hormones, which influence weight and energy.

By measuring biomarkers instead of analyzing DNA, it’s easy to monitor your progress with repeat testing. Everlywell has a membership program that greatly reduces the price of its lifestyle tests, for a monthly fee.

Your physician-reviewed results are delivered to your secure online account in 5 to 7 days, with a personalized report for each marker tested and what that means for you. Use the information in your report to help guide any lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and wellness.

Test Nutrition with Everlywell!

11. InsideTracker – Best for Reaching Your Optimal Nutrition Goals

  • Lab-based diet and fitness blood or DNA tests
  • DNA and blood insights add-on
  • Personalized nutrition and supplement reports
  • Custom online dashboard

Choose from InsideTracker’s variety of lifestyle DNA tests, best suited to your goals. There is a choice of blood and DNA tests, but they currently only have a few at-home diet and fitness tests. Otherwise, your samples are collected at 2,000+ lab locations across the US or via a mobile phlebotomist.

Get even more out of your test by adding on DNA or blood insights, to determine all you need to know about enhancing performance, building muscle, raising metabolism, and more. Your personalized report includes a custom nutrition plan and supplement recommendations, so your body can get what it needs.

Test Diet & Fitness with InsideTracker!

At-home Diet and Fitness DNA Test Comparison Table

Personalized Diet Plan Personalized Fitness Plan Food Sensitivity  Time to Results Starting Price
LivingDNA 6 to 8 weeks €118.15
GenoPalate 4 to 6 weeks €173.10
MyToolbox Genomics 4 weeks €182.26
Vitagene 4 to 6 weeks €127.31
Gene Food 3 to 4 weeks €169.44
DNAfit  10 to 15 days €173.10
TeloYears 5 to 6 weeks €81.51
Sequencing 4 weeks €173.10
Geneplanet 5 to 7 days €106.24
Everlywell  5 to 7 days €145.63
InsideTracker 5 to 7 days for blood test or 4 to 6 weeks for DNA €44.88

How We Tested At-home Diet and Fitness Testing Kits

To determine the best DNA tests for diet and fitness, we looked at several important criteria:

  • Reliability – We researched the genetic markers used to form conclusions and recommendations. Consulting reliable resources ensured peer-reviewed research backed up their insights.
  • Clarity – We established that each report provided extensive conclusions presented in accessible language. The tests that explained the conclusions ranked higher than those that provided only basic reports.
  • Actionability – Do you get practical, tangible recommendations on how to optimize your diet and fitness regimes? Features like customized meal and exercise helped tests rank higher on our list.
  • Relevance –  Does the test analyze a wide range of dietary and fitness factors?
  • Support – It’s much easier to get your head around the results of a DNA test when support from experts is available, whether that be through consultations or a useful knowledge base.

How Do You Read and Interpret the Results of Your At-Home Diet and Fitness DNA Test?

Once the analysis is complete, your reports are made available, which include a number of insights based on your genetics along with details on how these conclusions were reached.

You won’t have to interpret your own data – experts use their wealth of knowledge to provide useful observations on how your genetic traits influence your body’s response to diet and exercise.

The best diet and fitness reports will provide actionable advice based on your unique genetic makeup, which can include which foods to add or eliminate from your diet, as well as other lifestyle changes, to improve your health and wellbeing.

How Does At-Home Diet and Fitness DNA Testing Work?

Collecting your DNA sample at home is simple, with most providers – including Living DNA, GenePlanet, GenoPalate, and Vitagene– requiring a small amount of saliva or cheek swab. A few tests, like TeloYears, may require a blood sample, but this is easily provided with a painless finger-prick kit.

The best diet and fitness DNA tests include pre-paid packaging so you can drop your samples directly in the mail. Once the lab receives your sample, your DNA is carefully analyzed to reveal your diet and fitness traits.

What Will Diet and Fitness DNA Test Results Tell Me?

Your results are usually processed within six weeks of the lab receiving your sample. As Everlywell and InsideTrackertest for biomarkers in blood, results are issued in just five to seven days. Your report is delivered to a secure online account and you’ll be emailed when they become available.

Depending on which test you choose, your results may show how your body processes certain nutrients and how it responds to different types of exercise. In most cases, along with these conclusions, are tailor-made insights on how you can optimize your diet and exercise regimes, based on your DNA.

How Accurate are Diet and Fitness DNA Tests?

While the majority of diet and fitness DNA tests are highly accurate, there are several factors that can affect accuracy. The DNA or blood sample you provide must be of high quality. If you don’t swab for long enough, or follow the instructions of finger-prick blood collection correctly, your sample may not contain enough genetic material or be contaminated.

Scientific research also has a role to play in results accuracy. Conclusions are based on reputable studies, however, some of the correlations are stronger than others, and some genetic markers are better understood. Therefore, a single genetic marker is unlikely to tell the full story for a particular trait. The best DNA tests will analyze several markers to create a fuller picture.

Finally, your genes are not your destiny. Your test may indicate a genetic predisposition or trait, but your lifestyle choices and environment may play a greater role, particularly in fitness and dietary factors.

Use the results from Living DNA and GenoPalate to guide lifestyle changes and monitor any improvements in a trial and error process.

How Much Does a Diet and Fitness DNA Test Cost?

Diet and fitness DNA tests vary by provider, but most range between $50 and $200, depending on how extensive your results report is. When choosing a DNA test, the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Take a look at what you get from the test to determine the best value.

Some tests only analyze the genetic influence on nutrition and diet, which may be sufficient if you’re interested in eating better. Others will also look at markers that may determine how your body will respond to exercise. This information can prove useful if you’re interested in maximizing performance.

The most comprehensive tests will offer additional insights, such as food sensitivities and recovery reports, as well as personalized meal and exercise plans to kickstart your new healthy regime.

The Bottom Line

The diet and fitness DNA test you choose is dependent on how much information you need. The best all-around diet and fitness test is from Living DNA, thanks to actionable reports for an affordable price. If your primary concern is eating better, go with GenoPalate, or if you want to boost your fitness performance choose DNAfit. If you need additional support in the form of tailor-made recipes or meal plans, Vitagene and Gene Food are good choices


What is a diet and fitness DNA Test?

Diet and fitness tests assess your DNA, screening for genetic markers that have been linked to nutrition and fitness traits.

This genetic information is used to draw conclusions on the best foods and exercises for your unique makeup, which may help you reach your health and wellness goals faster.

What sample is needed for diet and fitness DNA testing?

Most at-home diet and fitness DNA tests use a saliva sample, obtained from a simple cheek swab. Ins some cases, such as when analyzing biomarkers instead of genes – testing is performed using a finger-prick blood sample.

Does genetics affect weight?

Yes, to a certain degree. Research has shown a genetic link to a number of traits, such as metabolism and the tendency to store fat, but it isn’t the whole story. The strength of genetic influence on weight varies between individuals; for some people, genes account for as little as 25% of the predisposition to be overweight, while for others it could be as high as 80%.

Plus, your genes can also influence which weight-loss strategies – including types of diet and workout – may work best for you.

Environmental and lifestyle choices also play a key role in weight, so a diet and fitness DNA test can provide you useful tips on what changes you can make to be healthier in general.

Can DNA testing tell me my optimal diet and workout regimes?

Most DNA tests will provide actionable insights in your results reports, for example, what food you should include in your diet, any vitamin deficiencies, and what exercises are best suited to your genetic makeup. This information provides a great start on your journey to a healthier lifestyle

Some companies, such as DNAfit and Vitagene, offer customized diet and fitness plans, which have been guided by your generic predispositions. This makes it super easy to start eating better and maximizing your performance in the gym.

What can’t DNA tell us about diet and fitness?

By analyzing known genetic markers, DNA tests can tell us if we are predisposed to certain traits related to nutrition and fitness, such as vitamin metabolism, macronutrient breakdown, and strength and recovery response.

However, correlation does not equal causation. Just because a certain gene has been linked to a particular trait, it’s not a guarantee you’ll exhibit that trait if you have the gene, especially since lifestyle plays such a big role.

What a DNA test can do, is to help you to make better choices by giving you an indication about what foods and exercises are likely to work better with your body.

They are no substitute for advice from a trained professional and no major lifestyle changes shouldn’t be made without first consulting with your doctor.

About Author
Moss Stern
Moss Stern

Moss Stern is a professional writer, amateur musician, voracious fiction reader, recreational bicyclist, cutthroat Scrabble player, and gleeful health and science nerd. He resides in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Moss Stern is a professional writer, amateur musician, voracious fiction reader, recreational bicyclist, cutthroat Scrabble player, and gleeful health and science nerd. He resides in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.