DNAfit Review 2020 For Anyone Fanatical About Diet and Fitness

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DNAfit doesn't do ancestry, but as its name suggests, it does use your DNA to provide actionable insights into how you can stay fit and healthy. The prices look high, but you get good value for your money, and you can be assured of superior support.
Written by Joseph Levy
Last updated on October 19, 2020
Written by Joseph Levy on October 19, 2020

Are DNAfit’s Insights a Good Fit for You?

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

Award-winning DNA testing company DNAfit offers in-depth, actionable insights for your diet and overall health. Its stated aim is to “use genetic science and technology to help millions of people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.”

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized meal plans and recipes
  • Training programs based on your DNA
  • Access to a professional health coach

DNAfit is a great option if you’re interested in losing weight, getting in shape, and/or putting on some muscle, even if you’ve never stepped into a gym and you know nothing about nutrition.

DNAfit recently revamped its offerings to include two services, Diet Fit and Health Fit, each of which comes with its own valuable features.

Are these the right tests for you? Read on to find out.

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Detailed Look at the Health and Wellness Test

Unlike services such as AncestryDNA and 23andMe, DNAfit’s lab analysis doesn’t cover your predispositions or carrier status for diseases. However, it provides a plethora of DNA-based insights into your genes that could affect your health.

If you’re looking to embark upon or maintain a healthy lifestyle, this product could be one to consider.

Health Fit

The Health Fit package is the more expensive of two offered products, but it provides a lot of added value.

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

Health Fit provides DNA-based insights that cover a variety of health-related factors. Whatever your personal goals may be, these tools could help you achieve them:

  • Actionable insights to help you optimize your diet and nutrition.
  • DNA-based fitness insights to inform your personal training choices.

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

  • Genetically-guided training programs and meal plans that you can access anywhere.
  • Access to a personal health coach to help you understand your results and work toward your fitness goals.
  • Scientifically-based data on how genes affect your body’s response to stress and caffeine, plus the best times for you to be productive or to sleep.

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

Similar Tests to Consider

  • Athletigen’s “Wellness Report” isn’t as comprehensive as DNAfit’s similar package, but it comes at a very affordable price.
  • Orig3n is another good option. It may not provide a single package that includes all the features of DNAfit, but it offers such a wide variety of products for the genetic insights you’re seeking.

Detailed Look at the Diet and Fitness Test

  • Personalized meal plans: Yes
  • Custom fitness routine: Yes
  • Access to health counselor: Yes

Diet Fit is DNAfit’s only product that’s geared toward guiding your dietary choices. It will help ensure you eat in a way that suits your specific genetic makeup.

Diet Fit

A different kind of 80/20 rule (not the one to do with effort and outcome) suggests that getting fit is 80% dependent on diet and 20% achieved through physical activity. Diet Fit can help you get to 80% of your peak fitness.

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

Since everyone’s DNA is unique, there can be no one-size-fits-all single diet or nutrition plan. So, rather than giving generic dietary recommendations, DNAfit provides personalized dietary guidance that’s based on your unique DNA.

Here’s what you get:

  • Detailed DNA-based information about your unique nutrigenetic profile, plus personalized insights.

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

  • Guidance on how to optimize meals, with insights on how you personally metabolize fats and carbohydrates.
  • An online Meal Planner with thousands of genetically-matched recipes.
  • A 30-minute complimentary consultation with a professional dietitian for additional guidance or answers.

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

  • Personalized meal plans based on your individual goals and preferences.
  • Knowledge about whether or not you have an increased need for certain vitamins and nutrients.

Similar Tests to Consider

  • HomeDNA’s “Healthy Weight” test is slightly more expensive than DNAfit’s “Diet Fit,” but the accuracy and comprehensiveness of its results are guaranteed by one of the most respected labs in the business.
  • Vitagene’s “Health + Ancestry” package includes a number of dietary insights. While the report might not be as exhaustive as what DNAfit offers, it’s easily one of the most affordable of its kind.

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DNAfit Pricing

Great Value for Your Money

Considering the depth, quality, and comprehensiveness of the analysis, DNAfit’s services are a bargain because Athletigen, GenoPalate, and DNAnutriControl (especially) all offer similar dietary and/or fitness reports at higher prices. That said, DNAfit isn’t offering the cheapest report, and you could pay less at FitnessGenes, and much less Vitagene.

Diet & Nutrition
Diet Fit
  • Insert raw data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA for reports in less than 30 minutes
  • Develop a plan based on your individual goals (e.g., lose weight vs. gain muscle)
  • Improve your fitness regime by understanding personal risks and recovery methods
  • Receive a 30-minute consultation from a registered dietitian
  • Use DNAfit on the go with their mobile app and live chat support
Diet & Nutrition
Health fit

Despite what might look like a high price at the checkout, you definitely get good value for money with DNAfit because of its sheer number of insights. You can customize what you buy, so you won’t pay for services you don’t need, and you might save some money by applying a discount code. Pay via Stripe or using your credit/debit card.

Other incentives include the ability to upload your existing 23andMe data at a substantial discount. And you can add some good value extras such as a personalized cookbook at the checkout.

There is no free shipping, as far as I know, but there is a money-back guarantee (subject to terms and conditions). Don’t worry about any ongoing subscription fees, because there aren’t any.


Informative and Instant Customer Support With Great Live Chat Assistance

Support is another area where DNAfit seems to have everything covered, starting with its modern-looking, dynamic, and actually fun-to-navigate website. In many ways, the website is like an interactive knowledge base that includes informative videos, simple explanations of the science, and links to research papers.

Formal self-support resources include a few FAQs and a much better searchable Knowledge Hub:

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

Of the various ways you can contact DNAfit directly (live chat, telephone, or email), the live chat option is about the best. I got almost instantaneous answers via the live chat channel:

DNAfit Review - DNA kit Review

A Great Choice for DNA-Based Diet and Fitness Plans

In a world full of generic diet and fitness advice, DNAfit makes it personal by basing its diet and fitness suggestions on analysis of your unique DNA. This makes sense because what works for someone else might not be best for you. Furthermore, its advice adheres to “minimum standards of evidence.”

Although this company’s services aren’t the cheapest you will find, they’re good value for money and are backed by sound science and prompt customer support.

If you’re serious about diet and fitness, start with DNAfit!

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How accurate is DNAfit?

All of DNAfit’s SNPs are tested and required to have at least 3 scientifically peer-reviewed studies to back them, all of which have to show a real interaction between the genes and your diet and fitness. According to customer support (that I spoke to via live chat), genes aren’t included in the company’s panel unless they meet that “minimum standard of evidence.” The company seemingly offers some of the most accurate and comprehensive produce in the market.

How long does it take to receive results from a DNAfit test?

Results are available online approximately 10 days after the lab receives your DNA sample. There are some complaints about results actually taking much longer than that (up to a month), but that’s doesn’t seem to be the average. Realistically, I would allow for up to 2-2 1/2 weeks after you mail your sample back (depending on where you live).

How much does a DNAfit test cost?

Considering the depth, quality, and comprehensiveness of what you’d be purchasing, DNAfit’s services come at a bargain at $189.00. Note that GenoPalate and CrossDNA all offer similar dietary and fitness reports at higher prices. However, DNAfit isn’t offering the cheapest report either.

Who should consider taking a DNAfit test?

DNAFit is worth being on the shortlist for practically anyone who’s looking for reliably accurate, comprehensive, DNA-based insights to support their dietary and fitness goals. It’s formed and used by actual Olympians, and as someone that’s interested in fitness, I’ve ordered the test myself.

Joseph Levy
Joseph Levy
Joseph Levy is a transplant from New York and currently living in Cyprus. After receiving his law degree and acquiring eight years of experience in the civil side of American law, he moved to the Mediterranean and shifted his focus from being an attorney to his first love: content writing. Joseph prioritizes not only honest accuracy, but also providing an informative and interesting perspective on whatever he puts his name to.

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