Gini Health Review 2023: Optimize Your Nutrition At Home

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Gini Health covers topics about health, disease risk, and nutrition. Find out how things like your genetic predisposition to certain sleep patterns or inflammation can play a role in your wellness. Gini Health promises to give you the information, tools, and accountability (with virtual health coaches) that you need to achieve your goals. But can a cheek swab and a phone app really help you change your health?
Written by Sara Turner
  • Diet & Nutrition
Written by Sara Turner on July 10, 2023
  • Diet & Nutrition

Overview: Answer the Questions You’ve Always Had About Yourself

The market for at-home Nutrition DNA tests has exploded. One newer company, Gini Health, uses over 140 genetic variants to provide diet recommendations to help you feel better and live longer. But can Gini Health compete with top personalized Diet & Fitness DNA testing companies like Living DNA?

To answer that question, we’ve done all the research into Gini’s features, information, pricing, customer service, and more. Plus, we’ll go into detail about all the Gini app has to offer on your wellness journey. 

We’ll take a look at the best features of Gini Health – plus ones that we think could be improved. Then, you’ll be able to decide whether Gini Health is the right partner for you.

How it Works: Get an Inside Look 

The Gini Health testing process is simple and user-friendly. Your kit comes with clear instructions, a saliva swab, a vial, a biohazard bag, and a prepaid return envelope.

To begin, you’ll need to set up a Gini account and register your kit. Then, collecting a DNA sample with the cheek swab is the next step. If you have any questions about the process, don’t worry; it’s incredibly straightforward, and the kit includes helpful diagrams to guide you through each step.

Register Your Gini Test Kit After You Collect Your Sample

Important: Make sure you do not eat, drink, or smoke for about an hour before collecting your sample. This helps prevent sample contamination.

For customers in the United States, shipping charges include a return shipping label for sending your sample back to the lab. For everyone else, place the return envelope in your own packaging and send it via your local shipping provider. Mail to the address on the return envelope.

Already have DNA data? Get health reports for free: You can access 50+ reports for free when you upload your data to Gini Health. Uploads fromAncestryDNAFamilyTreeDNA, and Living DNA are accepted.

While you are waiting for your results, make sure you’ve downloaded the Gini App. It’s available for iOS and Android. I’d recommend spending a little time getting familiar with it, since you’re bound to use the app a lot once your results arrive!

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5 Standout Features of Gini Health

1. Learn About Other Health Factors that Impact Your Nutrition

Gini Health presents a diverse range of health insights, covering aspects such as heart health, sleep patterns, mental wellness, and potential allergies. This breadth surpasses offerings from competitors like DNAfit and 23andMe, providing a more holistic view of your health. However, Gini Health does not explore alcohol-related factors, a feature found in Vitagene and Gene Food. In the nutrition-focused DNA test arena, Gene Food stands out for its comprehensive approach, extending beyond Gini Health’s scope to include NSAID tolerance, sleep habits, risks linked to cannabis tolerance, and DNA methylation. For those seeking a thorough understanding of their genetic health profile, Gene Food emerges as a compelling choice.

2. Personalized Nutrition Labels

Based on your DNA nutrition test, Gini Health promises to deliver personal recommendations across your dietary needs. Discover how many simple vs. complex carbohydrates you should eat. Wondering how much protein to consume? Find out in your results. Plus, learn your best ways to incorporate saturated, mono- and polyunsaturated fats into your diet. You will also get personal recommendations for:

  • Vitamins B6, D, E, & K
  • Iodine, potassium, sodium
  • Folate & lycopene
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium
  • Omega 3

Perhaps the biggest value-added feature from Gini’s nutrition reports are the personalized nutrition labels, accessible in the app. Using this feature makes it easy to calculate how what you are eating contributes to your goals. While almost every DNA-based nutrition company offers personalized nutrient intake recommendations, Gini Health does a better job of making the information easy to use.

3. Use Gini’s Personalized Vitamins and Minerals for Top Nutrition

Taking a DNA nutrition test can provide valuable insights into which supplements may be beneficial for you and the appropriate dosage. Gini’s supplements are customized based on your diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle factors, and are adjusted for age and gender.

If you have dietary restrictions, Gini Health Supplements offer vegan, gluten-free, and bio-available options without any harmful fillers. However, it’s important to note that these supplements are only available to users who have undergone DNA testing with Gini, and they come at an additional cost beyond the DNA test kit.

Other nutrition-focused DNA testing companies, such as Vitagene, also offer supplement plans with comparable features. However, Vitagene’s bundles typically include supplements for three months, a feature that Gini Health does not offer. It’s worth mentioning that while Vitagene provides supplement plans, some of Gini’s top competitors like Geno Palate, Gene Food, and DNAfit do not offer supplements for sale.

4. Understand Your Health with App Stories and Virtual Health Coaches

Your personal health coach, Gini, is here to help you take control of your wellness and nutrition. Premium App Stories, designed just for you, help you understand how nutrition affects your health, your genetic risk factors, and associated genes. Many users report gaining valuable nutritional insights, and it’s easy to see why.

The app integrates your genotype data with the latest nutrigenomics information to give you a roadmap to optimal micro- and macronutrient-intake. While you’re a subscriber, you’ll also get access to all of Gini’s new info, like new health, wellness, and trait reports. Plus, you’ll get new insights about additional vitamins and minerals.

Concerned about personal accountability on your wellness journey? Gini’s got you covered with virtual health coaches. Even better is that it’s included for one year with the purchase of a DNA test kit. Afterward, this feature is available through an app subscription.

Among DNA-based Nutrition Companies, Virtual Health Coaches are more difficult to find than you might think. Out of several similar competitors, DNAfit is the only other company that offers a virtual health coach. For more comparisons between companies, check out our article on the best nutrition DNA tests.

5. Track Your Way to Wellness with the Gini App Health Tracker

Keep a food log that tracks the details of your diet for you, and learn which foods to target to meet your nutritional goals. Plus, integrate your genetic information into a searchable food database to create personalized nutrition labels. This makes it easy to know which foods are best (or worst) for you. Then, add foods to your Health Tracker log straight from the search – it’s a simple way to keep track of your goals!

The Health Tracker logs your energy input and output data. Using the tracker, you will know exactly how many grams of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) you’ve consumed, how this aligns with your goals, and how many calories are still available in each category. And while you’re at it, seamlessly log your exercise and track your calories burned, all in the same place.

After the first year, you have to subscribe in order to continue receiving the premium stories and access to the health tracker. Other companies have apps too. But, Gini’s does a particularly good job of making the information easy to find and use.

From what I can tell, your results are delivered only to the app. And you’ll have to input your foods into the health tracker in order to keep track of your progress. If you aren’t interested in doing that or don’t enjoy using your phone throughout the day, Gini Health might not be the best fit for you.

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What Can the World’s First Personalized Nutrition Label Teach You About Wellness?

Gini Health walks you through the process of tailoring your life based on your genetics. You’ll build your biography, including your DNA and other health information. Then, expert analysis will provide a list of nutrients to focus on eating, meal plans, and virtual health coaches. All of this information is housed in the Gini Health App.

Gini Health Results: First, Build Your Bio; Then, Understand Your Needs; Finally, Improve Your Health

The app’s Stories feature provides education about your potential health risks and how changing your diet might help. Information on foods include micro- and macronutrient amounts, serving sizes, and other details. The way you frequently get little pieces of information helps it become a lifestyle rather than a crash-course. This will teach you to eat your way to disease prevention!

The app’s Food Lens overlays foods with your genes (image below). Many customer reviews noted how this feature was eye-opening and provided valuable nutritional education. The information is well laid out: it starts with a simple color-coded bar that declares if a food is “great for you,” “ok for you,” etc. Then, you can choose how to measure the food and the serving size. From here, add it straight to your food log!

In the bottom section of the screen you’ll find the micro- and macronutrient information. It’s there for those who want it, but not obtrusive for those who aren’t as detail-focused. You can also toggle over to the highlights feature, which is helpful for determining which diet-styles certain foods fit into best. Personally, I think having this information at your fingertips is more practical and convenient than results that come in book form or in large pdf files.  

Gini Health Results: Learn What About the Foods that Are Best for You

Your DNA data can also be accessed through the app. Got high priority goals? Take action by tracking your progress in Gini’s Health Tracker feature – it’s an easy, actionable step you can take to improve your health.

Nonetheless, Gini Health doesn’t test for everything. For example, many nutrition-focused DNA testing companies (Vitagene and Caligenix) offer information about skin risks and skincare, Gini Health does not. There also aren’t any test kits or panels focused on other topics like ancestry, child development, or DNA-based relative matching.

Gini Health offers only limited information about polygenic disease risk factors, and almost no information on genetic carrier status for genetic diseases. While Gini Health does test for caffeine metabolism variants, it does not include alcohol, like many competitors, including Vitagene and Gene Food.

See Gini Health Deals

Find a Health Buddy and Save

Gini Health is reasonably priced and a good value for your dollar – it’s a solid mid-range option. Top value-added features that make Gini Health worth the price include the virtual health coach and the health tracker. Some customers also find lots of value in the premium app stories, which are included for one year with the purchase of the DNA test kit.

The nutrition report includes comparable information to similarly priced competitors, like GenoPalate, and Gene Food. However, Gini Health adds on more information about how other factors like sleep, intolerances, and disease risks impact your health. The cost of Gini Health is also comparable to the Vitality or Vigor Bundles from Vitagene. The results (again) give similar information; however, Vitagene bundles also include a three-month personalized supplement supply.

Are you interested in taking this wellness journey with a spouse or a friend? If so, you should look into the Couples Special. You’ll get a significant discount on a package, including two Gini DNA Test Kits, access to health reports, gene-adjusted nutrition, and access to your personal health tracker for one year.

Accepted methods of payment include American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and Shop Pay. For customers in the United States, the shipping charges include a return shipping label for sending your sample back to the lab. Customers outside of the United States have to pay return shipping for their sample.

In case you’re wondering whether there are any hidden fees or subscriptions, here’s the deal: all features of the Gini app are included for the first year. After that, you have to pay a monthly fee for access to the premium stories and the health tracker features of the app. Personalized supplements are also available for an additional fee. Adding the supplements as another monthly subscription saves money month-to-month.

See Gini Health Deals

Quick and Helpful Responses to Customer Questions

Interested in contacting Gini Health? Fortunately, there are several ways to get in touch, including a mailing address, customer support form on the website, customer support email, and a live chat feature. Gini Health also maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as a blog.

I contacted Gini’s customer support to ask whether the company was still shipping kits and receiving samples during the global pandemic. The response came in under an hour and thoroughly answered my questions.

Gini Health's Customer Service Is Quick and Helpful

As I continued my research, I also sent an email asking whether the results included information about Crohn’s disease (the results do), and again got a helpful reply in a short time. Overall, I’m pleased with the customer service I received from Gini Health.

Eat Your Way to Disease Prevention

Interested in learning about nutrition? Keeping a food log? Are you trying to prevent diseases? Would you use a personal coach? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Gini Health may be a good option for you. If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, Gini Health is a fantastic choice for you.

Gini Health offers a unique combination of features that includes a health coach, a wide variety of health topics, and personalized supplements. If you’re interested in a DNA-based diet app to help you reach your health and nutrition goals, Gini Health is well worth considering. If you’d like to continue your research, check out our article on the best DNA companies for personalized nutrition.

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What can Gini Health tell me about my diet?

Gini Health provides a wealth of information about how to optimize your diet. In particular, the app has a searchable food database, so you can see the food’s nutrient content and how well it matches your nutritional requirements. 

Gini Health tailors your recommended nutrient intake to your genetics. The results include information about:

  • Simple and complex carbohydrates
  • Mono- and polyunsaturated fats
  • Saturated fats
  • Protein
  • Vitamins B6, D, E, & K
  • Iodine, potassium, sodium
  • Folate & lycopene
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium
  • Omega 3

These results will include information based on your DNA about whether you should eat more or less than the generic “recommended amount.” Then, you can search your favorite foods and see which vitamins they nourish you with.

You can also find answers to questions you’ve always had, like “Why can’t I stand eating onions?”, “Why do I crave carbs?”, and “Am I lactose intolerant?” among many others! 

How does Gini Health compare to other similar DNA tests?

Gini Health is similar to several other DNA-based nutrition plans like GenoPalate, Gene Food, DNAfit, both in terms of pricing and results content. Some customers may find Gini Health or DNAfit to be a better value since health consults are included.

Gini Health provides an in-depth health report that covers a variety of topics, as follows:

  • Heart Health
  • Mental Health
  • Bone & Blood Health
  • Weight & Wellness
  • Sleep
  • Allergies/Intolerances
  • Traits

You’ll get answers to your questions, like “Why do I have these cravings?”, “I feel tired all the time, what can I do?”, or “How can I increase my lifespan with personalized nutrition?”

Each Nutrition DNA company has a unique specialty that can make it a standout option for your particular needs. For Gini Health, it’s the Gini App. The app includes a food lens for you to search for foods and see how the nutrients compare to your genetic needs. There’s also a health tracker to manage your goals and keep tabs on your progress.

For comparison, Vitagene’s stand-out feature is personalized supplements included with the DNA test kit bundle

Can I upload my raw data from another DNA company into Gini’s website?

Yes! And you can even access over 50 free DNA reports after you upload your data. Gini Health accepts data uploads from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and Living DNA.

How accurate is Gini Health?

Gini Health takes several measures to ensure high levels of quality and accuracy in the results. Importantly, samples are processed in a CLIA-certified (i.e., medical-grade) laboratory. DNA testing is an extremely well-established biotechnology technique that yields highly accurate results.

However, our collective understanding of how nutrition and DNA are related – as well as how the two interact – is still in its infancy. Nutrigenomics is a fascinating field that will likely improve the way we live our lives. It’s important to realize, though, the exact findings or results may change over time. Not because your DNA did, but because our interpretation did. That’s one of the exciting things about participating in cutting-edge technology! To account for this, Gini Health offers free updates to your results. 

Does Gini Health have a subscription program?

Yes. Subscriptions are available for the Gini App, and for personalized vitamin and mineral supplements.

Subscription to all of Gini Health App’s programs is included for the first year. This includes: 

  • Stories. Learn about how nutrition affects health, your risks, and associated genes. 
  • Lens. See the best and worst foods to include in your diet based on DNA.
  • Health. Your DNA nutrition test will give you a roadmap for optimizing your micro- and macronutrients.
  • Health Tracker. Keep a food log that tracks your high-risk nutrients, and learn which foods to target to meet your nutritional goals.

After the first year, a subscription for the premium stories and health tracker services must be purchased for continued access to these features.

Personalized vitamin and mineral supplements can also be purchased on a monthly or quarterly basis. Options include standard supplements, the “Special Base Plus Formula,” or the Immunity Booster Supplement for Seasonal Flu and Allergies.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Learn more.
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