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Written by expert on March 30, 2020
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How accurate is Orig3n?

Unfortunately, customer feedback about the accuracy of Orig3n’s DNA reports is quite mixed. There have been many reports of inaccuracies. There was even an exposé article which the company’s own employees reported that its test results were extremely error prone.

How long does it take to receive test results from Orig3n?

You should receive your test results about 6-8 weeks after Orig3n receives your DNA sample.

What types of tests does Orig3n offer?

Orig3n offers about 20 different tests. Most of them have to do with diet, fitness, and nutrition, but you can also order tests on behavior, beauty, lactose intolerance, caffeine tolerance, skin and aging, hair, and skin health and appearance.

How does Orig3n compare to other competitors?

Most DNA vendors in the diet and fitness category (such as Vitagene, LivingDNA, or Gene Food) offer just one test that encompasses the entire topic. Orig3n breaks diet and fitness down into a number of separate tests, some more general than others and some more specific — allowing you to choose whichever test most closely mirrors your area of interest.

Who should consider taking an Orig3n test?

Orig3n is a good choice as a DNA test if you’re interested in one specific, targeted aspect of your diet or fitness. Some of its individual tests are quite affordable, and hopefully they go into greater depth about their specific areas of focus than a more generalized diet and fitness test like the one from Vitagene. Also, Orig3n has focused tests on topics that most other vendors don’t cover — like behavior, child development, and joint care. So it’s worth browsing through their tests and seeing what topics interest you.



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