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by Elly Hancock

10 Best Dog DNA Test Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2022

10 Best Dog DNA Test Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be over, but we’ve been keeping a close eye on our favorite at-home pet DNA tests. If you’ve been wondering about your pup’s breed makeup or health predispositions, you could still have time to find out.

Some of these deals might be extended into December and beyond, but we make no guarantees. The best way to make sure you get a hefty discount on your DNA test of choice is to grab a deal while you still can.

Short on time? Find your pet DNA test deal

The Best Dog DNA Test Deals

1. Save 20% on Embark’s Health and Breed Identification Kit

Embark Black Friday Deal

Get a great discount with Embark’s dog DNA kit deal!

You can save $40 on the combined health and breed identification kit with the code FROZEN40.

  • Get your dog’s breed mix down to exact percentages, with over 350 breeds in the database
  • Trace your dog’s family tree back to their great grandparents and get an accurate picture of their genetic makeup
  • Use the canine relative finder to track down your dog’s relatives
  • Screens for 190+ health risks relating to skin and connective tissue issues, heart health, skeletal problems, and more
  • Get your dog’s in-breeding score and detailed reporting on over 20 physical traits to inform their health plan

2. Save Up to 20% on Wisdom Panel’s Dog DNA Tests

Wisdom Panel Black Friday Deal

Don’t miss the dog DNA test new year special from Wisdom Panel!

Get $20 off Wisdom Panel’s kits when you refer a friend. Simply enter your email address and share the link, and you both get $20 any kit of your choice. 

  • Detailed breed percentage breakdown relative to over 350 different dog breeds, with an overview of typical breed characteristics
  • Get traits results, including 20+ tests on color coat and type, and 10+ tests for head and body shape
  • Understand your dog’s ideal weight range based on their genetic markers
  • See your dog’s family tree through to their great grandparents
  • Understand your dog’s health risk and carrier status relating to 180+ health risks

4. Save 5% on Pet Nutrition Testing From 5Strands

5Strands Black Friday Deal

Save money on nutrition and allergy testing with 5Strands’ discount!

5Strands is offering 5% off various combination packages.

  • Fully detailed 60-90 day optimal nutrition and lifestyle guide for your dog
  • Tests for over 40 different nutrients
  • See how your dog is absorbing nutrients from their diet and whether they have any deficiencies
  • Get detailed information on the impact of mineral, protein, vitamin, and general deficiencies

5. Get 3 tests in 1 and Save 32% With Easy DNA’s Premum Package

EasyDNA Black Friday Deal

Grab the bundle deal from Easy DNA before it’s too late!

Easy DNA has loads of individual tests on offer, but if you buy the premium package, you can get 3 in 1 and bag yourself a $90 saving.

  • Assesses your dog’s reactivity to over 100 allergens, such as pollen, grass, proteins, dust, and wheat
  • Learn how to adapt your dog’s diet and environment to treat their allergies
  • Get your dog’s genetic breed profile against 95 different dog breeds
  • Fully detailed report of health and illness risks relating to your dog’s genetic makeup
  • Determines your dog’s genetic age in Telomeres to help you prolong health and longevity

6. Save 5% or 7% with Every DNA My Dog Kit Ordered

DNA My Dog Black Friday Deal

Keep on saving with DNA My Dog’s offer!

Buy 2 of DNA My Dog’s kits and you can save yourself $5 on every test. That works out at a 5% or 7% saving depending on which kit you choose. And you get free shipping, too.

  • Identifies your dog’s breed percentages, with unique personality traits and characteristics
  • Screens for any possible health concerns
  • See if your dog is at risk of over 100 common breed diseases with full genetic screening
  • Get your dog’s genetic age from a celullar level
  • DNA profile your deceased dog to determine their breed profile

7. Save 17% on Orivet’s Geno Pet 5.0 Kit

Orivet Black Friday Deal

Get the Orivet deal before it’s gone!

Orivet is offering $30 off its most comprehensive test, the Geno Pet 5.0 Kit. You can even bag yourself $15 off the breed identification kit, too, if you’re looking for a cheaper deal.

  • Identify your dog’s ancestry profile with breed percentages and three-generation family tree
  • Screens for over 50 health conditions to see if you’re dog is a carrier or at risk
  • Get a full life plan to take control of your pet’s health, with advice on when to screen for diseases
  • Personalized activities suited to your dog’s breed and personality traits
  • Get your dog’s ideal nutritional profile and advice on weight management

The Best DNA Tests for Other Pets

You can still get yourself a great discount, even if you don’t have a dog. We’ve found plenty of tests with great offers on their cat and horse DNA kits, from breed identification to nutrition, and everything in between.

We’ll be updating this page all the time with all the latest offers, so make sure you come back to get your discount.

1. Get 5% Off 5Strands’ Pet Nutrition Test

5Strands Black Friday Deal

Save dollars on your cat’s nutrition test with 5Strands’ price cut!

5strands has dropped the price of its nutrition test saving you 5%.

  • Screens for 40+ vitamins and minerals essential for your cat’s overall nutritional health
  • Identifies any deficiencies your cat may have relating to proteins, vitamins, minerals, and general deficiencies
  • Understand the impact of possible deficiencies on your cat’s overall health, including coat, fur loss, weight loss, and more
  • Get a 60-90 day plan to adapt your cat’s diet and make sure it aligns with their needs

2. Save 14% on Basepaws Cat Breed + Health DNA Test

Basepaws Black Friday Deal

Apply the code at checkout and get Basepaw’s offer!

Save $20 on Basepaw’s Cat Breed + Health DNA kit. You can also save $100 on whole genome sequencing for your cat.

  • Identifies your cat’s breed with percentage similarities to common cat breed groups
  • Compares your cat to those in the wild with the Wildcat Index
  • Tests 38 genetic health markers within 16 different groups to determine your cat’s risk of certain illnesses
  • Understand your cat’s healthy weight range based on their genetic makeup

3. Get 24% Off Orivet’s Cat DNA Health Screen Test

Orivet Black Friday Deal

Test your cat’s DNA with Orivet’s discount!

You can save $24 on Orivet’s Cat DNA Health Screen & Life Plan test.

  • Screen your cat’s DNA and learn about associated genetic diseases and personality traits
  • See how your cat’s breed, age, gender, and weight influences their health risks and possible diseases
  • Get a personalized life plan with advice on when to screen your cat and what for
  • Monitor your cat’s health throughout their life with the online dashboard

4. Save 67% With Full Health and Color Testing From Etalon

Etalon Diagnostics Black Friday Deal

Get the MiniPanel PLUS kit with Etalon’s deal!

Etalon’s MiniPanel PLUS kit combines health and color testing for less than $150. It charges $40 per individual test, so to get everything you’re missing from the standard MiniPanel kit that comes with MiniPanel PLUS, you’d be paying an extra $300!

  • Identify your horse’s DNA with over 65 variants in a detailed report
  • Understand your horse’s color from 17 different variants
  • Get detailed information about your horse’s health to make informed breeding decisions
  • See which health conditions your horse is at risk of or may carry in their genetics


Are dog DNA tests accurate?

Yes, as long as you choose the right one. If you choose an unreputable service, not only are your results likely to be incorrect, but it’s a complete waste of your money, too. We only ever recommend dog DNA tests with 95% or more accuracy, so you know you can always rely on the results.

Remember that no test is 100% accurate and there’s always a possibility of some incorrect information. 

Which dog DNA test is most accurate?

Usually, this depends on the size of their database, especially how many breeds they have and the number of genetic markers they screen for.

All of the tests in this list offer 99.9% accuracy, aside from DNA My Dog which has 95-99% accuracy due to their smaller database. While Embark screens for over 350 breed types, DNA My Dog only screens for 95, so it’s likely you’ll yield a less detailed result. It doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, but more breeds mean more chance of finding your dog’s correct genetic makeup.

Remember that the accuracy of your results also depends on the quality of your sample. It’s really important to follow the instructions properly to make sure your sample can be tested as required.

What will a dog DNA test tell you?

A dog DNA test can provide you with all kinds of useful information, such as:

  • Whether your dog has any allergies
  • Your dog’s personality traits, characteristics, and physical attributes
  • Your dog’s optimal nutritional profile and ideal weight
  • Which breeds are in your dog’s genetic makeup and how this influences their health and behavior
  • Any health conditions your dog is at risk of or may carry genetic variants for
  • Your dog’s family tree, usually tracing back to their great grandparents

What are the cheapest prices for dog DNA tests?

You have loads of dog DNA test deals to choose from.

Right now, Embark has the biggest discount with $50 off their health and breed identification kit. You can accurately identify your dog’s breed, learn about possible health risks, see their family tree, and even use the canine relative finder to trace their ancestors.

Which is better, Embark or Wisdom Panel?

There are pros and cons to both Embark and Wisdom Panel, and both tests are equally great. Wisdom Panel can turn your results around quicker than Embark, with only a 2-3 week wait (compared to 3-5 with Embark), and you still get all the breed and health information you need. But Embark’s sample collection takes you less time, as there’s only one swab. Both tests screen for 350+ breed types to give you an accurate result.

Embark has its very own canine relative finder to find your dog’s ancestors, and it traces their paternal and maternal lines. Wisdom Panel offers a free phone call with a veterinarian, though, if your dog’s health screening shows they’re at risk of anything.

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Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.