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August 25, 2023 by Elly Hancock

4 Best At-Home Blood Tests in 2023: Cheap, Fast, Private

4 Best At-Home Blood Tests in 2023: Cheap, Fast, Private

Whether you’re seeking health insights or monitoring chronic conditions, at-home blood tests offer the convenience of self-testing without a medical appointment. Yet, you may worry about their accuracy, ease of use, or affordability.

To save you time, I tested different DNA kits, focusing on their accuracy, how fast they return results, and their ease of use. After a careful review, I shortlisted the best kits that provide good at-home testing.

My top recommendation is LetsGetChecked, for multiple reasons. It’s lab-certified, accurate, has rapid turnaround times, and has simple sample collection procedures. You can also get nurse-led support throughout your testing journey. 

Get Comprehensive Blood Testing with LetsGetChecked!

Short on time? Here are the best at-home blood tests

  • LetsGetChecked — Our #1 pick; it’s affordable, easy to use, and delivers results quickly. You can also get free nurse support during your testing process and after getting your results. 
  • Everlywell — Cheap individual tests for different conditions and diseases; very fast turnaround times (within 2-4 days, even 1 day in some cases). 
  • myLabBox – Good test if you’re trying to improve your nutrition and fitness, and if you want to know your possible health risks. 
  • HealthLabs – Great choice if you want the privacy of at-home testing, but don’t want to draw blood yourself; simply order your test and visit one of its 4000 labs across the US to get discreet testing.

See how each test comparesFAQs

What We Look For in the Best At-Home Blood Tests

We tested many companies against a strict set of criteria to make sure we only recommended the very best blood tests. Here’s what we looked for:

  • Test variety: You could be looking for a blood test for a whole host of reasons, so it’s important to have a choice of kits that cover various aspects of your health.
  • Results times: We picked tests that can turn your reports around in just a couple of days, and sometimes less than 24 hours.
  • Extra support: Many of the tests on this list come with free physician consultations who are available to walk you through your results and advise you of the next steps or treatment options.
  • Value for money: We found kits that suit all budgets, whether you’re after just an individual kit or a bundle option. And, kits that are actually worth paying for.

1. LetsGetChecked — Huge Choice of Blood Tests & Free Nurse Support

  • 20+ at-home blood tests for thyroid function, fertility, STDs, stress, organ health, and more
  • Subscription options available to save money and monitor your health
  • Free one-on-one nurse consultation to advise you on your results
  • Results only take 2-5 days, accessible from your online portal

LetsGetChecked offers a wide range of at-home blood tests that cover your overall health. They’ve got kits that look into how your organs, like your heart, liver, and kidneys, are doing. They also offer tests for things like cholesterol and thyroid function.

What’s neat about LetsGetChecked is that they have tests made specifically for guys and gals, making it really easy to find the right test for your needs. It’s especially handy for women looking into fertility, with three blood tests that check out progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and ovarian reserve.

While most of the STD kits need a urine sample, there are a few that need a blood sample. For example, the simple 2 and basic 3 kits stick to urine, while others like the complete 10 test need both a urine and blood sample.

We like that LetsGetChecked has a cortisol test because not many companies assess stress. However, there are no actual at-home blood type kits, so if that’s what you’re after you’ll have to look elsewhere.

All of the blood tests we tried were really easy to do. They only require a finger-prick blood sample, so it takes just a couple of minutes. Your kit comes with all the equipment you need and detailed instructions.

We were impressed that you get free return shipping and with the results times. It only took a maximum of 5 days to get some of our reports, and the STD ones were even quicker, with some ready in 2 days.

The report is accessible from an online portal and it’s incredibly easy to sift through. Usually, (it depends on what you test), your report shows the levels of something in your blood, and whether this is high, normal, or low, with a description of the biomarker tested.

You get some extra information about what this means for your health, but not tons of advice. That said, you get a free consultation with a nurse to walk you through your results, so you can get plenty of actionable tips that way.

There’s also an app to download which is great if you want to do ongoing testing, for example monitoring cholesterol levels. You can keep track of how your levels change over time. And there are subscription options for each test so you can save money and get them delivered every few months.

Screen Your Health with LetsGetChecked's Blood Tests!

2. Everlywell — Blood Tests for Food Sensitivities & Allergies

  • Assesses 200+ food intolerances and 40+ common allergens
  • Blood tests for organ function, vitamin levels, fertility, and more
  • Metabolism test analyzes hormone imbalances linked to weight gain
  • Results only take a couple of days

Everlywell is another company that has loads of blood tests, covering organ function, hormones, vitamin levels, and more. We like it best for its food sensitivity and allergy tests.

Both of the food tests we reviewed were very comprehensive. The cheaper option screens for 96 foods, while the more expensive kit covers 206 foods. These are broken down into common groups like dairy, meat, fruit, and vegetables, to give you a good indicator of where you have any sensitivities.

There’s also a comprehensive allergy test that only requires a finger-prick blood sample. Our report analyzed 40 common indoor and outdoor allergens, including everything from pets to grass.

You can also buy plenty of other blood tests, covering thyroid function, heart health, cholesterol levels, and vitamin D. We also liked the metabolism test which measures hormones that can influence weight gain and energy.

Taking your blood sample is easy and completely painless. The instructions are straightforward with images to guide you which our researchers appreciated.

The reports don’t take long either. We only had to wait a couple of days to get ours via email. Depending on the kit you chose, your results show where your levels sit on a color-coded scale, with a small description of what it means.

We found these descriptions useful for interpreting our results and liked that they weren’t too scientific. You also get links to further resources and can download your results as a PDF to take to your clinician. But there’s no one-to-one support.

Assess Your Intolerances & Allergies with Everlywell!

3.  MyLAB Box — Fitness & Weight Loss Blood Tests

  • Blood tests for weight loss, fitness, skin vitality, metabolism, and more
  • Results in 1-5 days
  • Free physician results walk-through with STD kits
  • Pay with HSA/FSA cards

We like MyLAB Box for its huge offering of STD kits and bundles, but recently, it’s also become one of our popular choices for regular wellness testing, too.

It has quite a few different blood tests available, a lot of which are centered around weight and weight management. The fitness kit and weight loss kits stood out to us. These analyze your levels of various hormones, such as estradiol, DHEA, cortisol, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.

You can also buy a metabolism test which screens TSH, cortisol, and testosterone, showing you how your hormone levels can cause a fast or slow metabolism.

Your levels are clearly explained, but it was a bit annoying that you don’t get much advice. We would’ve liked it if the fitness test included some exercise tips or if the weight loss test recommended some foods to include in our researcher’s diet.

You do get free physician consultations, which are really helpful for explaining your results further. Unfortunately, this is only with STD kits. And only if you test positive for something.

Another reason we like MyLAB Box is because it covers other aspects of wellness you can’t find everywhere. There’s a skin vitality kit, which, with a quick finger-prick blood sample, shows you how your hormone levels might influence your skin elasticity and appearance. And there’s an anti-aging kit, too.

MyLAB Box is quick to produce results. Some of our reports only took one day, but most take up to five. Even so, that’s really quick. The report is accessible from your dashboard, and they’re always easy to follow.

You can pay with HSA/FSA cards, which is a good way of saving money.

Assess Your Weight & Fitness with myLAB Box!

4. Health Labs — Arthritis & Inflammation Blood Tests

  • Test kits for arthritis, inflammation, STDs, fertility, and general wellness
  • Blood tests for sports that screen for HIV and hepatitis
  • Results in 1-3 days from your online account
  • Free physician consultation with certain kits

HealthLabs has various blood tests that can diagnose arthritis and indicate if inflammation is occurring in your body. There are four to choose from, including a rheumatoid arthritis kit.

HealthLabs can also help you diagnose other conditions with blood tests for celiac disease, lactose intolerance, H pylori infections, and gastrointestinal infections.

There are even a few sports blood tests on offer. Our researcher tried the MMA fighter blood test, which screens for HIV and hepatitis B and C and is especially good for people who engage in contact sports.

We found all the usual blood tests too, including fertility, general wellness and hormone levels, and STDs.

You can’t take the tests at home, but all it takes is a quick trip to the lab. A nurse is available to take your blood sample.

The reports are usually ready in 1-3 days which we accessed from our online account. You do get a free physician walkthrough, but only with certain kits like STDs.

Test Your Inflammation with HealthLabs!

What’s in the Fine Print?

Before purchasing your blood kit, it’s always worth being aware of any extra costs you might incur along the way. I reviewed each test to see if the price you see is really the price you pay.

You get free shipping with all the kits that offer at-home tests, which includes the cost of returning your sample to the lab. There are no extra charges for processing your sample or producing your report.

LetsGetChecked offers free physician consultations for all tests, but myLAB Box only offers free support if you test positive for an STD, so it’s not included with any of the other wellness kits.

You can also get a one-on-one walkthrough of your results with Personalabs, but there’s an $89 charge for this, which might even be more than the price of your test.

For the in-lab tests, lab orders are usually valid for 6 months so you can schedule your appointment any time, it doesn’t have to be immediate. You have to take your lab requisition note to the lab though, otherwise, you can’t take your test.

Health Testing Centers charges you a fee if you don’t take your test within 30 days of receiving your lab requisition, so be aware. There’s an extra $15 charge for a new one.

How Accurate Are At-Home Blood DNA Tests?

At-home tests are just as accurate as the blood tests you would take in a clinical setting. In fact, most at-home DNA testing companies use the exact same labs that your doctor would send your sample to for testing.

Some tests aren’t as accurate as others, especially if you choose an disreputable company. But all of the tests on this list offer at least 95% accuracy, so you can rely on the quality of your results. Remember that no test is ever 100% accurate, so there always has to be a small room for error.

What Will the Results From an At-Home Blood Test Tell Me?

An at-home blood test can uncover a lot about your health, including:

  • Your blood type
  • How your organs are functioning and overall organ health
  • Your hormone levels and impact on weight loss, stress, and fertility
  • Any allergies or intolerances you have to food or environmental triggers
  • Whether you have any STDs
  • If you have antibodies present for various diseases, including rubella and MMR
  • Your risk of developing certain health conditions such as diabetes and your risk of cancer

How Do Our Top Picks Compete on Price?

Most of our top picks are similarly priced and offer very good value for money.

LetsGetChecked charges between $60-$130 for many of the at-home blood tests and Everlywell is much the same. Both of their thyroid tests are priced at $99, for example, and they screen for the same markers.

With LetsGetChecked, you have the added bonus of a free doctor consultation though, and your report comes with more actionable advice. Everlywell does offer slightly faster results, with most reports ready in a couple of days.

Both choices offer subscription options so you can sign up for regular testing and save money in the process. It cuts up to 30% off your test price.

myLAB Box is a little more pricey. Its women’s health test costs $299, compared to Everlywell’s same kit at $199. And you don’t get anything with myLAB Box that you don’t get with Everlywell, so it seems slightly overpriced.

Best At-Home Blood Tests: Comparison Table

  Blood Tests Available Physician Consultations Time to Results Starting Price
LetsGetChecked Organ function, fertility, hormone levels, STDs, stress & sleep, weight management & metabolism, vitamin levels, health condition risk 2-5 days $69.00
Everlywell Allergies & intolerances, organ function, fertility, hormone levels, STDs, vitamin levels, weight management & metabolism, health condition risk 2 days $49.00
myLAB Box Weight management & metabolism, aging & skin health, fitness & sports, hormone levels, STDs, thyroid 1-5 days $74.00
HealthLabs Inflammation, health condition risk, intolerances, hormone levels. fertility, STDs, fitness & sports 1-3 days $65.00

Get Answers with Your Blood

Blood tests are a great way of analyzing all aspects of your health and wellness. You can discover your risk of health conditions like diabetes, understand if you have any allergies, or even assess your fertility.

If you’re looking for the best all-rounder, choose LetsGetChecked. It has a huge bank of blood tests, all of which come with free physician support and a high-quality report that really explains your results.

Why not find your perfect diet with a DNA test? We’ve rounded up the best tests for diet and fitness, with personalized recipes, meal plans, and workout regimes.


Can you use an at-home blood test for food allergies?

Yes. There are lots of blood tests that screen for food allergies, including sensitivities and intolerances to common food groups like dairy and gluten. You can also buy blood tests that screen for environmental allergies, too. Everlywell is one of the best options for allergy testing, with kits that screen for over 200 food sensitivities.

Most at-home blood tests can’t diagnose a food allergy, but they can certainly indicate if you have a sensitivity. You should always take your results to your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis before changing your diet.

Are there at-home blood tests that screen for vitamin deficiency?

Yes, you can easily find blood tests that look for vitamin deficiencies. LetsGetChecked is a great option — you can buy an all-in-one bundle that screens for essential vitamins like vitamin D, B12, and E, or just an individual vitamin D test.

In your report, you can see your vitamin levels and whether they are high, medium, or low, which is great for knowing where you may need to add supplements to your diet.

How do you do an at-home blood test?

Taking an at-home blood test is really easy. Your kit comes with all the equipment you need to take your sample, including a detailed instructions pamphlet, usually with imagery to help you. Most kits require up to five blood spots that you provide on a card. Once you’re done, you just need to mail back your sample and wait for your results.

If you choose the walk-in lab option, these might require a full blood sample, but these are always carried out by trained nurses and are much quicker than a visit to the doctors.

Are at-home blood tests covered by insurance?

Your blood test might be covered by insurance, but it usually depends on what you’re testing for. It’s always worth checking out your insurance terms and conditions to see if you might be covered.

Many companies also accept HSA/FSA cards even if they don’t accept insurance, so you can typically knock a few dollars off your test that way.

What’s the best at-home blood test for overall health?

Our top choice for overall wellness is LetsGetChecked. It has over 20 at-home blood kits screening all aspects of your health, including organ function, hormones, vitamin levels, STDs, and diabetes.

LetsGetChecked separates all of its tests by gender, so you only buy the kit you really need. You also get free physician support after you get your report, so they can walk you through your results.

If you’re more focused on screening allergies and intolerances, though, Everlywell is our second choice. There are loads of kits that look at food sensitivities, environmental allergies, plus all the usual wellness kits like organ function and hormone levels.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links.
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Elly Hancock is a professional writer based in the UK with experience of creating engaging web copy for a variety of industries, from internet technology and science, to food and nutrition. Her love for content writing stems from an ability to connect with readers, understand their needs, and provide solutions in an honest and easy-to-read manner. In her spare time, you can find Elly on long dog walks, cooking a new recipe, or in the gym.