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by Moss Stern

MyHeritage Pricing: Is It Good Value for the Money in 2022?

MyHeritage Pricing: Is It Good Value for the Money in 2022?

Your DNA not only holds the key to who you are but also can tell you where you come from. There are dozens of providers offering ancestry DNA tests, promising to reveal your ethnic and geographical origins of your ancestors. Of all vendors, we have tested, MyHeritage comes out on top for its excellent ancestry DNA test.

MyHeritage offers a single ancestry DNA test, so you don’t need to spend a long time choosing between different kits. But, is MyHeritageDNA the right ancestry DNA test for you? To help you decide, we’ll take you through all the test has to offer, any additional upgrades you can make, and compare the MyHeritage’s ancestry DNA test to those from other leading vendors.

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In-depth Analysis of DNA Testing from MyHeritage

Quick Overview of MyHeritageDNA

The table below shows some of the information you can expect to learn from MyHeritage’s services, including the optional health upgrade and genealogy offering.

Ancestry Health Upgrade Genealogy
  • Autosomal DNA analysis
  • 42 ethnicities and 2,100+ global regions covered
  • DNA matches
  • Free DNA upload
  • Health insights from existing DNA results
  • 21 genetic risk reports, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and more.
  • 27 carrier status reports, including Gaucher disease, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, and others.
  • Health subscription is available for unlimited access to new genetic risk and carrier status reports.
  • Online family tree builder
  • Matches to other family trees, historical records, and DNA database.
  • 12+ billion historical records
  • 52 million family trees and 4 billion person profiles
  • 14-day free trial of subscription plans

Ancestry DNA Test

The ancestry DNA test from MyHeritage is priced at ¥10,790. The good news is that MyHeritage has regular sales and discounts throughout the year, and you can be sure you’re getting the best deal by checking our MyHeritage Coupon Page before buying.

MyHeritage DNA analyzes your autosomal DNA, comparing a reference population covering over 40 ethnicities and 2,000+ geographical regions, to determine your ethnic and geographical origins. With such a widespread reference population, you’ll get an accurate Ethnicity Estimate with a percentage breakdown of how each ethnicity is reflected in your DNA.

Your results report also includes a list of DNA matches to MyHeritage’s database of over 4 million DNA profiles, along with the percentage of DNA you share, indicating how closely related you are. The more DNA you share, the more closely related you are.

Already taken a DNA test with another provider? You can upload your raw DNA data to MyHeritage for free DNA matches. Plus, you can unlock additional DNA features, such as the Ethnicity Estimate and Chromosome Browser for an additional fee.

To find out more of what MyHeritage has to offer, check out our expert MyHeritage review.

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Health Upgrade

If you have already taken a DNA test with MyHeritage or another provider, you’re eligible for a Health Upgrade (for an additional fee). Your raw DNA data is analyzed for certain genetic markers to produce 48 personalized health reports, based on robust scientific research. They include:

  • 21 genetic risk reports explaining your risk of developing certain conditions – such as breast and prostate cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease – and ways to manage your risk
  • 27 carrier status reports for common congenital conditions – including cystic fibrosis, Canavan disease, sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs disease, and Usher syndrome – which can prove useful if you and your partner are planning to start a family.

The Health Upgrade is cheaper than health DNA testing from most other providers, and MyHeritage customers can get over 50% off the regular price.

MyHeritage also offers a Health subscription, which is free for the first 12 months, that includes unlimited access to all new generic risk and carrier status reports, as soon as they are released.

Genealogy Services

MyHeritage can provide a meaningful discovery experience of your family history, with 12 billion historical records, 4 billion family tree profiles, 4 million DNA samples, and sophisticated matching technology that covers all databases.

You can build a family tree of up to 250 members for free with MyHeritage’s online family tree builder, but to extend your tree further and benefit from additional features, a paid subscription is required, which comes with a 14-day free trial. Sign up for a subscription and you can access additional features, including:

  • Smart Matches to other family trees, to find extra information and unknown relatives
  • Instant Discoveries so you can add entire branches to your family tree with a single click if a match is found.
  • Record Matches from the historical records database and individuals in your family tree.
  • SuperSearch, which enables you to search MyHeritage’s 12+ billion historical records, family trees, and more.
  • Advanced photo features, including bringing blurry photos into focus and adding color to black and white images.

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How Do Other Vendors Compare?

The ancestry DNA from MyHeritage provides an accurate estimate of your geographical and ethical origins, but there are other tests that may be a better fit for you.

Other Ancestry Tests to Consider

  • AncestryDNA also analyzes autosomal DNA to provide a comparable amount of ancestry information to MyHeritage, plus historical information, DNA matches, and 20+ billion historical records to build a family tree (for a fee). However, there is no option to upload existing DNA data.
  • 23andMe covers over 1,500 geographical regions and analyzes not just your autosomal DNA, but also your Y-DNA and mtDNA to determine your paternal and maternal ancestry, respectively.  You’ll also learn your percentage of Neanderthal DNA with Chromosome Painting. Additional features include DNA matches and over 30 trait reports.
  • Living DNA, like 23andMe, also analyzes autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA for a complete picture of your ancestral origins, plus sub-regional ancestry and DNA matches.
  • Family Tree DNA‘s tests tend to be more expensive, but you do get a choice to test your autosomal DNA, or the ancestry of your paternal lines separately with mtDNA and several Y-DNA tests, providing a geographical and ethnic estimate of your heritage going back thousands of years.

What is the Best Ancestry DNA Test?

The ancestry test from MyHeritage is one the cheapest available, and by comparing your autosomal DNA to 42 ethnicities spread across 2,100+ locations, you can expect accurate ancestry insights for a low price.

Plus, if you want to start learning more about your family history, you get DNA matches from an extensive database and access to 12+ billion historical records (with a subscription) to build a family tree. AncestryDNAis also another good choice for genealogy research, with an excellent online family tree builder and over 20 billion searchable historical records available with a subscription.

If you’re looking for a more detailed insight into the ancestry of both your maternal and paternal lines, you can see how each branch of your family migrated over time, try the mtDNA and Y-DNA tests from Family Tree DNA. Or for the ‘fun’ little extras, choose 23andMe as with the ancestry report you get to know your percentage of Neanderthal DNA, as well as 30+ trait reports.

LivingDNA is a good choice if you have African or British heritage, with a break drown into dozens of unique subregions, so you can accurately pinpoint your ancestry.

Ancestry DNA Test Comparison Table

MyHeritage DNA AncestryDNA 23andMe Living DNA FTDNA
#No of Regions 42 ethnicities, 2,100+ regions 350 1,500+ 150 90
DNA Matches  
mtDNA and Y-DNA
Ancestral Migrations
Neanderthal Ancestry
Raw DNA Data Upload
Family Tree Builder
Starting Price ¥10,790  ¥13,520 ¥13,520 ¥13,520  ¥10,790

The Bottom Line

MyHeritage DNA is one of the cheapest ancestry DNA tests and with its affordable Health upgrade, it can rival some of the leading health DNA tests. It is also a good choice if you want to explore your genealogy, as is AncestryDNA, offering access to billions of historical records, and a family tree builder, but you’ll need to pay a subscription fee. For ancestral insights into your maternal and paternal lines, LivingDNAand Family Tree DNA are good choices. Or, if you want to learn a little more about yourself, 23andMe gives you 30 traits reports along with accurate ancestry information.

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How accurate are the results from MyHeritage?

The MyHeritage ancestry test compares your DNA to 42 different reference populations from 2,100+ regions to estimate your ethical and geographical origins. Therefore, while some populations may not be as well represented as others, you can still expect an accurate ethnicity estimate.

How long does it take to receive my MyHeritage Ancestry results?

You can expect to receive your results four to six weeks after the lab has received your sample, but it may be quicker, depending on how busy the lab is.  If you want faster results, 23andMe’s are generally delivers in just two to three weeks.

Does MyHeritage cover the cost of shipping?

MyHeritage DNA covers the cost of sending you your test kit, but you must pay the return postage for mailing your sample back.

How expensive is MyHeritage compared to competitors?

MyHeritage DNA’s tests start at ¥10,790 are consistently less expensive than those of its chief competitors, 23andMe, starting at ¥13,520 and AncestryDNA, starting at ¥8,060.

What sort of subscription plans does MyHeritage offer?

MyHeritage’s genealogy service is available in several tiers. Its Basic service is free, but only allows you to add 250 people to your family tree, and doesn’t let you add Smart Matches from the company’s historical records database to your tree.

The Premium subscription can accommodate 2,500 family members, and includes Smart Matches, as does its PremiumPlus subscription, which can accommodate a family tree of unlimited size.

Then there is a Historical Record Data plan that is limited to 250 people, like the basic service, but lets you access the company’s entire 12 + billion record database of historical data. And finally, the Complete package is limitless both in how many people your family tree can accommodate, and how many historical records you may access.

MyHeritage also offers a Health subscription that updates your DNA findings to reflect new health reports as they become available.

Do the MyHeritage at-home DNA test kits ever go on sale?

MyHeritage regularly offers special discounts and deals throughout the year. You can also always find up-to-date coupon codes for MyHeritage’s test kits on our coupons page.

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Moss Stern
Moss Stern

Moss Stern is a professional writer, amateur musician, voracious fiction reader, recreational bicyclist, cutthroat Scrabble player, and gleeful health and science nerd. He resides in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Moss Stern is a professional writer, amateur musician, voracious fiction reader, recreational bicyclist, cutthroat Scrabble player, and gleeful health and science nerd. He resides in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.