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February 1, 2023 by Elly Hancock

5 Best 23andMe Alternatives: Choose the Best DNA Kit (2023)

5 Best 23andMe Alternatives: Choose the Best DNA Kit (2023)

Not sure 23andMe is the right DNA test for you? Not to worry, there are plenty of other options.

Whether you’re looking for a better family tree, personalized exercise and nutrition plans, or more in-depth health risk screening, you have a huge bank of DNA tests to choose from. And we’ve picked the best ones for you.

We’ve extensively researched, tested, and reviewed all the DNA tests out there to bring you the best 23andMe alternatives. We’ve categorized them into ancestry, health and wellness, and combined kits, so you can find your perfect match.

If you want to just get right to it, choose the overall winner, AncestryDNA. Affordable and comprehensive, with extensive ancestry insights and all the resources needed for advanced genealogy research.

Short on time? Here are our top picks for 23andMe alternatives

Get The Best DNA test from AncestryDNA!

How We Tested the Best 23andMe Alternatives

When finding the best 23andMe alternatives, it was important that every test offered a service at least as good as 23andMe. But we also looked for other, specific criteria in each category, too.

  • Ancestry detail: We looked for tests that can accurately identify your ethnicity and map your ancestry all over the world.
  • Health and wellness insights: We made sure all health and wellness tests offer actionable health insights, including disease risk screening.
  • Results times: You don’t want to be waiting forever for your report, so we found DNA tests that can turn around results quickly.
  • Positive reviews: All companies on our list have a good reputation and satisfied customers.
  • Good value for money: Some options, add-ons, or premium features may be expensive, but you can get high-quality results for $100 or less at all of the companies on this list.

Best 23andMe Alternative Ancestry DNA Tests

1. AncestryDNA – Best For Finding Relatives

  • Ethnicity percentages based on 1,000+ geographical regions
  • DNA matching tool finds people who share your DNA
  • Family tree builder includes over 20 billion records
  • Results take 6-8 weeks

AncestryDNA is a great option if you’re looking to track down relatives because it has the largest DNA database in the world.

The DNA matching tool scans the huge database of over 18 million samples to track down people who share your DNA and put you in touch with one another.

With your DNA test, you can trace your origins to over 1,000 geographical regions from Africa to West Asia, and everywhere in between.

The test analyzes your DNA against 70,000 genetic markers to break down your exact ethnicity percentages, even to lower than 10%. You can see which ethnicities are in your genetic makeup through your online profile.

There’s also a family tree builder that includes over 20 billion historical records and 100 million existing family trees. You can start from scratch or upload a GEDCOM file if you’ve got an existing tree elsewhere.

Enter as much detail as you know about your family members and AncestryDNA will help you do the rest. If you’ve used the DNA matching tool it automatically populates these people for you on your tree, plus gives you tips to find other records and relatives.

It takes 6-8 weeks to produce your report. It’s a bit longer than other DNA tests but it’s worth the wait considering how much you get.

Uncover Your Origins With AncestryDNA!

2. Living DNA – Best For Deep Ancestry Insights

  • Matches your origins to 150 regions and 100+ sub-regions
  • Traces your maternal and paternal lines, plus haplogroups
  • Family Network feature lets you connect with DNA matches
  • Results in 6-8 weeks

Like many other tests, Living DNA matches your ethnicity to over 150 regions across the globe with your percentage estimates shown on an interactive map.

But it also looks into over 100 sub-regions to give you even more detail about you and where exactly your ancestors are from. That means it can tell you exactly where in a region you’re from, not just the region itself.

The extended ancestry feature examines your ancestors’ migrations from Africa, Britain, and Europe over the last 10,000 years. It even predicts your maternal and paternal lines, helping you to pinpoint both sides of your family on your map. And it tells you which haplogroups your mtDNA and YDNA belongs to.

You also get interesting geographic and cultural information, so you can learn more about every region in your DNA.

Living DNA has a DNA matching tool that traces genetic matches all over the world. It actually goes back 500 years to find anyone that shares your DNA. You can find these people on your interactive map and see where they’re from.

If you opt in to the Family Network feature, Living DNA puts you in contact with your DNA matches so you can connect with relatives.

Gathering your sample requires a quick saliva swab which doesn’t take long at all. Your results take 6 to 8 weeks and you get an email to notify you when they’re ready.

Get Deeper Ancestry Insights With Living DNA!

3. Findmypast – Best For Tracing British Ancestry

  • The largest collection of British Isles records
  • Upload existing DNA results from AncestryDNA, and others
  • DNA test available that maps your origins to 150 regions and links to your family tree
  • Results take 6-8 weeks

If you think you have British or Irish routes, then Findmypast is one of the best options for helping you locate your British Isles ancestors. It has the largest online archive of British and Irish newspapers, ever. And it has more Irish records than you can find with any other test.

The family tree builder allows you to easily find your ancestors and build a picture of their past with access to billions of records. There are endless military documents, birth and death certificates, census data, and more, to search through.

If you’ve already taken a DNA test from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or FamilyTreeDNA, you can upload your raw DNA data to connect to living relatives. Or you can take the Findmypast DNA test and wait 6-8 weeks for your report.

It maps your DNA to over 150 global regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland. You can see where your family members moved to and trace their migration across the globe from over 80,000 years ago. There’s also the option to upgrade to view your maternal and paternal lines.

If you subscribe to the family tree builder, you can then use your DNA results to get you started. If you’re not sure how to build your tree, get advice from on-hand experts, for free, to help you. It constantly updates your tree with hints, too.

Learn About Your British & Irish Ancestry With Findmypast!

4. Nebula Genomics – Best For Mapping Maternal & Paternal Heritage

  • 30 x and 100 x whole-genome sequencing to decode all of your DNA
  • Ethnicity percentage estimates from regions around the globe
  • Trace maternal and paternal lines
  • Results in 8 weeks

Nebula Genomics offers DNA tests that include 30 x and 100 x whole-genome sequencing with reports ready in 8 weeks.

Whole-genome sequencing means absolutely every part of your DNA is decoded. This is especially important for learning about your maternal and paternal lines, as it means it can identify even the most distant relatives.

The DNA test offers full mtDNA and YDNA screening, mapping both sides of your family all over the world. You can view these lines on your interactive map and explore your ancestors’ migration patterns.

You’re also shown percentage estimates of the ethnicities in your DNA from the different regions tested.

Nebula Genomics uses your DNA results to match you with your long-lost relatives and help you with building your family tree.

You can take your genetic research one step further with Nebula Genomic’s genome exploration tools. You can search your specific genes, genome variants, and look in detail at your nucleic acid sequence to get more personalized reports.

Trace Your Maternal & Paternal Lines With Nebula Genomics!

5. FamilyTreeDNA – Best For Ancestry Insights From Ancient Times

  • See which autosomal DNA you share with four ancient European groups
  • Trace your maternal and paternal lines
  • Ethnicity percentages based on 60 populations
  • Results in 2-8 weeks

FamilyTreeDNA has a few different ancestry tests available. You can choose from a family DNA test or ones that focus specifically on your maternal and paternal heritage. It takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks for your report depending on the test you choose.

The family DNA test is the most comprehensive, breaking down your ancestry to 60 populations which are color-coded on your ‘heat map’. You of course get percentage estimates, too, and can learn more about any country by clicking on your map.

It traces your ancestry all the way back to ancient times to see which ancient European groups you share your DNA with. This includes bronze-age invaders, early farmers, and neothilic hunters and gatherers. It tells you the percentage of DNA you share with each group, plus gives you an insight into how they behaved and lived.

Either of the mtDNA and YDNA tests gives you deep insights about your mother’s and father’s ancestry. They trace your haplogroups all over the world and follow their migration lines.

The family finder searches for genetic matches from the database, which you can sort and categorize into paternal or maternal sides. And if you pick the YDNA test, you can trace the origins of your surname.

Get Haplogroup Mapping With FamilyTreeDNA!

Best 23andMe Alternative Health & Wellness DNA Tests

1. LetsGetChecked – Best For Individual Wellness & Hormone Tests

  • 20+ wellness tests available, including diabetes, Lyme Disease, and thyroid function
  • Choose male and female tests to screen fertility and hormone levels
  • Subscription options for ongoing health testing
  • Results in 2-5 days

With LetsGetChecked, you really are spoilt for choice. It has over 20 wellness tests available, plus even more for screening your sexual health.

You can buy tests that assess general wellness, like thyroid function, vitamin deficiencies, Lyme Disease, and Diabetes. There’s also a huge list of male and female-specific health kits that test fertility, hormone levels, PSA, and ovarian reserve.

LetsGetChecked is also cheaper than most because so many of its tests are available as individual kits. But you still get loads of great info for a small fee. There are subscription options if you want to monitor your health over time. You can subscribe to deliveries every 3 months, which keeps costs even lower.

Your reports are ready in as little as 2-5 days, which is great if you need a quick turnaround.

You can access your report from your online dashboard. Obviously, they differ slightly depending on which test you choose. But all reports tell you which biomarkers were tested, whether your levels are high, medium, or low, and what your results actually mean for your health. Some reports use risk levels, too, especially for conditions like Lyme Disease.

To help you interpret your results, you get a free 30-minute phone call with a physician. You don’t need to do anything – they call you to discuss your results and give you advice on what to do next.

Assess Your Wellness With LetsGetChecked!

2. Nebula Genomics – Best For Taking Control of Your Own Health Results

  • Screens 25 different health and wellness traits
  • Exploration tools allow you to research your genetic variants
  • Subscription option gives you personalized reports about your health
  • Results in 8 weeks

Nebula Genomics offers comprehensive health screening by testing your entire genome.

It also offers a subscription service that gives you new, personalized reports every week based on your DNA results and genetic variants. For example, if you have high blood pressure then you get tons of articles on managing high blood pressure and how it can impact your health.

The whole-genome sequencing tests screen for over 25 traits relating to various aspects of your health. This includes behavior and perception, appearance and hormones, nutrition and diet, and body and athleticism. It takes 8 weeks to get your results.

It analyses all aspects of your health, from your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, obesity, or Parkinson’s to skin sensitivity and muscle strength.

Your report describes the different health aspects tested as traits. You can read in detail about what each trait means and how it affects you. It also shows you the gene associated with each trait and the variation you carry – this is important for using one of Nebula Genomics’ best features, the exploration tool.

The exploration tool allows you to search for your specific genetic variants to learn more about them and how they can impact your health, so you can take control of your wellness. You can also view your entire nucleic sequence using the genome browser.

Take Control of Your Health With Nebula Genomics!

3. TeloYears – Best For Cellular Age Testing

  • Assesses your cellular age based on the length of your telomeres
  • Compare how well you’re aging to others of the same age
  • Personalized recommendations to slow down aging
  • Results in 5-6 weeks

TeloYears is quite unique. It examines the length of your telomeres, which naturally get shorter as you age, to tell you whether you’re aging slowly, too fast, or in line with your actual age.

TeloYears tells you the age of your cells in TeloYears, then gives you recommendations to slow down aging, and encourages you to retest in 3-6 months time to assess your progress.

It actually compares your telomere length to other people your age so you can see where you compare to the baseline.

Your report advises you on various aspects of your health that can influence your telomere length, such as sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise.

Each of your personalized recommendations comes with a full breakdown of actionable tips so you can make changes right away. This could include adding certain foods to your diet, improving your sleep patterns, or engaging in specific types of physical activity.

It requires a finger-prick blood sample so might not be best if you’re squeamish, but it’s really quick and painless. It’s free to return to the lab, too, and you get your results in 5-6 weeks which is quicker than most.

See How Well You're Aging With TeloYears!

4. Futura Genetics – Best For Health Condition Risks

  • Tests for 28 health conditions
  • Screens for 8 types of cancer and 7 autoimmune diseases, plus heart health
  • See your risk level compared to the average risk levels
  • Results take 4 weeks

Futura Genetics’ test focuses heavily on your risk of developing certain health conditions, rather than your overall wellness. It screens for 28 health conditions, including 8 types of cancer and 7 autoimmune diseases.

You can learn about your risk of breast, prostate, lung cancer, and even melanoma. It screens for celiac disease, Lupus, Graves’ Disease, Psoriasis, and many more.

There are also plenty of other conditions on the list relating to your heart and cardiovascular health, and eye conditions such as Open Angle Glaucoma. You can check for both types of diabetes and obesity, too.

In your report, you can see your genetic risk as a percentage, which is then compared to the average risk.

Your results also include some actionable tips, such as avoiding smoking or drinking to lower your risk of bladder cancer. These aren’t that in-depth, though, so you’d be best getting more advice elsewhere on what to do next.

It only takes 4 weeks to get your report, which is pretty speedy.

Learn About Your Health Risks with Futura Genetics!

5. Everlywell – Best For Monthly Health Testing

  • Membership service with one new test sent to you every month
  • Individual tests for allergies, food sensitivities, heart health, and more
  • STD and hormone tests available
  • Results in 2-5 days

Everlywell is another provider that has loads of individual health tests. It offers a subscription service where you pay a set fee to become a member and get one test every month.

You can choose from a wide range of tests, including thyroid function, heart health, metabolism, vitamin deficiencies, allergies, and many more. There are plenty of STD tests and male and female hormone tests, too.

Your report is usually ready in 2-5 days, which is very quick. It’s easy to understand, so you can see which biomarkers were tested. Your report also uses a traffic light system to indicate levels of concern.

There are personalized tips included in your report, which helps you understand how and where to make changes. This might include eliminating food groups, adding vitamin supplements to your diet, removing certain allergens, or something else.

There’s no one-to-one support with a healthcare professional, but you can use the live chat service if you have any general questions about your results.

Get Ongoing Health Testing With Everlywell!

6. MyToolbox Genomics – Best for Aging Reports & Respiratory Health

  • Analysis of respiratory and gut health
  • Multiple aging insights
  • Customized diet and fitness plans
  • Results in 4-8 weeks

The DNA test from MyToolbox Genomic analyzes gene variants that can influence your respiratory and gut health, as well as digestive function and immunity. Your results report also includes information about your mental wellbeing, including your predisposition to stress and sleep.

MyToolbox Genomics offers three different health DNA tests, with the most comprehensive being the Epigenetics + DNA test, which gives you extensive health insights based on 16 genetic traits, including skin, muscle, eye, and gut health.

Your results also include several nutrition and fitness reports, including how you metabolize certain foods and how your body responds to exercise. Based on your genetics, you get a customized exercise and meal plan, as well as a full supplement report.

And there’s more! Your DNA is also analyzed for five aging factors including inflammation, eye age, hearing, memory, and biological age. Actionable insights are provided, which may help slow down the aging process.

Sign up for an epigenetics subscription and you can check changes in gene expression over time and get regularly retested to get new updates. Results for epigenetic testing takes between 6-8 weeks, while the standard DNA test takes just 4 weeks.

Get Health & Aging Insights with MyToolbox Genomics!

Best 23andMe Alternative Combined DNA Tests

1. Living DNA – Best For Unique Ancestry & Nutritional Health

  • Ancestry breakdown from 150+ regions
  • DNA matching tool finds people who share your DNA
  • Health test screens for many conditions plus nutritional health
  • Results in 6-8 weeks

Living DNA’s ancestry test offers unique perspectives with sub-regional breakdowns from Africa, Europe, and the British Isles.

Worldwide, it covers more than 150 regions, plus an exclusive list of sub-regions that deliver greater insight and accuracy to your heritage.

There’s plenty of interesting information and tons of historical facts about every sub-region in your ancestry. You can also trace migration maps and learn about your maternal and paternal lines from over 500 years ago.

The matching tool lets you connect with people that share your DNA through the interactive platform, too. It’s easy to use, and you can keep coming back to your dashboard to learn more.

Living DNA also has a great health and wellness test, which screens for everything from vitamin response to your food metabolism rates. You can learn about your ideal exercise routine and get tips on what to eat to optimize your nutrition.

You get free return shipping whichever test you choose, and it takes between 6-8 weeks to get your detailed report.

Test Your Ancestry & Health with Living DNA!

2. Nebula Genomics – Best For Comprehensive Ancestry & Health Testing

  • Uncovers your entire genome for deeper insights
  • Trace your maternal and paternal lines with migration maps
  • Health condition risk screening and carrier status
  • Results in 8 weeks

Nebula Genomics scans more of your DNA than any other testing company. This is because it uses something called whole genome sequencing, so it looks at your entire nucleic sequence to give you more results.

The combined test offers both ancestry and health insights. It identifies all of your genetic markers to tell you your ethnic percentages and track your paternal and maternal lineage over thousands of years.

You can also see migration maps to get deeper insights into how your family moved around the globe. And there’s a DNA matching tool that enables you to connect with relatives that share your DNA.

As well as ancestry, you get detailed health information. It assesses your risk of developing hereditary diseases such as cancer, and whether you’re predisposed to other health concerns like high blood pressure and cholesterol. You get carrier risk screening, too.

If you’ve already taken a DNA test from AncestryDNA, My Heritage, FamilyTreeDNA, or Living DNA, you can upload your raw data to get an instant report. Otherwise, it takes up to 8 weeks.

Get Full DNA Testing with Nebula Genomics!

3. TeloYears – Best For Asian Ancestry & Cellular Aging

  • Cellular age health test tells you how well you’re aging
  • Slow down aging with advice on sleep, stress, exercise, and nutrition
  • Ancestry test predicts ethnic percentages and three levels of heritage
  • Results in 5-8 weeks

TeloYears has two separate tests that you buy as a bundle – one for health and one for ancestry. This means you get two separate reports, and results times vary, too. It takes 5-6 weeks for the health report, but the ancestry report takes 6-8 weeks.

Its health test isn’t your typical health test. It examines the length of your telomeres to see how well you’re aging (these get shorter with age).

Your report then tells you how you compare to others of your age and gender, and whether you’re on-track, aging too fast, or younger than your years.

It advises you about changing lifestyle factors linked to telomere length like sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise so you can slow down aging even further.

Your ancestry report breaks down your ethnicity into 70+ ethnic groups, with three levels of ethnic regions and sub-regions. It’s particularly great at identifying Asian ancestry, pinpointing exactly where in Asia your ancestors are from.

You can also trace your maternal and paternal haplogroups and learn about where your family migrated to.

Learn About Aging & Ancestry with TeloYears!

4. Vitagene – Best Budget Combined DNA Test

  • Extensive nutrient reports
  • Exercise report with interactive workout planner.
  • Ethnicity estimate with a percentage breakdown
  • Results in 4-6 weeks

Vitagene’s combined DNA test analyzes your genes for diet and nutritional insights, as well as your ancestry. It also has two more expensive options – the Premium Report and Vitality Bundle – that come with extras including free report updates and personalized supplement packages.

The ancestry report from Vitagene may not be as detailed as some of the other providers on this list, but you still learn about your global ancestry with an interactive ethnic map and regional percentages.

Your DNA is also analyzed for numerous genetic markers associated with the metabolism of certain foods and predisposition nutritional intolerances and for deficiencies for over a dozen key vitamins and minerals. The full nutrition report also includes a personalized list of the best food for you, based on your genes.

A fitness report details the types, intensity, and frequency of workouts that are best suited to your DNA including, your ability to build muscle, your weight response to exercise, and whether your body is built for endurance or power. Also included is an interactive workout planner to organize the best fitness regime for you.

Access to a personal online coach is included with all Vitagene’s tests, as well as if you choose to upload an existing DNA file from 23andMe, or AncestryDNA. However, you don’t get ancestry insights with a DNA upload.

Discover Ancestry and Health Insights with Vitagene!

What’s in the Fine Print?

Sometimes you think you’re getting a good deal, then get stung with extra costs like processing fees, shipping, and even subscriptions. I checked all of the terms and conditions for each DNA test on this list. And here’s what I found.

Thankfully, the fee you pay includes processing fees for every test. It also includes all the tools you need to collect your sample and send it back.

With 23andMe you’d have to pay the cost of shipping, so you’ll be happy to know my top choice, AncestryDNA, offers free return shipping.

Watch out for sneaky upgrades, too. Services like Nebula Genomics give you limited access to the exploration tools and research library unless you sign up for a subscription. And TeloYears encourages you to re-test in 3-6 months to see how your health has improved, but this also means paying for another test.

How Do Our Top Picks Compare in Price to 23andMe?

My top three choices are priced very similarly to 23andMe. It only Ancestrycosts you $20 more for the AncestryDNA ancestry kit, but you get free shipping and you don’t get that with 23andMe. So really, you’re only paying $10 more, and you get a lot of information with that, too. Plus it has the largest DNA database ever.

While Living DNA will set you back around $30 more, it’s worth it for the extra deep insights about your ancestry including sub-regional origins and haplogroup mapping.

23andMe’s health kit costs you just shy of $130, which isn’t that expensive. LivingDNA’s health kit is the cheapest of them all, at around $50 less than 23andMe. It still gives you information about your predisposition for diseases, plus you get interesting nutrition and exercise insights, too. Actually, the combined ancestry and health test only costs you $50 more than 23andMe’s health test.

Which is the Best 23andMe Alternative?

So which is your perfect DNA test? It all depends on what you’re hoping to find out, but any of my three top choices are great options.

AncestryDNA is great for DNA matching because it has such a large database, so it makes it even easier to find relatives you never knew you had.

LivingDNA offers even deeper ancestry, pinpointing exactly where you came from to over 100 sub-regions. It might be your perfect match if you want to optimize your diet and fitness, too. It gives you information about nutrition and which exercise routines to follow as well as the usual health condition reports.

  Test Categories Ethnicity Estimate Relative Finder Disease & Health Risk Screening Personal & Wellness Trait Reports Starting Price
AncestryDNA Ancestry and Family Tree NZ$153.77
Living DNA Ancestry, Health & Wellness, Diet & Nutrition NZ$262.50
LetsGetChecked Health & Wellness and STDs NZ$76.11
Findmypast Ancestry and Family Tree NZ$138.24
Nebula Genomics Ancestry, Family Tree, Health & Wellness NZ$464.42
TeloYears Ancestry and Health & Wellness NZ$138.24
FamilyTreeDNA Ancestry and Family Tree NZ$122.71
EverlyWell Health & Wellness and STDs NZ$153.77
Futura Genetics Health & Wellness NZ$582.47
MyToolbox Genomics Health & Wellness NZ$309.10
Ancestry and Health & Wellness NZ$153.77


What can a DNA test tell me?

A DNA test can reveal all sorts of information about your family history, health, behavior traits, and more. You can learn about:

  • Your ethnicity with percentage estimates and regional mapping
  • Your maternal and paternal heritage, including migration maps
  • Who you share your DNA with, tracking down your ancestors over hundreds of years
  • Whether you’re a carrier of genetic variants for specific diseases
  • Which health conditions you’re at risk of
  • What type of diet you should be eating for optimal health and even weight loss
  • Your ideal exercise routine, including type and frequency

How do you take a DNA test?

All of the DNA tests in this list can be taken in the comfort of your own home, but sample collection methods vary depending on what you are testing for.

Usually, tests require a cheek swab, saliva sample, or finger-prick blood test. Certain tests such as STD kits involve genital swabs.

Are DNA tests covered by insurance?

Most at-home DNA tests aren’t covered by insurance. Certain DNA tests, especially those that offer health screening, accept FSA and HSA cards, so you can save more money that way. It’s always worth checking your insurance policy’s terms and conditions first, though.

Which DNA test is the most accurate?

No DNA test is 100% accurate, and there’s always a small room for error. Most leading DNA tests offer at least 95% accuracy, but there are certain factors that can affect the reliability of your results, including your sample. If you don’t follow the instructions correctly or don’t provide the right amount, you might yield a less accurate result.

Which is better, 23andMe, or AncestryDNA?

It all comes down to personal preference, and both tests have standout features.

23andMe’s ancestry test gives you all the ethnicity and heritage information you’d expect, plus neanderthal variants to see how much DNA you share with the ancient group.

The ancestry test also includes traits information as standard, which you don’t get everywhere else. So you can learn about your perception of taste and smell, physical features, and more.

With AncestryDNA, you get regional mapping to 1,000 locations, DNA matching, and excellent genealogy tools and resources, with the largest database of historical records around.

Our opinion? AncestryDNA is one of the best DNA tests you can find.

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Elly Hancock

Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.

Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.