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5 Best Cat DNA Test Kits in 2024

5 Best Cat DNA Test Kits in 2024

If you’re uncertain about your cat’s breed or have health-related concerns, at-home cat DNA tests are the solution you’ve been looking for. These tests offer the answers you need, and we’ve done the research to pinpoint the finest choices for you.

After careful investigation and testing, we’ve compiled a list of the premier cat DNA tests on the market. With any of these tests, you can explore your cat’s genetic composition in-depth and unveil intriguing insights that might even catch you by surprise.

Our top choice is Basepaws because it combines breed and health screening into one comprehensive test. Plus you get a freebie you can’t get anywhere else – a phone call with a feline vet to discuss your results.

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Short on time? Here are the best cat DNA tests

  • Basepaws – Comprehensive cat testing with breed identification, wildcat index, health screening, and free vet consultation.
  • 5Strands – 
  • Orivet – In-depth health analysis including an online life plan with nutrition advice and carrier risk screening.
  • Wisdom Panel – Insights into your cat’s breed, traits and health risks, with a free consult with a vet. 
  • Optimal Selection – Ideal test for breeders, including genetic diversity report, traits screening, and online breeder finder.

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What We Look For in the Best Cat DNA Tests

Here’s how we hand-picked the best cat DNA tests:

  • Valuable information: Whether it’s breed identification, nutrient levels, or health risks you’re after, we chose tests that actually give you what you need.
  • Added features: We found tests that come with other features to give you a unique insight to your cat’s DNA, including wildcat indexes and online breeder tools.
  • Easy to use: Each test comes with an easy sampling method so testing your cat’s DNA is quick and straightforward.
  • Time to results: We chose speedy tests so you’re not waiting months on end to get your cat’s report.
  • Value for money: It’s important that you actually get what you pay for, and that it’s worth investing your money.

Our Best Cat DNA Test Kits Reviewed

1. Basepaws – All-in-One Health & Breed Testing

  • Identifies your cat’s breed based on 21 specific breeds and 4 groups
  • Wildcat index compares your cat’s DNA to wildcats 
  • Screens for 39 genetic mutations to identify disease risks
  • Free one-on-one consultation with a feline veterinarian to discuss results

Price from$159.00
Our score8

Basepaws offers two distinct cat DNA tests, each providing valuable insights into your feline companion’s genetic composition. The more affordable option is the breed and health test, delivering a comprehensive overview of your cat’s genetic makeup, focusing on 21 specific breeds.

These breeds are categorized into western, eastern, exotic, and Persian groups, aiding in understanding your cat’s origins. The detailed report illustrates the percentage of DNA shared with each breed type, accompanied by a vivid chromosome map, facilitating easy visualization of your cat’s genetic diversity.

The Wildcat Index really impressed us during testing and it’s not something we’ve seen before. This explains how much DNA your cat shares with wildcats like tigers, lions, and cougars, and how this influences their behaviors and characteristics, such as large tails.

Basepaws also offers loads of health insights. It tests for 39 genetic mutations known to cause health conditions. In our report, we could see the gene tested for, the mutation carried, the overall result, and a color-coded level to determine whether they were at-risk of clear. It also gives you an overview of the disease which we found helpful.

For more in-depth testing, you could try Basepaws’ whole-genome sequencing kit. This comes with all the features of the standard test, but it analyzes even more of your cat’s DNA so it can capture complex gene variants. The other benefit is unlimited health marker updates as new ones are added to the database.

With either test, you get a free consultation with a feline veterinarian. During our call, they walked us through our cat’s report and were able to advise on the next steps to take in regards to their health.

The website says it takes 4-6 weeks for your report but ours was delayed to 11 weeks, which is the only small downside.

Uncover Your Cat's Breed & Health Risks with Basepaws!

2. 5Strands – Intolerance & Nutrition Testing

  • Tests for over 800 food and environmental allergies 
  • Determines how well your cat is absorbing key nutrients from its foods
  • Metal and minerals test analyzes toxins that lead to imbalances
  • Speedy results in just 8 working days

Price from$144.00
Our score7

5strands has kits that offer nutrition advice, as well as intolerance testing. You can also buy bundle kits that include various tests in one, but obviously, these cost much more. They’re a good investment for a well-rounded overview of your pet’s nutritional health, though.

5strands tests for over 800 food and environmental tolerances to see if your cat is allergic to anything. Our report included a full list of all foods and environmental influences, including 255 common pet food ingredients like corn syrup, wheat, and barley.

Some of the environmental allergens in our report included grasses, cleaning supplies, fabrics, and even other animals.

You can buy the individual nutrition test if you want to assess the impact of your cat’s diet on their health. It determines how well your cat is absorbing key nutrients from their foods, and it even comes with a 60-day elimination guide which we found really helpful. It doesn’t include nutrient levels, though, which we would’ve liked.

We also liked the metal and minerals test for something a bit different. This indicates which toxins might be creating an imbalance in your cat’s body, which might lead to symptoms such as poor appetite and tremors.

Each report only took around 8 days, which is really quick. We liked that everything is color-coded and grouped, with the most concerning results displayed first. It makes it easy to see what’s causing problems.

You still have to do quite a lot of your own research, especially to find foods that suit your cat’s needs, but it’s a great indicator of what to avoid.

Assess Your Cat's Nutrition & Allergies with 5Strands!

3. Orivet – Customized Cat Health & Life Plan

  • Screens for 40+ health conditions and assesses carrier risk
  • Offers a detailed life plan with information on weight, nutrition, and more
  • Online dashboard to keep track of your cat’s health for life
  • Individual tests for your cat’s breed designed for breeders

Price from$67.50
Our score7.5

Orivet has various different tests available. Our favorite is the cat DNA health screen and life plan kit, which gives you a personalized life plan for your cat. And we were really impressed with the amount of info you get.

The report takes around 3-5 weeks, and we got ours in 4. The life plan is accessible from the online portal, which is easy to navigate and full of great information. It reports on your cat’s body condition, including whether they are overweight, underweight, or ideal weight. 

We received loads of information about nutrition, which includes how often to feed our cat, how much, and also what food is best based on their needs. We liked that you can input personal information such as your concerns, veterinary clinic, and any current medications they’re taking. 

Orivet screens for over 40 genetic conditions, and we liked that it not only tells you if your cat is at risk of developing these but also if they’re a carrier of the gene that causes them. We could see on our online portal which they tested clear for, which they were at risk of, and any that they carry the genetic mutation for.

The idea is that you continually update this dashboard throughout your cat’s life to keep track of their health. And it works great. But what you don’t get is any breed information. It reports on various characteristics and traits like tail length and coat color, though.

You can also buy individual tests for your cat if you’re a breeder. These analyze traits and health conditions specific to the breed so you can see what they will pass onto their litter. Again, though, no actual breed identification.

Get Your Cat's Life Plan with Orivet!

4. Wisdom Panel – Insights Into Your Cat’s Ancestry and Health

  • Screening over 70 breeds and 45 genetic conditions
  • Tests for 25+ physical traits
  • Discuss your findings with a vet
  • Results within a few weeks

Price from$99.99
Our score9

If you’re a curious cat parent like me, this is an invaluable tool for uncovering your feline friend’s genetic makeup. With Wisdom Panel’s Cat DNA tests, you can gain insights into your cat’s breed ancestry, potential health conditions, and even behavioral traits—all from the comfort of your own home.

One of the things I appreciated about Wisdom Panel is their swift and efficient service. After placing my order, I received the test kit within a few days. The kit itself was well-packaged and included clear instructions on how to collect a DNA sample from my cat. I found the process to be relatively simple and stress-free, ensuring my cat’s comfort throughout.

Once I collected the sample, I sent it back to Wisdom Panel using the prepaid shipping label provided. I was impressed with the speed of the lab analysis. Within a couple of weeks, I received an email notification informing me that the results were ready. The report was comprehensive and easy to understand, providing detailed information about my cat’s genetic background, including any breed or breed mix present. It also highlighted potential health risks and behavioral tendencies, which was enlightening and allowed me to tailor my cat’s care accordingly.

Aside from the excellent service and comprehensive reports, I found Wisdom Panel’s customer support team to be top-notch. When I had a question about my results, they were prompt and knowledgeable in their response, providing me with the guidance I needed.

Get Started With Wisdom Panel

5. Optimal Selection – Comprehensive Results for Breeders

  • Uncovers your cat’s traits including blood type, coat color, and blood type
  • Screens for 40 genetic diseases
  • Online breeder tool to find your cat’s perfect match
  • Regular new breed and health information as the database is updated

Price from$99.99
Our score

If you already know you’re cat’s breed and you’re looking to dig a little deeper, Optimal Selection is a good choice.

We like it especially for breeders because it analyzes your cat’s genetic diversity and compares their DNA to the overall population, which is essential for anyone looking to breed a healthy litter.

We were impressed with the level of detail about traits and characteristics. Our report looked at 20+ traits, including their coat color, coat type, blood type, eye color, and body features like short tail. This gave us a good indication of which features our cat’s litter would likely inherit.

The report only took 4 weeks, with an email notification to let us know when it was ready. You can access it from the online portal. 

Optimal Selection comes with an online breeder tool that helps you find perfect matches for your cat based on their traits, characteristics, and health. And it also has tools that allow you to contact and connect with breeders to start your program.

As well as insights about traits, our report included information about 40 genetic diseases.

We learned about whether our cat was at risk of various health conditions, including Hemophilia, Polycystic Kidney Disease, and even Vitamin D-dependent Rickets. Each result showed our cat’s risk level with a brief description of the condition but didn’t offer much actionable advice.

Optimal Selection is continuously adding new breed and health information to the database, which is good news, because it means you get regular updates, too. We were a bit disappointed it doesn’t actually identify your cat’s breed, though. 

Start Your Breeding Program with Optimal Selection!

What’s in the Fine Print?

I’ve thoroughly examined the costs associated with DNA tests to provide you with a clear understanding of the total expenses involved. It’s crucial to consider potential additional costs like shipping and processing fees that might not be immediately obvious.

For each kit we reviewed, customers in the United States benefit from complimentary shipping and free return shipping for analysis. This means there are no extra charges for shipping within the U.S. However, international customers should be aware that additional shipping fees apply. For example, Basepaws charges an international shipping fee of around $15, while 5Strands imposes an approximately $18 shipping fee for orders outside the U.S.

Regarding Orivet, it’s important to know that ordering the sample collection kit is a separate step but doesn’t come with extra cost. Additionally, Basepaws’ one-on-one vet consultation is completely transparent, with no hidden charges. Even the call to the veterinarian is included in the service.

How Accurate Are Cat DNA Tests?

As with any other test, no cat DNA kit is 100% accurate. There’s always a small margin for error, which can be influenced by a number of factors, from the size of the database to the quality of the sample you provide.

Cat DNA hasn’t been as extensively tested as human or dog DNA, either, so there are far fewer tests available and, in general, much less is known about cats.

All of the tests on this list are reliable and accurate. Some have much larger databases than others, especially in terms of breeds. Basepaws, for example, tests for 21 specific breeds across 4 different groups, so it can more accurately identify your cat’s genetic makeup.

What Does a Cat DNA Test Tell You?

You can learn lots of things about your cat just from a simple saliva swab or hair sample. Most tests combine various factors in one kit to reveal your cat’s breed, characteristics, and health. 

Here are some of the things you can expect from a cat DNA test:

  • Your cat’s breed type, usually with percentages
  • Your cat’s genetic diversity in comparison to the cat population
  • Information about your cat’s traits like body features, coat color, and blood type
  • Behaviors of your cat based on the breeds in their DNA
  • Any intolerances or nutritional deficiencies your cat may have
  • Your cat’s risk of developing various genetic diseases

Best Cat DNA Test Kits: Comparison Table

  Breed Identification Health Screening Traits Report Nutritional Insights Time to Results Starting Price
Basepaws 4-6 weeks $159.00
5Strands 8 days $144.00
Orivet 2-3 weeks $67.50
Wisdom Panel 4 weeks $99.99
Optimal Selection 4 weeks $99.99

The Truth Behind Your Cat’s DNA

Testing your cat’s DNA can reveal a lot more than you might think. From breed identification to health risk screening and even carrier status, there’s tons to learn about your cat. 

Our top choice? That has to be Basepaws. Not only does it accurately identify your cat’s breed and assess their risk of 40 health conditions, but you also get a one-0n-one consultation with a feline veterinarian to discuss your cat’s results.

Now you’ve tested your cat, why not screen your own DNA and uncover your past? We’ve compared three of the best ancestry DNA tests to help you decide which is best for you.


How much does a cat DNA test cost?

The cost of cat DNA tests vary, but usually, they’re around $100-$150. As you’d expect, the more you pay, the more information you get.

You can often buy individual kits that only test one aspect of your cat’s DNA, such as allergies. These usually start from as little as $60.

Which cat DNA test is the most accurate?

All of the test kits on this list are 100% verified and accurate. We put every kit through stringent testing during our review process to make sure you can rely on their results.

As with most other DNA kits, no cat DNA test is 100% accurate, and it can depend on a lot of factors from the size of their database, to the quality of your sample. The most accurate test is Basepaws. It has the largest database of all cat DNA tests and we found it highly accurate during the review process.

Can a DNA test tell me if my cat is at risk for a genetic disease?

Yes. A cat DNA test can certainly identify your cat’s risk of genetic diseases. With a test like Basepaws, you get screening for over 40 risky conditions for cats.

Some tests even include carrier risk screening which identifies if your cat carries a genetic mutation for a disease that could be passed onto their litter, even if they never suffer from the condition themselves.

Remember that no DNA test can actually identify if your cat will develop a condition, though. It only indicates their risk level. Take your results to your cat’s veterinarian to get an accurate diagnosis and discuss your next course of action.

How do you do a cat DNA test?

Easy! Cat DNA tests typically come with cheek swabs, so you’re required to take a small sample of your cat’s cheek cells and saliva. These take no more than 30 seconds and you usually get two swabs in your kit.

Some other tests like 5strands require hair samples rather than saliva swabs due to the nature of testing, since they screen for allergies and intolerances rather than breed identification.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Learn more.
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Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.